14 Easy DIY Pinecone Crafts for Fall

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project, especially when it involves nature’s own gifts? Pinecone crafts are a favorite among DIY enthusiasts for many reasons. They make for stunning decor, are a source of fun entertainment for kids, and are particularly fitting for fall and winter crafts due to their availability and aesthetic.

So what are you waiting for? Start your crafting here to gather ideas, then head outside on a nice nature walk to gather your supplies!

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Why We Love DIY Pinecone Crafts

Pinecone crafts are not just visually appealing, but they also add a rustic charm to your fall decor, making them a delightful addition to any home. Pinecones are easy to work with, and can be transformed into various beautiful creations, making them a staple in DIY decor and crafts.

three pinecones sitting on a tree stump


Our favorite part? They’re free! Chances are, either you or a friend probably needs them cleaned up out of your yard anyway. So you’ll be accomplishing a quick chore for yourself or a friend while gathering your craft supplies!

Easy DIY Pinecone Crafts for Fall

From your dining table to your front door, pinecones can make for incredibly stylish and easy decor ideas. But we won’t stop there! We’ve got craft ideas for kids and more fun and practical pinecone craft ideas just ahead, so keep scrolling!

Pinecone Centerpieces and Table Decor

Pinecone centerpieces are a super easy way to bring a bit of nature to your table settings. They are simple yet elegant, and can be customized to suit any theme or color scheme. Better yet, you can gather the materials in your backyard! Here are some creative ideas to get you started

Easy Pinecone Centerpiece Idea

This idea by “Song Bird Blog” would be a great way to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

centerpiece craft using pinecones and other dried natural materials


DIY Pinecone Flowers with Stems

A colorful and creative twist on traditional pinecone crafts, these “flowers” make a beautiful centerpiece more fitting for fall than just about any flower arrangement.

a vase arrangement of pinecones and white berries on stems


Bleached Pinecones Whitewash

A chic and modern approach to pinecone decor, bleached pinecones make a great addition to DIY decor projects. This method by “A Piece of Rainbow” is a bit safer and easier, omitting bleach entirely. Check out her tutorial here.

regular, dried pinecones and bleached pinecones along with pine needles scattered on a table with two hands in foreground holding three bleached pinecones


Pine Cone Topiary

So you love your fall planters inspired by our post over on The Garden Glove… but maybe you want something low maintenance (and reusable)? Try swapping out your plants for this beautiful pinecone topiary idea this year!

round pincone topiary atop cement planter


Painted Pinecone Placecard Holders

You may recognize this one from our post on DIY Thanksgiving place cards. This is a great way to add a personalized touch to your table settings. Find the tutorial here.

pinecone thanksgiving place cards


Pinecone Wreaths for Fall

Wreaths are a welcoming sight on any front door, and pinecones make for the perfect material to create warm, inviting fall wreaths. Here are a few ideas to inspire your next project.

Forage a Wreath for Fall

A natural and rustic wreath idea, we love the creative idea of adding in another natural fall element like acorns. This especially makes sense if you happen to have oak trees nearby to provide your supplies. Check out the full tutorial by HGTV .

wreath made of acorns and pinecones


How to Make a Pinecone Wreath without Wire or Glue

For a simple and adhesive-free approach to pinecone wreaths, check out this tutorial! The result is so nice it’s hard to believe how simple the supply list is.

simple pinecone wreath


If you want to add some more interest to your wreath, use your creativity to add your own flair! Personally, I think this would look great with a bow made of burlap.

Colorful  pinecone wreath

Add a pop of fall color in your pinecone wreath with this cute idea! A step-by-step guide to creating your own pinecone wreath.

pinecone wreath with some pinecones painted yellow, orange and red


Pinecone Crafts for Kids

Pinecone crafts are a fantastic way to engage kids in creative play. They are simple, fun, and allow for endless possibilities. Here are some kid-friendly pinecone crafts:

Make Flowers with Nature Walk Finds

A fun and educational craft for kids, use this opportunity to get your kids outside and learning about nature! While you’re out, gather some big, dry leaves (magnolia leaves are great for this) and create flowers using this tutorial by “A Piece of Rainbow.”

large flower shapes made with pinecones and painted, dried leaves


Painted Pinecone Turkeys

Here’s a festive and colorful Thanksgiving craft that’s sure to keep the kids occupied during Thanksgiving dinner. We love the idea of painting pinecones for a beautiful, colorful craft! Find the tutorial here.

pinecones painted red orange and yellow with felt face on front to look like a turkey


Feathered Pinecone Turkeys

This option require more gluing than the paint option, so make sure at least one adult is dedicated to helping out the younger kids to prevent messes. I love the use of pipe cleaners to add extra details like little legs in this idea!

pinecone turkey made with colorful feathers, pipe cleaners, and other craft supplies


Pine Cone Bird Feeder

A fun and easy project for bird lovers, this idea is super simple! Cozy up this fall and get ready for some bird watching with this DIY craft.

pinecone bird feeder hanging from a tree


Practical DIY pinecone crafts

Your crafts can be practical too! These ideas are great to make for yourself as a useful DIY for your own home or to give away as gifts and party favors.

How to Make Homemade Potpourri

Here’s a great way to put your yard findings to good use- this homemade potpourri would make a great party favor that any guest would love got take home.

jars of homemade potpourri with gift tags attached


DIY Pinecone Fire Starter Favors

This one is perfect for fall and oh-so practical. Did you know you can use pinecones to create your own fire starter? Use these for  a practical DIY to keep in your own home, as a party favor, or even as a DIY wedding favor. I love this idea for a rustic wedding in the fall!

DIY pinecone firestarters in a basket, each with a gift tag attached to the top


Have fun crafting for fall!

Pinecone crafts are a versatile and accessible way to add a touch of nature to your DIY projects. Whether you’re looking to create beautiful centerpieces, welcoming wreaths, or fun crafts for kids, pinecones offer endless possibilities. So, next time you’re out on a nature walk, don’t forget to pick up a few pinecones and let your creativity flow!

Looking for more ways to get crafty this fall? Check out our posts on cozy diy projects, painted pumpkins, or bath bomb ideas! In full fall decorating mode? Don’t forget to check out our classy fall DIY project ideas and part 2 as well!

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