6 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If this mother’s day, you want to make your mom feel as special as she truly is, ditch the store-bought gifts. Nothing is quite as thoughtful and special as a DIY Mother’s Day gift. What can be better than making something yourself and investing the time, effort, and love into it? 

diy Mother's Day gift ideas

Sure, store-bought can be quite charming, too but trust us, the best way to pull the strings of your mom’s heart is to make something with your hands. Fortunately, we have the best easy DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas below to get you started. 

1. DIY Bath Bombs

Women of all ages love pampering themselves, and rightfully so. Considering all the hard work she puts into giving you a beautiful home and life, why not give her a luxuriating treat? DIY bath bombs require a few items, including moisturizers and essential oils. Optionally, add some dried flowers or other items to dress them up like these diy bath bombs by “The Coconut Mama.” Check our our list of DIY bath bomb and bath salt ideas for more inspiration!

diy bath bomb with lavender

You could infuse her favorite scents in them, giving her something to de-stress and feel good with after a tiring day at work. Place them in a box and decorate with some ribbons and you have a wonderful, thoughtful homemade gift!

2. Indoor Garden Set

Is your mom fond of gardening or nature in general? Well, you can bring nature indoors this mother’s day by preparing an indoor garden set for her. All you need to do is purchase a few terra-cotta pots. Then hand paint them if you like, or if art is not your forte, purchase inexpensive decorative stamps. “First Day of Home” has a great tutorial using stencils to paint terra cotta pots and the result is so cute!

three terra cotta pots painted white and green and blue with leave shapes

You could stamp funny puns on the pots while filling them with her favorite indoor blooms. You can count on her squeal of joy at this delightful gift; we promise!

3. Keepsake Boxes 

If your mom is an organization freak, you could make DIY keepsake boxes for her. You can get as creative as you like, such as creating a collage of your cherished pictures with her since childhood. Then you could simply paste that collage on top of the keepsake box. This could be a great craft for kids to enjoy, too! Here’s one idea over at “The Crafting Nook” to get you inspired.

little keepsake boxes decorated with colorful paper

Your thoughtfulness will surely touch her, but the keepsake box will also be a convenient storage option for her jewelry pieces. 

4. Oversized Recipe Frames 

Moms are generally incredible cooks, as are grandmothers. This year, you could make your beloved women feel extra special while appreciating their cooking skills with DIY recipe frames. All you have to do is collect their cherished family recipes, handwrite them on a colorful canvas, and have them framed. Or, if you have the original recipe cards, simply frame them in beautiful frames as seen here by Julie Blanner. These would make a beautiful addition to any kitchen!

framed recipe cards

5. Air plant Decor

You already know we love air plants around here. If you have a mom in your life who does to, gift her a new one plus a creative way to display it. We have some ideas on DIY plant shelves, but I think these, shared by “A Beautiful Mess,” are just made for air plants.

air plants hanging on small shelf suspended in air by brass rings


6. DIY Cookbook Stand 

Moms are always busy whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen, often with the help of cookbooks. Why not save her the trouble of pinning the page as she cooks? All you need is a beautiful piece of lumber, a beginner’s tutorial on woodworking skills, and simple craft supplies. “Making Manzanita” has a simple tutorial to get you started!

cookbook stand holding cook books


You could build a lovely cookbook stand to be your mom’s cooking assistant. A personalized quote to go on it would make the kitchen item even sweeter and more attractive. 

Final Thoughts 

DIY mother’s day gift ideas need not necessarily be expensive, but they have plenty of sentimental value. Anything you make with love and effort will surely make your mom truly cherished and appreciated for all she does for the family. 

With our easy DIY ideas, you’ll surely have the best gift on your mom’s doorstep this year!

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