25 DIY Small Garden Shed Ideas

Finding small sheds that don’t look like they ate up all the space in your little slice of paradise is a chore. But there are options out there, and these DIY small storage shed ideas have step by step tutorials, so you can make them yourself. That means you get to save money and customize them match your home or garden style!

Photo by Jennifer Stimpson, thisoldhouse.com

Before you pick a small storage shed idea to use…

Here are some questions you probably want to ask yourself before diving in. Building a shed is not exactly a small project, so it’s best to know exactly what you want and pick something that fits your needs perfectly.

  • What do I need to store- lawn equipment or just small tools?
  • How much protection from the elements do these items need?
  • How much space am I willing to dedicate to a storage shed?
  • Do I want a full diy construction project or maybe just an kit to assemble?

Ok, now that you have all that determined, check out my favorite small storage shed ideas!

Small Garden storage sheds for all the basics

Yep, I’m starting with my favorites of the bunch. I think these strike the perfect balance. They are compact but have room for all the necessities for garden work.

1. DIY Small Garden Storage Shed Idea

This DIY plan from ‘Dunn Lumber‘, calls for simple power tools, a bit of lumber, and this easy to follow tutorial. The fold out potting table is my favorite feature- I definitely want one of those!

2. A garden storage locker diy plan

I love that this plan by the family handyman saves all the main storage space for tall tools and then uses hanging baskets on the doors for all your smaller storage needs.

Small outdoor storage locker

3. Outdoor storage cabinet

This similar design found on The Wood Archivist is like a little cabinet fit perfectly for gardening tools. I like that this one has plenty of shelves to organize clutter. The photo below even includes a little preview of the easy to follow plans!

outdoor garden tool storage cabinet

4. Short storage shed

Unlike the first few, this one is shorter and wider. It would work great as a push lawn mower garage and could be hidden by some larger bushes and shrubs, keeping it nice and discreet.

small short garden storage shed


5. Standalone storage shed

This one by ‘Popular Mechanics‘ is larger than the others I included this group, and is designed to stand alone rather than up against your house. It comes complete with downloadable plans, photos and instructions. DIY away!

Small Storage Sheds • Ideas & Projects!

6. DIY Small shed idea with easy plans

This Shed from This Old House has free plans available in the post. I’ve included a preview below, and the top photo in this post is from this diy small shed plan too!

diy shed plans


Lean to diy garden shed ideas

Lean to sheds are designed to be built up against your house. This can help them blend in to your overall outdoor area, and they’re the perfect design to build next to where you hide your garbage cans. If you need more ideas on that subject, check out DIY Garbage Can Storage Ideas over at TGG..

7. DIY wooden lean-to garden shed kit

Our next project is a small storage shed by ‘The Cavender Diary‘. This one is from a wood lean to shed kit, which is a good option if you don’t want to go entirely DIY, but do want to save some cash.

wooden lean to diy storage shed kit


8. Ana White / Lady Goats diy garden shed

This DIY small storage shed idea with free plans at ‘Ana White‘ is another great lean-to option. It’s pretty straightforward, too. There are no shelves, nothing complicated at all. But it’s the perfect place for the lawn mower and hanging garden tools!

Small wooden lean to Storage Sheds


9. Match your lean-to garden shed to your home

I LOVE the idea of building a lean-to shed and then matching it to the colors and style of your home. It creates such a cohesive look. I mean, this one by “Historic Shed” on Hometalk looks like it’s just part of the house.

wooden lean to storage shed to match home design


Make a statement with a stylish garden shed!

Most of the plans so far have focused on being discreet and easy to hide. However, you can also use your new shed to make a style statement! Who says garden storage can’t be cute?

10. DIY modern garden shed idea

Joseph Sandy created this amazing reclaimed wood DIY modern storage shed, and it has a great write up on ‘Houzz‘. Love the way the windows light up the inside! Tons of storage with pegboard walls, and I love how it looks.

Small Storage Sheds • DIY Storage Shed


11. A cute cottage style garden shed

Give your garden a little charm by adding a cottage style garden shed like this one I found on BHG. It just looks so darn cute, I had to include it!

cottage design storage shed


12. Small Tudor style garden shed idea

This one by Build Easy has such a cute and unique look it! It would definitely add a unique touch to any garden, and I think it’s just the right size!

tudor style small garden shed idea


DIY garden shed using old doors!

This was one of my favorite ideas I got to include in this list. I love that some of the work is done for you because you don’t have to build walls. And I LOVE that it’s such a practical way to repurpose used materials!

13. Tall & Small diy garden shed

From ‘A Cultivated Nest‘,  This is an amazing project! Lots of photos and a sweet Moms Day story at the site… If you are looking for a tall AND small storage shed, this one could double for one of those ultra awesome English phone booths, with the right paint job!

diy garden shed using doors


14. An open front potting shed using old doors

This one by Empress of Dirt is perfect if you asked yourself my questions at the top and decided you want a work area for potting up plants!

open front potting shed using old doors


15. A shed design with multiple doors

I’m really loving all these ideas to reuse old doors. This one uses multiple doors for a closed in space a bit large than the other ideas. I love the uque look of each of the doors here.

diy shed using old doors


Convenient mini garden storage using mailboxes

Ok I HAVE to do this in my own garden. I am terribly forgetful and always realize I need gloves that I left inside. This is the perfect way to have a few essentials waiting for you when you get out to your garden.


