Amazing Instagram Worthy Painted Pumpkins

If you need to get inspired this season with the best Instagram worthy painted pumpkin ideas, then we have done all the work for you! We scoured Instagram and found cool pumpkin ideas to get you in that fall fun mood! Most of these anyone can do, but a few of them cross over into the “artist” zone. That’s ok, they can inspire you to come up with your own amazing pumpkin painting ideas! Where tutorials exist, we have tried to track them down and get you a link. Either way, these Instagrammers are definitely people worth following! Check out these painted pumpkins, Instagram style!



Amazing Instagram Worthy Painted Pumpkins


This first pumpkin painting idea is awesome. I think I could definitely take on several of these no carve pumpkin ideas with a foam paint brush and some craft paint. You could too! ย Remember to let each paint color dry between layers.


Easy DIY pumpkin idea! Try using chalk paint for the body of the pumpkin, and then use permanent markers or oil based paint pens for the accents.


A Kailo Chic Life‘ is one of our fav blogs! These pumpkin painting ideas are a clear example of why! She has a tutorial at her site for how to paint pumpkins in this ’80’s style. Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram at kailochic! (Her Instagram is amazing, everything is full of bright and happy color!)

Amazing Instagram Worthy Painted Pumpkins


These floral painted pumpkins on Instagram are works of art! Don’t have that much painting talent? Then use these painted pumpkin ideas, and make some easy hacks to the project. Use floral patterned tissue paper instead, and decoupage it onto the pumpkin with Mod Podge!


These blended painted pumpkins are just soooo pretty! Thing is, they just so happen to also be from ‘A Kailo Chic Life‘, and she has a tutorial on how to paint pumpkins with spray paint! (We told you you need to follow her Instagram!)

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Happy Halloween!! I know these aren't palm trees, but these pumpkins are just too dang pretty not to share! Plus the colors are very #crookedpalmtrees inspired, don't ya think? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have fun and be safe, everyone! P.S. Can kids go trick-o-treating by themselves so their parents can watch the Dodger game? Asking for a friend. ๐Ÿ˜#Repost @kailochic ใƒปใƒปใƒป These blendo pumpkins are perfect for transitioning from Halloween to Thankgiving and oh so easy to make. All you need is a little spray paint! How is your pumpkin decorating coming? #sendalittlejoy #halloweennight #trickortreat #allhallowseve #halloweentradition #halloweendecor #pumpkins #whitepumpkins #pumpkincarving #jackolantern #halloween

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Want something different? Try these Asian style painted pumpkins. Love them! I will admit, they may be a little past my artistic abilities to re-create… But then again, why not try!


Let’s look at these amazing colorful painted pumpkins for us to drool over. Personally, I love the unique, fresh and unusual pumpkin ideas! Bring on the color!


Leopard spotted pumpkins, anyone? These were done on craft pumpkins, (you can buy them from the link in her profile!) or you can get inspired and paint your own!


Ok, this paint pumpkin looks like it took some time. The mermaids theme is trendy, and the colors are eye catching!


Marbled painted pumpkins are an easy DIY idea! You can find tutorials by searching the web!


So easy, right? This pumpkin idea has nothing to do with paint, but the copper tape idea was so genius, we had to include it! Keep in mind, you could use paint to create the same look! Rose gold, anyone?


Seeing lots and lots of bright colored pumpkin painting ideas this year! And the black and white pumpkin just sets off all the others! Easy!

We hope you loved our little painted pumpkin trip through Instagram! Amazing photos of easy DIY pumpkin decorating ideas! We think you will also love our post on Pretty Painted Pumpkins, No Carve Pumpkin Ideas and 18 Classy Fall Decorating Ideas!

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