Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

So you’re planning your Thanksgiving dinner. All the food is planned and you’ve created a beautiful table setting with fun Thanksgiving table decor. What could possibly be missing? How about some super cute Thanksgiving place cards for each setting?

Why assign seating at Thanksgiving?

I know what you’re thinking, assigned seating at Thanksgiving? That’s way too formal! But hear me out. Assigned seating at the Thanksgiving table means no one has to stand awkwardly around the table trying to figure out where to sit. Most importantly, it also means that you can keep those two relatives that inevitably break out into an argument far, far apart. We all have those two somewhere in the family, right?


How to include place cards in your table setting

Pick a place card that matches your table’s overall style. I’ve found some ideas that would work with any table setting. Going for a lots of greenery and nature? Rosemary and pinecones are two elements you may already have that would work great! Have a wine loving family? I have a few ideas to utilize those extra corks you’re always saving.

diy thanksgiving place card ideas

Sold on including a stylish place card at your table settings? Perfect, I’ve gathered lots of cute and simple ideas. All that’s left for you to do is pick one out and put it together!

Gilded fall leaves

This idea by Modern Glam turns out stunning, and it is oh-so simple! All you need are some fall leaves, gold paint, and a paint pen of your choice and you are good to go!

Materials Needed:

  • Gold paint
  • Paint pen
  • Leaves (grab some outside or buy artificial ones on Amazon!)


Pumpkin Thanksgiving place card holder

Go on and grab some more mini pumpkins, I know you want to. To use them for place cards holders, simply cut into the pumpkin stem using a small saw and place the card into the slit. Don’t worry, Hoopla letters includes a tutorial on that part, too.

mini pumpkin place card holder for thanksgiving

Sugar cookie Thanksgiving place cards

Everyone loves to receive a personalized treat, so why not use your place cards as a party favor? Your guests will so appreciate receiving a personalized cookie with their name it. If this idea seems intimidating, try practicing piping icing onto a plate first and see if you can get the process figured out. Here’s a recipe and guide by Wilton’s, but there’s lots of ways to customize this idea!

What you’ll need:

  • a sugar cookie recipe
  • piping materials (either buy a kit or diy it by cutting a tiny hole in the corner of a plastic bag)
  • icing

thanksgiving place card cookies


Designated Thanksgiving leftovers container

I LOVE this idea. When you inevitably have leftovers, this simple diy makes it so easy for everyone to take some home! People are much more likely to take a bit of food home with them if they’re provided with a container, and these cute little boxes act as place cards, too! Once again, Hoopla letters will show you how to get the lettering just right.

What you’ll need:

thanksgiving to-go container

Turkey wine cork Thanksgiving place cards

Not only are these little wine cork place cards super adorable, but they’ll also be a fun craft to get the kids involved. The paper cutouts create a turkey tail that’s reminiscent of classic Thanksgiving decor, yet they’re subtle and

What you’ll need:

  • wine corks
  • paper
  • markers or paint to color your paper pieces
  • toothpicks
  • glue or tape to attach name card


wine cork turkey place card


Rosemary accented place cards

One of the simplest ideas on this list, this thanksgiving place card idea might just be my favorite. They are simple, classy, and elegant, perfect for a minimalist Thanksgiving dinner. All you need to create this design is some rosemary sprigs and card stock paper. Then, simply write the names (or print them), punch a hole for the rosemary, and you’re set!

rosemary sprigs place card


Reusable diy concrete place cards

These little concrete place cards from Hey There Home are one of my favorites on this list and I will be definitely be making these sometime soon. What do I think makes them great? Well, they’re reusable, easy to make, and you could paint them any color to go with your table decor. Seems like a no-brainer to me!

concrete place card holder

What you’ll need:

  • Toilet paper rolls (1 roll for every 2 place card holders)
  • craft knife to cut the rolls.
  • Olive or vegetable oil and a brush
  • Thick tape
  • Cookie sheet lined with foil
  • Quick setting concrete
  • clips- she used alligator clips then glued them to wire, but I found some on Amazon where that job is already done!
  • Mixing bowl, trash bag, and plastic fork
  • Sand paper
  • Craft paint (she used Martha Stewart paint, but it’s currently out of stock so here’s an alternative)
  • Painter’s tape and small paint brush


Rosemary wreath place card

If you’re not growing rosemary outside, you should be. It’s delicious in so many recipes, and so useful for diy’s too! I’ve seen rosemary used as cake toppers, cocktail picks, garnishes, and even as appetizer skewers. And now, I’m adding place cards to that list! Just look how cute these mini wreaths are! These diy place cards will be great for Christmas, too.

