8 Clever Ways to Organize with Ikea

Ikea hacks are abound in the blogosphere, and with good reason. Decently made home decor with style, at really affordable prices. Why not use Ikea products to create something DIY? But did you know, you can organize with Ikea as well? No amount of design know-how or DIY aptitude is going to make our homes look wonderful if they are cluttered and messy. So try these 8 clever ways to organize with Ikea… you might just find the whole feeling in your home changes with everything in it’s place!





Vurm Wine Rack

I’d love to start with the Ikea Vurm wine rack, mostly because I own it. Sad to say, it still hasn’t been installed! My dilemma is this… is it worth using as a wine rack, taking wall space in my comparatively small kitchen? Or should I use it for some other clever idea instead? Enter ‘Zieak‘… he used his to make a towel rack, by hanging it vertically. Great idea!



Trones Shoe Cabinet

This bright piece from Ikea is a simple cabinet meant for use in the closet, but how about this easy idea… as a TP holder in the bathroom? Canned goods in the pantry?



Raskog Utility Cart

Use this versatile cart in the laundry room to keep all your cleaning supplies handy… From ‘BHG Style Spotters‘.



Another use for the Raskog cart… From ‘SF Girl by the Bay‘… use it in the kitchen as extra serving or food storage. Love the color of this, it makes it look so much more decorative than some plastic bins…



Fintorp Flatware Caddy

Glamour‘ made this quick tutorial for this DIY makeup storage unit from the Fintorp caddy. Easy instructions for this!



Bekvam Spice Rack

My oldest daughter used this trick for organizing with Ikea in her sons room… Hang the Bekvam spice rack to hold children books! They are low profile so they don’t take up much room, either.



Knuff Magazine File

Use this magazine holder as a kitchen storage solution like ‘Apartment Apothecary‘ did…



Stave Wall Mirror

The Girl on the Go” had this ingenious idea for jewelry storage… She put her Ikea wall mirror on hinges, and hung all her jewelry behind it on small hooks… Perfect idea for organizing with Ikea for a small home! Love!


That’s it! 8 clever ways to organize with Ikea! Any more ideas from our readers? Please share in comments! We think you will want to try our posts on Organizing Kitchen Drawers and 7 Steps to an Organized Fridge!

Image Credits: SF Girl by the Bay, Zieak, Ikea, BHG, Glamour, Flickr, Apartment Apothecary, Girl on the Go

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  1. Shirley York
    February 28, 2021 / 10:14 pm

    Hi I am just trying to find out if you guys are still up and running through all the craziness. I love ur ideas.

    • Kathy Bates
      May 5, 2021 / 9:25 am

      We are!

  2. cat
    April 9, 2015 / 12:55 pm

    We put three Bekvam spice racks along the back of our sofa for drinks and remote controls. With little ones in the house, it keeps the drinks from getting knocked over!

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