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I’ve always LOVED colored glass. I find it beautiful and ethereal. It catches and reflects the light, it adds subtle color, and for small homes, is the perfect accent as it doesn’t take up a lot of visual weight. What do I mean by visual weight? Well a colored glass vase and a dark metal vase of the same size are going to be perceived differently by the eye. The metal vase will seem to take up more space in the room because it just seems “heavy”. Colored glass, on the other hand, allows light to pass through and for that matter, your line of vision can see through it as well. That makes it perfect for a small room, as the eye will perceive it as not completely “there”. Make sense? For the same reason designers recommend using glass tables in small homes, colored glass makes a nice, light accent. Oh yea, and it looks nice!




Most colored glass in in wonderful shades of green and blue, with the occasional pink. Who wouldn’t love that? Remember, like an accent it looks best in a group of odd numbered items. This could be in a grouping with other accents, but I love to mass colored glass. It just makes such an impact with the light in the room that way!

You can purchase accent pieces of colored glass inexpensively, or collect it from thrift and antique stores, or even specialty bottles. It lends itself to casual decorating styles best, but if you love cottage, coastal or shabby chic, you need to have some of this in your rooms. Check out these inspirational photos of homeowners and designers using colored glass in their decorating schemes, and use their ideas to emulate!

Our featured project, above, is a tutorial on how to tint your own colored glass from Momtastic.

From Coastal Living, glass jars are used in front of  bright windows to add sparkle and color, but not block the light.



Use colored glass to display spring buds, or fall leaves on branches!



Another idea just like that, from Centsational Girl fettered through BHG.



Fill window boxes with colored glass for an entryway treat!



Colored glassware in an open glass cabinet is a great way to add color to a small space without closing it in, cottage style!



Using colored bottles on a high shelf in this small kitchen adds a charming pop of color!



A collection in a tray makes a great centerpiece at the table!



Need I say more? 🙂


Image Credits: BHG, Momtastic, Coastal Living, Southern Living, BHG, Hooked on Houses, Pinterest, Country Living


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