Materials Needed:

  • rosemary
  • small ribbon
  • paper (either print names first, or cut strips and write the names yourself)
  • super glue

diy Rosemary thanksgiving place cards


Diy paper bag place card holder

All you need is some paper bags and (real or fake) fall leaves for this crafty place card holder by In My Own Style. Then just add your name card, and you’re good to go! You can even store and reuse them again, replacing the leaf with something else to match the season!

diy thanksgiving place card


Pinecone place card holders

I love the idea of using materials you can simply collect from outside, so these pinecone place card holders shared by All Things G&D are another favorite of mine. Painted or not, mini pinecones would make such a cute addition to your Thanksgiving table.

What you’ll need:

  • pinecones (just grab some outside!)
  • paint (whatever color you like)
  • card stock and a pen in a pretty color to go with your table setting

pinecone thanksgiving place cards


Dried orange slice place cards

Dried orange slices are a great addition to your fall or thanksgiving decor, and they’re so easy to diy. All you need for these adorable place cards by Gia Boyd are some orange slices (perfect if you extra oranges that you won’t be able to use up), fine tip paint pen, and small metal brads. Gia used translucent vellum, but I think wax paper or parchment paper would work as well for a budget option!

dried orange slice place cards


Printable “thankful for” activity cards

Let your place cards double as an activity when everyone sits down to dinner. Put one of these “I’m thankful for” cards at each setting, then let everyone fill theirs out before serving food. Everyone can go around and read theirs at dinner, so you get a nice little conversation starter too!

thanksgiving place cards


Craft paper tablecloth

The DIY so nice we’ve used it twice! You may recognize this one by “Lemon Thistle” from a post on out sister blog, The Budget Decorator, about Thanksgiving table settings. I found it as I was looking through old posts, and thought, “how efficient, just write the names on your tablecloth.” If your tablecloth is single-use craft paper that is!

craft paper table setting


Wood slice Thanksgiving place cards

These little wooden slice place cards look like they came from a high end home decor store, but all it takes is a good round log, miter saw, and a wood burning kit (or paint) to whip up a bunch of these. If you don’t have a good log to use, you can buy wood slices ready to use, too.

thanksgiving place card using wood slice


Cork and feather

Here’s another one if you have extra wine corks laying around. This DIY from Carolyn’s Homework uses feathers to give the cork place cards a sophisticated look, but it’s super simple!

cork and feather placecards


Diy Ferrero Rocher Pumpkin place cards

Give your guests a surprise treat with these diy mini pumpkin placards! Each pumpkin is really a Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrapped in orange gift paper.

What you’ll need:

ferrero rocher pumpkins


Succulent pumpkin planter

Here’s a diy place card idea that will double as a party favor! These adorable little succulent pumpkin planters can be taken home and enjoyed long after Thanksgiving is done, and your guests will be extra thankful for you thoughtful gift.

mini pumpkin succulent planter


Paper pumpkins

These adorable little paper pumpkins look like they’d make a great fall craft for kids. Having your kids help make the place cards would be a great way to involve them in the Thanksgiving prep, and they’ll be so proud to tell everyone the place cards are handmade.

What you’ll need:

  • orange construction paper, plus one more color of choice for stem and name tag
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • sharpie pen

paper pumpkin place cards


Mini pinecone place card

These teeny tiny mini pinecones are so cute! If I had a tree with these in or near my yard I would definitely be crafting with them. All. The. time. Pretty sure the only thing you’d need to purchase for this place card craft is some fine point sharpies, but you might just already have those!

mini pinecone place cards


Spray painted leaf

This idea by Jennifer Maune simply calls for breaking out the spray paint and collecting some leaves. Then all that’s left to do is write each name with a paint pen. These homemade Thanksgiving place cards are quick and unfussy, our favorite type of DIY!

fall leaf thanksgiving place card


Use a kit

This DIY from Adorn the Table used a color your own ornament kit as Thanksgiving place cards and the results are so cute! She used a kit from the dollar store, but I found some on Amazon that are even cheaper and come with a variety of leaf shapes!

wooden leaf place card


Simple diy place card using cork and paper

This simple diy is similar to the first cork idea, but you’ll need to plan on having a way to prop them up. I just had to include it because I love the paper choice and the gorgeous gold lettering. All you need here is some corks, paper in a pretty color, and a gold sharpie or paint pen!

cork, gold paint, green paper place card


Twig place card holder

Wow, hats off to Serendipity Refined. These place card holders using just twigs are SO CUTE. And al you need to start is some basic twigs from outside and a way to fasten them together. It’s really mind blowing how simple some of the cutest DIY projects are.

twig place card holder


Enjoy your beautiful DIY Thanksgiving!

I hope you found an idea here that you love and that will complement your beautiful Thanksgiving decor! Still need to get that decor put together? You’ll love our sister blog’s posts on Thanksgiving decor you can DIY  and inexpensive table decor ideas where we’ve got ideas for cute leaf crafts and some more table setting ideas to go with your Thanksgiving place cards you just made! In a hurry? All you really need are some pumpkins and gourds to decorate! You may also want to check out our posts here on cozy crafts fall and winter that embrace hygge, or our list of beautiful fall wreath ideas!

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