Hygge Home : Cozy DIY Projects for Fall & Winter

Anyone who knows me well knows that one of the things I love is the enjoyment of simpler things. Books, soft fabrics, color, the scent of lilac, baby toes, flowers… Christmas lights… So many things can touch me and comfort me. And one of the things I strive for is to be more grateful and mindful of the precious details in life. Who knew that the Danish had this all figured out? If you haven’t heard of “Hygge Home”, let me let you in on the best thing I have heard of since fresh baked bread and melted butter. One of the hottest trends around, Hygge is loosely translated as anything that embraces comfort, connection, and the appreciation of the simple gifts in life. The Danish lifestyle trend is nothing new, in fact, it (the terminology, anyway!) has been around for more than two hundred years. What is new for the rest of us is the awareness of how in todays world of uncertainty, Hygge home decor appeals to us at home, and in the colder months most of all.

Where we spend our dearest time with the ones we love feeling safe, comfy, and yes, cozy, is a good part of what Hygge is all about. BTW, did everyone know that the Danes are some of the happiest people on this earth? (And trust me, they have seen the snow and darkness winter can bring!) So lets pay attention, yes?  To make the whole thing even more fun, “Hygge” is pronounced “hoo-ga”. Go ahead, say it.  Your kids will love it. 😉 So embrace a Hygge home and try these cozy DIY projects for fall & winter!


Embrace Hygge - Cozy DIY Projects for Fall & Winter


Hygge Home Decor

What is a Hygge Home?

Remember, Hygge is more of the feeling that something gives you, not a style in and of itself, so it may mean different things to different people. It is not the dark and rustic kind of cozy, but rather a bright and intimate feeling at the same time, kind of like a happy hug from your home decor. Scandinavian decor is generally light in color and feeling, to counter their long, dark winters. (Smart, right? :)) That having been said, here are some of the basics of what a DIY cozy Hygge home is all about. Photo below by ‘Urban Outfitters‘.


Hygge Decor is Cozy

Anything that makes you want to snuggle in close, wrap yourself up in or feel brushing against your skin can give you that cozy feel. Even things you can’t touch can make you feel cozy, like the sounds of your cat purring, the smell of beef stew on the stove, or the heat given off by the fireplace. These cozy DIY projects will help you to get your Hygge on! Make this DIY chunky tassel blanket from ‘Design Sponge‘ and make every cool evening a special time. Easy project that you can customize to your room and tastes.


This DIY cozy pom pom pillow from ‘A Kailo Chic Life‘ is a colorful burst of happy snuggles, isn’t it? Obviously, you could make this pillow in quieter tones, but I love this! And check out the light and breezy Scandinavian style here too! Easy to follow tutorial and lots of photos.


Using Texture in Hygge Home Decor

Texture is an important element to Hygge, because it’s a psychological component to the sense of touch. Seeing the texture of a cable knit sweater can make you feel that coziness, even from across the room. A fuzzy faux fur throw at the end of a long day promises relief from the stress of worries.  Or, better yet, combine the two and learn how to arm knit a chunky blanket from ‘Ohhio‘. If this tutorial doesn’t work for you, jump on over to TBD and check out our post on easy DIY chunky throw blankets, and pick from one of those cozy DIY projects!


Need some texture underfoot? Learn how to crochet a giant circular rug from ‘Expression Fiber Arts‘.


Hygge is Comfort

Want to add more comfort to your home? No better way than with pillows! Lets combine texture, cozy and comfort and make these DIY faux fur pillows from ‘100 Things 2 Do‘. These were inspired by a PB pillow that cost $160 for the large one! She made it for $6. Makes you want to snuggle, right?


Want to make a super plush, squinch your toes into it every chance you get, fluffy to the feet rug from scratch? Then jump on over to ‘Paper & Stitch‘ and find out how she made hers. We have a deep, plush white shag rug in our living room, and every time my bare feet touch it I smile. That’s Hygge decor.


Candles & Lighting

Ok, I am a candle lover. I’ve been telling my readers for years to not just put out candles, but to actually light them. They are inexpensive, and they are not just for special days. Ok, well they are. But what we are learning here is that every day is a special day. Live it. Try this DIY rosemary and grapefruit candle from ‘Sugar and Cloth‘. Not only is it stylish and chic, it also brings nature into your home decor, and that just happens to be the next element of Hygge…


Lighting is so important in creating a cozy feel in your home, and if you can combine lighting, texture, and a natural look? Total Hygge. We are huge fans of using string lights indoors to add warmth and sparkle, but these DIY string lights from ‘Bob Vila‘ take it a step further.


Here’s another way to use string lights from ‘Apartment Therapy‘… simply wrap them around a focus piece, and enjoy the twinkle!


Hygge Home is Nature

Nordic countries are very connected with nature, so it makes sense that a lifestyle that would celebrate the important things in life would celebrate those gifts.  Bring plants, wood, stone and other natural materials into your home for a feeling of intimacy and  connection. We love this fresh and fun DIY floating plant shelf from ‘Place of My Taste‘. You could hang this in a cold and austere corner of any room, or in front of a window to bring attention to the light from Mother Nature.  This is an easy tutorial that will bring life to your decor without overwhelming it. (Or making more work for you, Hygge decor shouldn’t add to your burdens!)


The Forgotten Senses

Most people only think of the senses of sight and touch when it comes to home decor, but Hygge goes beyond that. It is about the whole experience for you and the ones you have near. The senses of hearing and smell are often overlooked, but are such important details. (The sense of taste? I’m afraid you will have to take care of that with some hot cocoa and fresh baked cookies… after you finish a few of these projects!)

Jenn from ‘Clean and Scentsible‘ has a simple to follow tutorial for these DIY lavender rosemary wax melts. These can be used in any standard wax melt warmer. (We have one on our kitchen counter, love it!) We love that these embrace the scents from nature, and are beautiful at the same time. You could even display these tucked in a pretty textured basket until ready to use. A project like this becomes even more satisfying if you have the opportunity to grow some of the herbs in your own garden.


The Little Things

Paying attention to the small and simple pleasures in life is at the heart of Hygge home decor. Make sure there are plenty of throw pillows to comfort your guests, and take the time to put flowers in the powder room. (Even if its just one in a bud vase!) Serve cookies on pretty plates and forget the plastic spoons. Choose fabrics for how they will feel against your skin. Use a homemade linen spray on your pillows and sheets. Hang an inspiring piece of art in the laundry room. Did I mention, use flowers? Use flowers! Play soft music, develop rituals and be grateful for everything from your new bathroom rug, to the colors in the sky outside your window.


Hygge is Connection

Hygge means nothing without sharing your lives with someone you love. When you think about all those images of candlelit dinners and Christmas morning in front of the fire, they all feel so cozy and warm. But remember, they are all waiting for the people you care about to bring those scenes to life! Use these cozy DIY projects for fall & winter to warm up your home and add some Hygge to your life!

Love this? Try our post at TBD on DIY Faux Fur Projects for more Hygge decor! Or check out 18 Classy Fall Decorating Projects! And if you want to turn the tables and get all “colorful” for the holiday season, check out our post on Candyland Christmas over at TBD! You might also like our post on How To Make Ice Lanterns over on our sister site TGG!


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  1. October 15, 2017 / 12:05 am

    Aren’t these string lights dangerous? Heat of the lights can cause strings to catch fire?

    • Kathy Woodard
      October 19, 2017 / 1:23 pm

      LED string lights give off almost no heat at all, so they are considered safe for most uses… But as always, use good judgement!

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