Easy DIY Paintings on Canvas : Abstract Art Ideas

Wall art can be really expensive. But lucky for us DIY’ers, canvas and paint are not! Believe it or not, you can do your own DIY paintings on canvas, and many of them can be done in under an hour. These abstract art ideas are perfect for beginners. And every painting is different, so they are one of a kind! Not only that, they look really cool. I mean seriously. Cool. And you can do this. Abstract art can blend in well with almost any style too. Create a rustic modern vibe, or update with something fresh and fun. Or go sophisticated, and choose a black & white abstract painting to DIY. Whichever one you love, these tutorials make it easy for anyone, and yes, we mean anyone, to create these DIY abstract art pieces for any (or every!) room in your house.




DIY Paintings On Canvas : Abstract Art Ideas

Framed B&W Abstract on Canvas

Let’s start with this B&W abstract painting from ‘A Crafted Passion‘. This is simple, simple, simple! And it looks high end with very little work. She even shows you how to frame it! We hate to pick favorites, but…


Fresh and Colorful Layered Painting

Sarah Hearts‘ did this DIY painting by layering colors and allowing them to dry in between layers. We love the happy feeling this abstract art gives you because of the use of bright colors on a white background. Another super simple tutorial. She even tells you exactly which paint colors she used!


Large Scale Wall Art

Erin Spain‘ is an amazing blogger, but this tutorial of hers is one of our favorites so far. Large scale art can be really expensive, but makes a great impact. She made her own canvas for this art from drop cloths, then tells you exactly how to DIY the painting as well! Love the navy color… a Boho Chic room might love something in a bright pink, perhaps?


DIY Diptych Art

Room For Tuesday‘ really caught our attention with this DIY painting that is more subdued, but no less effective as great wall art! So pretty! And for those of you who like to see how it’s all done, she has a video to walk you through.


Fun & Funky Floral DIY Painting

We thought we would include something a little bold, for those boring walls that need just a little more. You know the ones, those lost places that can take a little risk? This risk would pay off! From ‘At Charlotte’s House‘, this DIY painting on canvas is fun, funky and just the ticket to wake up any wall.


Black & White on Canvas

From ‘Chic Now‘, this DIY abstract art idea looks just like a very popular West Elm painting they had for sale a few years ago. One I still want, but they no longer sell. (Which is where this tutorial will come in!) Seriously, Steve and I want to take a shot at this one, this DIY painting would be perfect for the new Palm Springs house!


Easy Abstract Painting (With Gold Leaf!)

Nourish & Nestle‘ created this bright and happy DIY painting using acrylic paints and gold leaf. She even has a how to video! The gold leaf really adds an extra dimension. (Not to mention, a bit of glam!)


DIY B&W Painting

This B&W DIY painting from ‘Mr. Kate‘ is a perfect lesson on using simple shapes in abstract art. You won’t believe what their inspiration was! We love how they built up the paint layers to have lots of texture.


Super Easy Canvas Painting

This is a large scale DIY painting on canvas that would look right at home in any gallery. And it was easy! This one from ‘The Majestic Mama‘ has a few more steps than some of the others, but all just as simple. This is an amazing piece of abstract art! This tutorial has tons of step by step photos for you too.


Framed DIY Painting on Canvas

The last one we have for you is from ‘A Crafted Passion‘. This easy DIY abstract painting also comes with instructions on how to make the frame. We love the strong graphic look of this painting!


We are pretty excited about these DIY paintings on canvas! These abstract art ideas aren’t just for modern homes, they can work anywhere! Just remember to choose colors that go with your rooms’ color scheme. Or, shoot for a sophisticated look and do a B&W version. We think you will also love our posts on Craft Storage Ideas and Organization , Painted Furniture Ideas and DIY Creative Bookshelves!

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