DIY Wedding Ideas: Save Money and Personalize your Big Day

Whether you’re considering DIY’ing some little details for your wedding or doing as much as possible yourself, go for it! DIY Wedding projects are a great way to both save money and personalize you big day.

The current cost of weddings today is mind-blowing, and very stress-inducing if you’re a bride trying to plan your dream wedding day on a budget. DIY  wedding projects are a great way to save, and can also add a unique, personal element to your celebration. They allow you to add your own style and details in ways that many vendors simply cannot. 


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Considerations: To DIY or not to DIY

Ok, I’ve talked a lot about the benefits of taking on some wedding deetails on your own, and I stand by that! You may remember I made my own wedding signs. However, DIY wedding projects can be a lot of pressure. Here are some things I would consider before taking on any of the wedding decor as a DIY project.

  • Time: how much time will you have to complete the project. More importantly, how much time will you have to source a back up if things go wrong?
  • Consequence: how important is this item to your wedding day? If your project does not work, how much does it affect things?
  • Your skills: how experienced are you in this kind of project? Will you need help? If it’s something new to you, this may add to the stress of completing the project on time.

All in all, be more conservative in taking on DIY wedding projects than you would other projects- the stakes are a bit higher, and you’ll be under a good bit of stress.

DIY wedding tips and tricks

  1. Make sure your vendors- especially your planner are all ok with your DIY projects. You’d be surprised by some vendor’s restrictions.
  2. Many DIY signs and decor need a stand of some sort- don’t forget to buy or make one!
  3. Will your decor or signs will need to be moved? It can be a good idea to use a light material like foam board to make transport easy. Make sure someone (not you) has also been assigned this job so it doesn’t get forgotten!
  4. Own a Cricut? Projects involving lettering just got even more budget friendly! But don’t worry, there’s many places to order budget friendly vinyl lettering online.
  5. Give yourself a deadline that’ll allow time to get your backup option. If your project is not done by that date, it’s time to go to plan B.

If there’s one thing any bride learns by the end of wedding planning, it’s that nobody cares about your wedding as much as you do. So, harness that passion and pour your heart into some fun DIY details your guests will love. Now, let’s get into these fun ideas!

DIY wedding centerpiece ideas

Let your craftiness be the center of attention, next to you of course! Creating your own centerpieces is a great way to ensure your handiwork is appreciated by each and every one of your guests. Try incorporating pictures of the two of you or pictures of you with the guests that will be seated at that table for a personal touch.

1. Make colorful candle clusters

A trend I’m 100% here for? Colorful weddings! Add a vibrant touch to your tables with these colorful candle clusters. Make it budget friendly and source mismatched candle holders from thrift stores and simply spray paint them to match your color scheme. Check out this idea here.

colorful candles with matching candle holders decorating a table


2. Lantern centerpieces

Lanterns create a romantic and cozy atmosphere. They’re versatile and can be styled to suit any wedding decor. This one is super simple, and you’ll have lanterns for cozy home decor down the line!

golden lantern surrounded by simple greenery on a table
Photo source: Brides


3. Recycle some bottles

Turn condiment bottles into chic gilded vases for an eco-friendly and stylish centerpiece.This idea by Simple Stylings is a must-see.

clear glass bottles partially painted gold holding a variety of flowers


4. Simple bud vases

To create your own floral centerpieces, keep it simple with some little bud vases like these. This will be much less stressful than trying to create large floral arrangements the week of your wedding! Wildflower bud vases like these are great for a more rustic wedding, too.

simple bud vases surrounding a table number


DIY invitations

Before diving into DIY invitations, consider the pros and cons. It’s important to know what you’re getting into! breaks it down here.

5. Cricut wedding invitations

Ok, I’m actually obsessed with these! If you have a cricut, you’re well on your way to creating some absolutely professional level invites. The examples shown in this post have me convinced I may need one myself.

wedding invitation with a monstera cut-out decorative folder and matching rsvp card


6. Print your own wedding invitations

This budget-friendly option allows for plenty of customization. The Penny Hoarder has some great tips.

travel themed DIY wedding invitation set


7. Use a design template

There are lots of places to purchase templates that will give you a good head start to creating your own gorgeous DIY invitations. Canva, Etsy, and Creative Market are all great sources.

example of diy wedding invitation template

Just remember, the design is not the hard part- printing is. Check the paper weight your printer can handle and go see how that weight feels in a store- it may be thinner than you would think. You can still make your own invitations, but you may want to have them professionally printed on cardstock to get the quality you want.


DIY wedding arch ideas

Arches are a popular statement piece of wedding decor- they’re great for ceremony set ups, and can double as a photo backdrop at your reception!

8. Balloon arches

If you love to do things a bit differently and want a fun and whimsical arch for your wedding, consider making a balloon arch! This creative idea by Leanne Choi simply utilizes PVC to create an arch you can then deck out with balloons of your choice.

