Beautiful DIY Advent Calendars The Family Will Love!

Advent calendars have long been used to mark down the time until Christmas day, but have you ever thought of making one yourself? Many are great holiday decorations for a small home because they hang on the wall, or take very little floor space. And let’s face it, they’re fun! (And not just for the kids!) Here are our best picks for DIY advent calendars for the holiday season… and even if you start a little late (I ALWAYS DO!), so what…just pick up the where you should be and enjoy the rest of the month, or create a shorter advent calendar, maybe the twelve days of Christmas countdown? Have a blast making these, and please share in the comments which were your fav!



DIY Advent Calendars

We are in love with this sweet DIY advent calendar from ‘Johanna Rundel‘. You will need Google Translate for this page as it’s in German, but that’s a small price to pay for this incredibly crafty clothespin calendar full of little seasonal surprises!


This pink & copper DIY advent calendar is pretty, and you could use it year after year. Made from paper mâché boxes (for the treats!) and card stock, this is an easy project you can do with the kids, but still show off to friends and family! Tutorial from ‘Bird’s Party‘.


This super colorful Christmas countdown calendar is easy to make, and fun for everyone in the family! And, it’s made of wood, so you can keep it and use it year after year. Full step by step tutorial over at ‘A Kailo Chic Life‘.


Use small gift boxes and little mini Christmas trees to create a forest of festivities! This advent is really creative, and we love the use of the boxes as the “mountain”. From ‘dekotopia‘. Check out Google Translate, you may need it, though there are tons of step by step photos as well!


This lovely calendar is also a pretty decorative screen if you turn it around. From ‘Kraft & Carat‘, this one is in French. A bit Art Deco in style, count down to the holidays with something pretty enough to be year round decor! This is great in small homes where you might not have much room to store holiday decor… just turn it around!


Want to go simple this year? Then check out this minimal (but super lovely) advent from ‘Motte‘. A wooden hanger and some brown paper wrapped treat boxes. Voila!


This DIY advent calendar is made from tiny Christmas trees, and filled with the best treat ever! Perfect if you are going for a “meaning over money” holiday. Go on over to ‘Your DIY Family‘ to find out how they made it, and what they filled it with!


Christmas Countdown Calendars for Kids

This heirloom DIY countdown calendar from ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ is gorgeous, simple to make, and something everyone will love. You can customize the colors to be more traditional if you prefer. And, you don’t have to own a sewing machine as this project is easy to hand stitch.


Kids will love this DIY advent calendar with mini stockings full of Christmas goodies! From ‘Kristi Murphy‘, the kids may even want to help making this fun holiday project! If you don’t want to fill them with candy, how about small toys, coupons for privileges, or just little notes telling the kids how amazing they are!


Kids love elves? Well ‘Efzin Creations‘ made this genius little Christmas countdown calendar with embroidery hoops, yarn and some pretty tags… and adorable elves from the craft store… You could make this for your family for the holidays too!


Make this elves countdown calendar with recycled baby food jars! This tutorial for the elf house advent comes with free printable for the top of the jars and complete plans to build the “house”. From ‘Oh Oh Deco‘.


From ‘Crafting Cheerfully‘, this countdown calendar is something you can make, honest! We know it looks like some cool Christmas decor you bought and paid for, but with this tutorial, you can make it yourself! Free printables as well. (Two different scenes to choose from!)

There you have it! Our top picks for DIY advent calendars and anyone can make, and they fit in great into any small space! Got a fav yet? Also check out our posts on our very one DIY Christmas Tree Using Firefly Lights, and Gorgeous DIY Christmas Ornaments! Also check out DIY Christmas Yard Decorations over at TGG…

Image Credits: A Kailo Chic Life, Johanna Rundel, Bird's Party, dekotopia, Kraft & Carat, Motte, Your DIY Family, A Beautiful Mess, Kristi Murphy, Efzin Creations, Oh Oh Deco, Crafting Cheerfully


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