DIY Gift Bags: Ideas for Christmas and more!

The holidays are fast approaching, and you may start thinking about the perfect gifts to give to loved ones – but have you thought about how to present those giftsGift bags add a creative and special touch to gift-giving, and with the right materials, you can easily make DIY gift bags that are just as charming as store-bought options. Follow these easy steps to create personally crafted gift bags that will add extra flair to your gift-giving experience. They’re easier to make than you might think!

collage of diy gift bag ideas

Plus, when you make your own gift bags, you have complete control over the materials you use, the design, and overall aesthetics. You can use wrapping paper, old newspapers, scrapbook paper, or any other unique print for your gift bags. You can even decorate it with ribbon, twine, stickers, or a few dried flowers. The ability to DIY your gift bags means the options are absolutely limitless.

Why DIY your gift bags

There are plenty of reasons to consider DIY-ing your gift bags this holiday season. 

personalize yor gifts

The best part about making your own gift bag, of course, is that you can make it as personalized as you want. You can add the recipient’s name, favorite color, or even their photo, which adds a special touch to your gift. 

save some money

Sometimes, buying gift bags and wrapping paper can quickly add up to the total cost of your gift, especially if you have a long list of presents to wrap. Making your own gift bags can save you money. You can use materials you already have or purchase inexpensive items like kraft paper, which can be turned into adorable gift bags with some added touches and creativity.

Make your gifts more thoughtful

Not only that, but you really do go the extra mile when you make your own gift bags. It shows that your gifts are not just about fulfilling an obligation, but are rather a genuine act of affection. The effort and thought that goes into creating a DIY gift bag make the recipient feel special and add to their enjoyment even before they open the gift.

Ways to DIY gift bags

One simple (and affordable!) way to make your DIY gift bag stand out is to customize a plain paper or canvas bag. Whether you use markers, paint, or stickers, there are endless possibilities to personalize and create a masterpiece. For example, you can draw the recipient’s name, favorite quotes, or cute illustrations. You can also use stamps, stencils, or cut-outs to add texture and dimension.

If you want to add some texture and elegance to your DIY gift bag, consider using fabric such as tea towels or clothing. You can repurpose old items and give them a new life. For example, you can use a tea towel as a perfect wrapping for a bottle of wine or create a pouch for small gifts. You can also use scarves, old t-shirts, or pillowcases to make a custom gift bag that’s both environmentally friendly and stylish.

But don’t just take it from me, check out all these fabulous DIY gift bag ideas and you’ll see what I mean when I say the possibilities are endless!

DIY Christmas gift bag ideas

Creating your own DIY Christmas gift bags allows you to add a personal touch to your presents while also reducing waste. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your materials, and let’s get crafting!

Fringe Christmas tree bags

These DIY fringe Christmas tree gift bags are super easy to make and the perfect way to add a festive touch to your presents. All you need are plain gift bags, green tissue paper, scissors, and glue.

brown paper bags with fringed tissue paper christmas trees on the front of each one


Simple burlap gift bags

If you prefer a more rustic look for your gift bags, then these burlap Christmas gift bags are perfect for you. These bags are super simple to make and require just a few materials, including burlap bags, white paint, and stencils. Better yet, they’re the perfect size for little handmade gifts like thoselip scrubs or diy bath bombs you’ve crafted up!

miniature burlap gift bag with a simple painted christmas tree on the front tired with a twine bow


Reindeer gift bags

If you’re looking for a playful and festive way to wrap up your presents, then these DIY reindeer gift bags are just what you need. All you need to create these gift bags are brown paper bags, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and red pom-poms.

brown paper gift bags with a red pom pom nose, googly eyes, and candy canes emerging from the bags as antlers


Cozy sweater treat bags

Here are some cozy DIY sweater treat bags that are sure to warm anybody’s heart! These bags can be made using sweaters that are either too old or too small. Simply cut the sleeves off and stitch the bottom to create a pouch. You can add some embellishments such as buttons, ribbons, or pom-poms to give them a festive touch.

small gift bag made from a white cable knit sweater material

These make great stocking stuffers, too. Fill them with homemade treats, candies, or small gift items, and you got yourself a unique and thoughtful gift!


DIY gift bags for other holidays

It’s not just about Christmas – here are some creative and easy-to-make DIY gift bags for any occasion, from Easter to birthdays.


First on our list, we have these cute and simple Easter-themed gift bags that are the perfect way to present your Easter treats to your loved ones. All you need is a paper bag, some construction paper, googly eyes, and some glue.

small paper gift bags with bunny ears cut at the top and tied with a bow



While there are many ideas out there, we suggest creating your own spooky designs on plain brown paper bags using stencils and spray paint like in this tutorial. You can make your own stencils or use ones you find online, and spray away. Either way, you’ll have a perfect Halloween gift bag that your recipient will love.

brown paper gift bags decorated with halloween themed stencil paintings on front




Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and showing appreciation, so why not make your own DIY gift bags for the occasion? All you need is some kraft paper, some markers, and a little bit of creativity. I love that this one creates a turkey with the bag itself! Check out the video tutorial on YouTube for full instructions.

picture of a turkey gift bag with "Diy turkey goodie bag" text overlay


DIY gift bags for any occasion

Here are a few more DIY gift bags to consider makingfor any occasion- Mother’s Day, Birthdays, showers, get creative!

My DIY stenciled paper gift bags

I crafted these cute gift bags to use for hostess gifts for my bridal shower ahead of my wedding. As I started wedding planning, I knew I’d be giving several hostess and bridesmaids’ gifts, so I bought some simple brown paper bags and planned to paint them differently each event. These were simply made with stencils, acrylic paint, and a paint pen!

brown paper gift bags with a thank you and flower painted on them


Stenciled spray paint gift bags

For a more modern and stylish look, try these stenciled spray paint gift bags. Using just a plain paper bag, some tape, and spray paint, you can create a unique and eye-catching design. Simply tape off a pattern or shape on the bag, spray with paint, and remove the tape to reveal your design. You can even use different colors or add glitter for some extra sparkle.

three colorful gift bags with short text on each


Birthday gift bags from wrapping paper

Another creative way to make a DIY gift bag is to use folded gift wrapping paper. You can create a custom bag that matches your gift by using any patterned or printed wrapping paper or start with plain paper and dress it up with paint or stickers specific to your friend’s interests. The beauty of this method is that you can adjust just about every aspect- design, size, personalization, you name it! Check out the tutorial here.

bags made from wrapping paper


Happy gift giving!

Creating DIY gift bags can be the perfect way to add a personal and handmade touch to any gift. So start gathering your materials and let your creativity shine as you make one-of-a-kind bags to give to those you love this holiday season! Next, check out our ideas on how to to make your own DIY ornaments, or get crafty and create a new holiday tradition making snow globes!

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