Easy DIY Balloon Arch Ideas


9. Wooden arch

This classic and rustic wooden arch is perfect for outdoor weddings. The Sorry Girls’ tutorial is fantastic.

woman adding florals to a DIY wooden wedding arch or arbor


10. Hexagonal arch

For a modern twist, try this unique hexagonal arch. The Sorry Girls have you covered here again!

hexagon shaped diy wedding arch


DIY wedding sign ideas

Wedding signage represents another fantastic opportunity to get creative with a DIY project. Menus, table numbers, reserved seats, and directions to the reception all have to get displayed one way or another, and there are lots of simple ways to do it yourself.

11. Large foam board wedding welcome signs

As I mentioned above, I made my own welcome signs. I chose to DIY these because I knew I could do it for much cheaper than I could buy them and I loved the idea of doing it exactly how I wanted. If that sounds like you, check out my tutorial! They’re way easier than they look, I promise!

finished DIY wedding signs


12. Glass frame welcome sign

Elegant and easy to make, this glass frame welcome sign adds a touch of sophistication. My French Twist shows you how, and I love that you can then keep the frame to use in your home!

framed glass diy wedding welcome sign


13. DIY seating chart with a paint pen

There are lots of ideas for DIY seating charts using mirrors, so I thought I’d share a couple of the easiest (and prettiest) ways to do so! The Happy Ever Crafter offers a great guide on how to create one using paint pens on a large mirror. 

large glass mirror diy seating chart display


14. Mirror seating chart display with wax seals

This YouTube tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful DIY mirror seating chart display using printed guest lists held to the mirror by wax seals. The best part? Make this and you’ll have a beautiful new mirror and your own wax seal!

diy framed mirror seating chart display


DIY menu and bar signs

Your menu and bar are a great place to embrace your creativity with a little DIY project because these sings can be relatively easy to make. This is also not a super “high consequence” DIY – worst case scenario guests will just ask for their options at the bar!

15. Signature drink banner

This DIY signature drink sign is perfect for highlighting your special cocktails. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else make a banner like this- I love how unique this idea is! The Crafted Life makes it easy, too.

blue banner draped over bar displaying signature cocktails


16. Printed sign template

The easiest way to DIY your own menu and bar signs, and the way I did it, is to utilize a template! Just as I mentioned while discussing DIY invitations, there are lots of template options online! Check out Etsy or Canva, pick a design you like. 

wedding bar menu
Photo source: Etsy

Then all you have to do is find cute, cheap frames that match the look you’re going for. I used these from target, but here are some more great options! Once again, remember to test out paper thickness. I ended up having to add an extra paper behind the menu because it was too see-through (only a problem if you use floating frames like I did).


17. DIY table numbers

These modern DIY table numbers add a chic touch to any wedding table. Ctrl + Curate’s tutorial is simple and stylish. There are SO many easy DIY table number ideas out there- this is one I would definitely go for!

simple wedding table number idea- a white number cutout glued to a clean cut piece of wood for a modern look


DIY wedding flowers

One way a lot of brides want to save money tends to be with their florals. This, however, is one DIY I would be cautious taking on. Arranging flowers is a lot harder than some may think, and it has to be done close to the day off. If something goes wrong, you will have very limited options available. Keeping this in mind, there are still very doable ways to create your own wedding flowers.

18. Order bulk

Ready to go full DIY? You’ll need to source flowers ahead of time in bulk- either through a local florist or online (there are many options). Make sure you plan to acquire all the additional tools and supplies you’ll need to0- shears, vases and containers, ribbon for your bouquet, etc. Remember you’ll also need somewhere cool to store your flowers when they arrive.


19. Get a wedding flower kit

Take some of the planning out and order a DIY wedding flower kit. You’ll still get flowers in bulk form (not as arrangements), but you’ll receive flowers that go together and in the correct quantity for your needs.

variety of flowers separated in vases
Photo source: Fifty Flowers


20. Go for a faux DIY wedding bouquet

This DIY wedding flower option also happens to be one you can keep forever as a memento and decor! There’s a great tutorial over at The Wedding Chicks.

a diy wedding bouquet made with fake flowers


Share your DIY wedding ideas with us!

Don’t forget to share your own DIY wedding ideas and the results with us. We’d love to see what amazing things you come up with!

Looking for more inspiration? Whether you’re planning a wedding, a party, or just love crafting, we’ve got you covered. Check out these posts for more DIY party and wedding crafts and decor ideas. You’ll find everything from Easy DIY Balloon Arch Ideas for a festive touch, to DIY Gift Bag Ideas that add a personal flair to your gifts. And for those who adore rustic charm, don’t miss our Rustic Barn Weddings & DIY Wedding Decor ideas. Plus, get ready for the holidays with our Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards to make your gatherings extra special.

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