4th of July Front Porch Decorating Ideas

The Fourth of July is so much fun… family time, summer cook outs, and yes, a sense of patriotism that brings us all a little closer together. (Yes, I am aware of how sappy that sounds. It’s true though!) So this year, whether you are lucky enough to have a big Southern porch to cool yourself on summer evenings, or a tiny condo balcony, use these 4th of July front porch decorating ideas, and celebrate!



4th of July Front Porch Ideas


Fourth of July Crafts

This 4th of July craft doesn’t get any simpler, and could be used for the front porch, or indoors. ‘Worthing Court‘ wrapped a red striped pillow with patriotic fabric, then pinned it to the back. Go check out the rest of her 4th of July front porch ideas!


One cord of lumber and some craft supplies is all it took from ‘The Little Frugal House‘ to make these adorable wood signs! Go check out her tutorial with its step by step directions!


Love that these Fourth of July luminaries from ‘She Wears Many Hats‘ are made with rice! (Cheap!) Easy decorating idea to do with the kids as well…



Love this 4th of July craft project from ‘Old Salt Farm‘. These DIY easy flag blocks are another project made of simple 2×4 lumber. So easy! This could also make a great centerpiece for the picnic table.


With just scrap wood, some paint and a hand saw, make these fireworks treats from ‘The Pike Fam‘.


This DIY patriotic shutter from ‘Hoosier Homemade‘ uses an old thrift store shutter and spray paint. So cute leaned up against a porch wall!


Does this project take you back to the days when everyone hung patriotic banners on the Fourth? From ‘Uncommon Designs‘, try their tutorial for this 4th of July burlap flag banner.

uncommon 4th of july burlap banner 2 2011


4th of July Porch Decorations

This 4th of July front porch from ‘Celebrate & Decorate‘ is fast, simple, and can last the whole month! White lanterns with red geraniums and blue pots. Done!


Randi Garrett Design‘ suggests you add just one thing to make your 4th of July outdoor decorations super simple, and super inexpensive. Flags! Look at what she did on her front porch with just that one thing! Dollar Tree!


Add red, white and blue in different patterns to your porch, like they did with cushions and pillows in this photo from ‘BHG‘. (Remember, you can just wrap cushions in fabric and pin on the back side for a temporary thing like a holiday!)



Cottag3‘ styled this patriotic porch just right… some great pillows, and some red flowers in an old bucket. Of course, the old fashioned touches, like the window coffee table and tin buckets help sell the whole feel!


So you’ve got this, right? 🙂 Be sure and check out our post DIY 4th Of July Outdoor Decorations on our sister site TGG. Also, make sure you are getting summer down with our post on Fresh & Fabulous Front Porch and Patio Ideas! And, don’t forget the holidays! Jump on over to Front Porch Christmas Decorations over at TGG!

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