DIY Thanksgiving Nail Ideas: Trending Art and Colors for the Season

Are you ready to lean in to all the fall and Thanksgiving vibes? You may have all your fall decor in place, and have enjoyed some fall crafts, but have you considered creating a nail look for the occasion? I just love finding special nail design ideas for different seasons and occasions. So, I decided to gather some Thanksgiving nail ideas to help bring that beauty into nail designs for the holiday!

collage of thanksgiving nail ideas


When it come to your Thanksgiving look, you can lean into the theme as much or as little as you like. On one end, you can simply choose a trendy fall color you love. Or you can start thinking outside of the box with themed nail art! Want to embrace your artistic side? There are lots of ways to get creative with your nail designs! Don’t worry, we’ve gathered ideas for everyone, from those who are unsure they can even paint their own nails to those of you who love creating masterpieces with nail art.

DIY Thanksgiving Nail Design ideas

We’ve found some super cute nail designs that you can do yourself. There are plenty of simple options here for the novice nail artist. If you want to pursue some of the more intricate designs, you’ll probably want to pick up a nail art kit.

However, there’s no need to add on any stress around the holidays. So, if you really aren’t great with doing your own nails, you can always just use these for inspiration at the nail salon! There’s inspiration here for you either way- so let’s dive into all the wonderfully creative nail design ideas we’ve gathered!

Pumpkin Nail Designs

One of the most popular Thanksgiving and fall nail designs is the pumpkin. You can paint a simple pumpkin on each nail, or get more creative with different colors and designs. Here are some fun pumpkin design ideas to get your creativity going!

Mini Pumpkins

These tiny, adorable pumpkins are the perfect inspiration for a cute and festive manicure. You can go for a classic pumpkin-orange polish (we have a suggestion at the end of this post!) and add some simple green vines for a chic and minimalist look. here’s another idea with tiny pumpkins.


Multicolor Pumpkins

For those wanting to add some variety to their pumpkin nail designs, multicolor pumpkins are the way to go. Think bright of the beautiful variety you see at pumpkin patches and markets this time of year. I love the dusty greens, pale yellows, and creamy whites. It’s like a tiny, colorful pumpkin patch on your fingertips!


nails with multiple colors of pumpkins
Photo source: @thehangedit


Single pumpkin statement nail

How about taking it up a notch with a single pumpkin with vines? This design is perfect for those who want a statement nail while still keeping the rest of their mani simple.


Connected pumpkin vines

Want a cohesive look? Try adding some mini pumpkins on multiple nails, and connecting them all with vines like in this look.

blue painted finger nails with pumpkins painted on each one all connected with vines form nail to nail


Pumpkin French

Wand a French inspired Thanksgiving nail idea that still brings our your artistic side? Instead of the traditional white tip, opt for a pumpkin-orange hue. Or, opt for cute little pumpkin tips like in this look! Here’s a video tutorial for details on how to get this look!

cream beige nails with the top of a pumpkin painted at the tip of each nail


Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Designs

Of course, the turkey is another great inspiration to really lean into the Thanksgiving theme with your nails. You can paint a simple turkey on each nail, or get more creative with different colors and designs. 

Turkey statement nail

For those who are new to the nail art game looking for Thanksgiving nail ideas, a simple turkey face on one or two accent nails might be the perfect way to get started. Paint your nails in a warm white or light beige. Using black and brown polish, add the eyes, beak, and feathers. 

cream colored nails with simple multicolored feathers on each nail and a turkey on one nail

Voila! You’ve got a cute turkey design in minutes. And guess what, this one’s got an easy to follow video tutorial to go along with it!

Thanksgiving turkey nails

For those who are a bit more skilled, a more intricate turkey design might be the way to go. Consider doing a full turkey design on each nail, complete with detailed feathers and a three-dimensional head. I love the marbled technique used for these turkey tails!


More Thanksgiving-Themed Nail Ideas

 Whether you’re gathering with family and friends or just celebrating at home, here are a few more Thanksgiving-themed nail ideas that are sure to add a touch of fun to your look.

Cornucopia for Thanksgiving nail idea

This design is a veritable feast for the eyes, with colorful fruits and veggies spilling out of a woven basket on your nails. It’s a great way to incorporate all the flavors of the season into your look, and it’s sure to be a conversation starter.


Colored corn patterned nails

If you’re looking for something a little more understated, a design like this one might be more your style. This design by @coyarose on Instagram evokes a classic symbol of fall and Thanksgiving- multicolored corn. Mimic the beautiful jewel-toned kernels on your own nails to create a true work of art!


Combination of different elements 

Can’t decide? Why not choose a few different design elements, including plaid, pumpkin, and shimmery nails? This design incorporates classic fall elements like plaid and pumpkins, along with shimmery nail colors to add a little sparkle. It’s a great way to show off your artistic side and create a one-of-a-kind look.


Pinecone design

This design (with a video tutorial too!) is a nod to the natural beauty of the season, with delicate pinecones painted on each nail. This look pays homage to the changing of the seasons and all the beauty that comes with it.


Lean Into Fall Vibes

Want a Thanksgiving nail idea that will work for the days leading up to and after the holiday? No worries! In fact, it can be much more worthwhile to spend your time on something that just feels like the season rather than the holiday. This way your nails won’t feel out of place the very next day. Here are some lovely fall-themed nail design ideas that will work great on thanksgiving day or any fall day!

