Winter Nails: Easy Ideas Designs, and Color Inspiration

The holidays are behind us, things have slowed down a bit, and we don’t have quite as many gatherings to attend… but that doesn’t mean we can’t have show stopping nails! A good manicure is a great accessory no matter the time of year. And cute winter nails are a great way to brighten up a cold and dreary day, too.

collage of winter nail color and deigns ideas

It all starts with a bit of inspiration, so embrace your creative side to bring a bit of you own unique personality to your fingertips! Whether you want a winter inspired French nail, glittery manicure, or want to take on some diy winter nail art, we’ve got ideas to get your wheels turning! Personally, I love embracing a different color palette in the winter months. I also love doing my nails as a form of self care right along with a good DIY hair mask, So are you with me? Let’s get into some winter nail ideas you’re sure to love!


Winter French Nails

French nails are always a good starting point to get creative. Sometimes, starting with a classic is the the best way to break the mold and create something uniquely yours. Check out these cute, winter inspired French nails we found…

Winter blues

You know what they say, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” Take those winter blues and turn them into some beautiful winter nails with cool blue French tips like these. I love that even in winter, a lighter, brighter blue like this works beautifully!

French nails with blue tips
Photo source: @anetaujwary on Instagram


Gold bow French tip

We’re all tied up at the moment… too focused on how cute these little gold bows are! Add a little detail to one or all of your French tips by learning to create adorable little bows for nail art.

French nails with mini gold bows at the tips
Photo source: Lulu’s

Chrome tip winter nails

Find the silver linings on even the coldest winter day… they may be right at your fingertips! This chrome French tip design puts an icy silver in place of the classic white tip to give your nails a just a touch of glam.

simple finger nails with silver tips
Photo source: @betina_goldstein on Instagram


Winter Nail Designs

Embrace your artsy side and take on one of these fun nail designs! Winter nail art can of course be inspired by the chilly weather, and you’ll see plenty of snowflake nail art. However, don’t forget that your nails are your canvas to let your creativity shine! So try out whatever winter nail art speaks to you!

Black and gold winter nails

New year, new nails! These look like jus the nails to get your year off to a great start! I love that the designs are subtle, yet definitely glam and keep a consistent black and gold color scheme. Check out the video for these stunning nails here.

Black and Gold themed nail designs
Photo source: @vivianmariewong on Instagram


Nude snowflake winter nail art

I LOVE subtle nail art like this! It speaks to the season without being too flashy or themed. These delicate little snowflakes are a beautiful addition to nude, natural, or French nails. These are the perfect winter nails if you’re looking to get creative while keeping it classy.

natural colored nails with subtle snowflake art
Photo source: @thehotblend on Instagram


Navy daisy nails

Winter nails with just a hint of spring around the corner? Yes please! That deep navy color says winter, but those cute little daisies say “don’t worry, spring is coming!”

finger nails painted navy with two accent nails painted with blue flowers
Photo source: @amberjhnails on Instagram


Pink snowflake winter nail designs

Love the wintery vibes but not necessarily the colors? You do you! Mix it up by pairing wintery themed designs with your favorite color. Though pale pink makes me think of spring, it works great paired with delicate white snowflakes and other designs for winter!

light pink nails with delicate white snowflakes
Photo source: @happynails_angelescity on Instagram


Our favorite colors for winter nails

Just need a starting point, or want to stick to a solid nail color? These are some of our favorites for the season! Winter nails never looked so good… these are the colors we love to embrace the season with our nails.

Basic White

Match the snowy weather with white fingertips! I love this milky white shade by ORLY.

white fingernails
Photo source: @lolo.nailedit on Instagram


Glittery accents

Maybe it reminds me of glittery snow, or maybe it’s the holidays, but something about glittery nails just screams winter to me. I love how Essie pairs some glittery nails with solid shades to mix it up a bit. This is a great way to get creative without stressing over intricate nail art.

white and silver glittery nails
Photo source: Essie


Nude chrome nails

Whether you call them Hailey Bieber nails, glazed donut nails, or simply nude chrome nails, we think they’re perfect for winter! This subtle shade never gets old, and that chrome effect adds just enough glam to keep you feeling fabulous through the colder months.

chrome coated nude nails
Photo source @heluviee on Instagram


Emerald green

Take a cue from beautiful evergreens this time of year and reflect the beauty of nature in your nails with a deep green hue. Green might just be my favorite go-to winter nail idea.

dark green nails
Photo source: Mood Guide

Some beautiful winter greens to get this look:


Shades of winter

Can’t pick just one? No worries- feature a different solid color on each nail! I love doing this when I can’t decide or want nail colors that will go with a variety of outfits.

fingernails each painted with a different winter shade
Photo source: @charsgelnails_ on Instagram

These colors would all work great for this idea:


Press-on, gel strip, and design stickers for winter nails

My favorite shortcut to perfect winter nails, whether solid, glittery, or decked out in designs? Press ons and stickers!

Semi cured gel nail strips

Similar to press on nails, semi cured gel nail strips stick straight to your fingernails! however, these strips are customizable in length. You stick them on your nails, press them into place, trim, then cure with a uv light. I’ve used them many times and had them last up to two weeks!

dark blue and silver ombre nails
Color: Angelic Mischief by Ohora

more semi cured gel strips I love for winter nails:


Press on winter nails

Whether you want fun designs without the frustrations (or breaking the bank at the nail salon) or are just looking for a fun way to try something new, press on nails are a great option!

ombre nude and white nails with white snowflakes
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These are all great options for press on winter nails:


Winter nail design stickers

To amp up any of your favorite colors, try nail stickers! These are probably the easiest option of the bunch, and there’s tons of variety available online. These 3D snowflake stickers are perfect for adding a wintery details to any of your favorite nail colors.

snowflake stickers for winter nails designs
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Now create your own stunning winter nails!

I hope these ideas have you feeling inspired to create your own winter nail masterpiece! Whether it’s a new wintery color you try, some gorgeous nail art, or simply incorporating some nail stickers, I just know you’re going to nail it! 😉 Be sure to let me know how your masterpiece comes out in the comments, and I’d love to hear more winter nail ideas, too!

For more winter DIY fun, be sure to check out our post on DIY Valentine’s gifts, DIY Snow Globes (hey there’s a nail art idea!), and DIY lip scrubs and masks to cure those dry winter lips!

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