16. Antique mailbox garden tool box

This antique mailbox has a cute rustic look that makes it look like it’s part of your garden decor. You could even plant some climbing plants to incorporate it into the garden design.

mailbox as garden tool storage


17. hidden mailbox garden storage

You’d have to really look to notice this one by Little Vintage Cottage as it’s mounted up against a wall. Even if you did notice, it would just look like a cute little whimsical secret message center!


18. Painted mailbox garden storage

On the other hand, maybe you want your little garden mailbox to make a statement? This one my Melinda Myers is ADORABLE, and what a fun little craft project would this be for kids?

painted mailbox for decorative garden tool storage


Open garden storage ideas

If you decided most of the items you need to store don’t really need full protection from the elements, these ideas are for you!

19. Toy & Bike DIY Small Shed

This toy & bike DIY small shed is ideal if you have kids! It is just the right size to keep the lawn free of dropped bikes and abandoned scooters. Find out how to build this little organization gem over at ‘3×3 Custom‘.


20. Open air garden storage shelves

If you just need a spot to stash pots and maybe some small tools, this one is ideal. You could fit this in the smallest of backyards!

small diy garden shed open shelves


21. Use Firewood storage for garden supplies

Looking at these ideas, I realized they’re not too different from just building firewood storage. This plan would be great to store firewood on the bottom and some garden supplies on the top shelf. If this has you thinking maybe you need to diy a firewood rack, head on over to The Garden Glove and check out more ideas there!

firewood and garden tool storage idea


22. walk-through storage shed

This one found on BHG is great because you can incorporate it right on top of a garden path. Not only that, but it also serves a dual purpose of storage and a work station with those perfect shelves that can double as potting areas.

open, walk through garden storage shed over pathway


DIY Shed Kits (You Can Buy)

If you don’t want to have to hunt for all the right supplies, but still want to save some money, try picking up a DIY shed kit. You still get to do a little building, but there’s a whole lot less planning involved!

23. Small solid wood lean-to garden shed kit

This solid wood storage shed [You Can Buy @ Wayfair] has tons of great reviews, free shipping and comes with a one year warranty. Plus, it’s the perfect size for a teeny backyard or patio space.


24. Small lean-to garden shed kit

If you need just a little more room to get your outdoor things organized, try this wood lean to shed kit. [Buy This @ Wayfair]. It’s made of cedar, so it’s naturally rot resistant, comes with a warranty, and has tons of storage. Shelves, hanging hooks and wind rated for up to 50 MPH winds. Oh, and free shipping!


25. DIY shed kit with potting table

Ok, this DIY shed kit is so cute! It has a main storage area in front, then side doors that open up more spaces for organizing tools, potting supplies, or even toys. And a fold down table! [Buy This @ Wayfair].


I hope one of these ideas was the perfect fit for you! Once you diy your new garden shed, I think you will want to jump right over to our posts on How to Hide Ugly Outdoor Eyesores, and DIY Kitchen Islands! Also check out Garage Storage on a Budget over at TBD, and DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas and DIY Backyard Playhouse over at TGG, and save even more space!

25 diy garden shed ideas

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Remi Bagwell


  1. Suecan47
    April 1, 2016 / 10:34 am

    I want to build something similar to store my bikes, but I want to build it with a green roof. Any ideas?

  2. Phae
    January 24, 2016 / 9:21 am

    I love the use of recycled palettes in construction, a resource that seems to be gaining traction.

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  4. Corinne
    October 22, 2015 / 1:30 am

    Does anyone have any advice on how to keep pegboard hooks from coming out of the holes when the item it’s holding is removed? Very frustrating !

    • January 3, 2016 / 6:15 am

      Your pegboard hook problem is very frustrating indeed, and totally fixable!
      Get some zip ties and fish them thru the holes adjacent to the lower part of the hook. Trap the hook when you zip the tie, snip off the excess, TADA!
      If you have access to the backside of the pegboard, that makes the neatest looking application because you can hide the zip part of the tie. If not, you may wish to put the zip part off to the side rather than in the way right at the hook.

      • December 29, 2016 / 5:35 pm

        Home Depot sells hook locks that are simple to use. They cross over the hook laterally and lock into holes on each side. Ask for pegboard hook locks.

  5. Jarrett
    August 5, 2015 / 7:29 am

    I like the stain .. Does anyone know the stain ? I have about $700 in material but, mine is about 2ft wider

  6. Tony
    May 2, 2015 / 4:58 pm

    How much does materials cost for storage shed

  7. Julie Lopez
    January 23, 2015 / 6:27 am

    Great ideas thank you.

  8. Bea
    September 27, 2014 / 3:40 pm

    Me again- I would lone the one with all the glass but I think it is beyond my capabilities. At my age I settle for simple . The purple is very straight forward. Could be shortened as I’m slightly height diminished. And tall is not all that necessary.

  9. Bea
    September 27, 2014 / 3:32 pm

    The purple one is of what I speak. Nice color too. Wouldn’t need to peak the roof- just a slant for water & snow to slide off. Couple holes for ventilation- shouldn’t need more . Owners may complain but can’t get much better or smaller. What do you thank.?

  10. Bea
    September 27, 2014 / 3:26 pm

    Small shed is about the right size. Got items stored under steps leading to up stairs apt. Small but size I need. Now to see instructions for the one shown- so I don’t use all my growing space to house building.

  11. ChrisW
    May 8, 2014 / 1:48 pm

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!!

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