Plaid Nails

These cute and stylish nails by @lolo.nailedit on Instagram will have you feeling like you’re wrapped up in a warm flannel.

nails with a red and black and blue plaid design painted on them


Fall Fox and Leaves

Next, we have nails featuring a festive fall fox and leaves design. This tutorial gives us all the fall feels with these adorable little foxes and fall foliage. Talk about cute and festive!

matte brown nails with leaves painted on the tips and a fox face painted on one nail


Cable Knit Sweater Nails

Textured nails are a newer trend with the potential to be the coziest fall nail look. This nail look by @digitsbydev on Instagram combines the sweater nail trend with some beautiful fall hues.

multicolored nails with a cable knit texture design


Simple Fall Leaves

For a simpler but still seasonal look, check out some fall leaves nail designs. This example keeps it simple yet elegant look, minimizing the effort by keeping the nail art to a single nail. Use your favorite fall colors to create a subtle but gorgeous autumn aesthetic just like a beautiful fall wreath on your nails!

Golden French

For a more glam take on fall, try out the golden French manicure. The classic French design gets a fall twist with metallic gold accents, adding just the right amount of sparkle to any holiday ensemble. This one will might add just as much beauty to your Thanksgiving dinner as the table decor!

French nails with gold tips

You don’t have to stick to gold- try any of your favorite fall metallic colors like copper, bronze, or even a glittery brown!


Fall Branches

Check out these fall branch nails. These nails are the perfect way to show off your love for nature, with intricate branches and leaves that look like they were plucked straight from a forest.

Photo source: Pinterest


Marble nails

Marbled nail designs are an easier option that still yield a stunning result. Simply pick some pretty fall colors like these beautiful sparkly chocolate hues to match the occasion!

marble nails using two different shades of shimmery brown polish
Photo source: @lolo.nailedit

Fun Thanksgiving Nail Colors

Thanksgiving is a time of feasting, gratitude, and family gatherings, but it’s also an opportunity to show off some festive nail art. If you’re looking for some inspiration for nail colors but don’t want to go with a complete design, here are a few fun nail colors that can add a pop of autumnal flair to your holiday attire.

For a pumpkin inspired look, Essie’s “To DIY For” is just perfect. This color pairs well with brown, cream, and gold tones, and makes a bold statement without being too flashy. Find a basic tutorial for the below look on Essie’s site here.

hand painted with miniature pumpkin pattern holding bottle of nail polish


If you’re liking the moody fall vibes, try a deep maroon like “Team Spirit” by Olive and June. It’ll bee the perfect addition to your leafy nail art. We also love a dark chocolate brown like their shade “Tip your Barista.” These shades bring a touch of sophistication and depth to any nail look.


If you’re feeling really bold, go for a pop a bold color like a mustard yellow, deep green or cobalt blue. Below you can see some of those options. I don’t pull off yellow nails well, but this one by Essie called “Outside the Lines” is a fall yellow I can really get on board with.

hands with nails painted in multiple colors for fall


For a more playful look, opt for a glittery metallic gold or copper. These shades add some glam to your nails and are sure to catch the light and dazzle your friends and family. Essie’s “What’s Gold is New” is a beautiful antique gold that’s sure to bring the drama to your nail looks.

hand with nails painted in antique gold polish holding a bottle of nail polish


Thanksgiving nails ideas without painting

So you’re not feeling up to painting your nails this Thanksgiving but still want them to look cute? Fear not my friend, because there are plenty of other options!

Buy press-ons

These bad boys have come a long way from the fake, plastic ones we used to see in drugstores. Now, you can find press-ons that mimic the look and feel of real nails, complete with different shapes and lengths. They’re also super easy to apply, so you can have cute nails in a flash.

brown French press on nails

I love the look of these brown and white French nails available on Amazon, but there are so many more to choose from, too!


Thanksgiving themed nail stickers

If press-ons aren’t really your thing, then nail stickers might be the way to go. There are tons of different designs out there, from turkeys to pumpkins to fall leaves. 

The example above is available on Amazon. And don’t worry about them looking cheap either, some nail stickers are so detailed and intricate, people won’t even know they’re not hand-painted.


Nail jewels

If you want something a little more 3D and tactile, try picking up some nail jewels or appliques. These come in a variety colors, sizes, and shapes and can be attached to your nails with a dab of glue. Think sparkly gemstones, tiny metallic leaves, or even miniature pumpkins. 

Semi-cured gel nail strips

Another low-effort option is to simply opt for semi-cured gel nail strips. These are adhesive-backed strips that come in a variety of patterns and designs, and can be applied to your nails like a sticker. You do need a uv light to cure these, but this makes them last longer than regular stickers. There are so many fun looks to you can find on Amazon.

The design shown above is by the brand ohora. I’ve used their semi cured gel strips many times now and love them! I usually get about a week and half to two weeks of wear from these.


Get creative with your look this Thanksgiving

Whatever your personal style, there’s a Thanksgiving nail color or design out there to suit it. So go ahead and get creative with your nails this holiday season – and let your nail designs be the conversation starter at Thanksgiving dinner!

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