15 Fresh & Pretty DIY Fall Wreath Ideas

I can’t wait for fall each year… I love summer, I’ll miss the long days and the relaxing times, but there is something so comforting about fall. It is one of my favorite seasons, and I love to spend a little time decorating for fall, without going overboard. One of the best ways to do that is to learn how to make a diy fall wreath!



Why Make a Fall Wreath

A fall wreath kinda just tells the world that happy family times happen here, home is a special place, and that you hold dear the things in life that comfort and nourish us. Ok, if that’s too sappy for you, how about make a DIY fall wreath because they are so awesome, and crafty and fun!

How to Make a Fall Wreath

Fall wreaths are a great activity for any level of craftiness. You can diy all the way with your own homegrown plants or start with a premed base and simply wire or glue on decorative plants from a craft store. So there is plenty to choose from here, just pick a style that works for you, make a quick trip to the craft store, and have a gorgeous fall wreath up by dinner!

1. Fall Paper Leaf Wreath

Let’s start out learning how to make a fall wreath with this pretty paper fall wreath idea from ‘Happy Happy Nester‘! It has a grapevine base and the most adorable acorn accents we’ve ever seen. 😉 This one needs to be in a protected place, because, well… paper. It is so farmhouse cute, and easy to make with her step by step instructions.


Fall Grapevine Wreaths

Grapevines make a great base for fall wreaths because they give it such a beautiful, rustic look right from the start. Not only that, but you can buy them ready to go and then add your personal touches to them! That’s the perfect amount of diy if you ask me.

2. Fall grapevine leaf with purple foliage

We love this gorgeous tutorial from ‘A Pretty Life in the Suburbs‘.  This fall wreath idea is perfect for those of us fall freaks who love the deep jewel tones of the season. Also, go big or go home, right?


3. Grapevine wreath with dried foliage

This gorgeous wreath was made with dried and preserved items from nature, and it is stunning! Follow along with ‘Style Me Pretty Living‘ and learn how to make a fall wreath that looks like high end decor!


Budget diy fall wreaths

You don’t have to go all out with fancy materials to create a stunning diy fall wreath. These were made with a budget in mind and turned out absolutely gorgeous!

4. diy fall wreath with cool greens and white

Can you believe this beautiful DIY fall wreath idea was made on the cheap? Yep, and you can find out how to recreate it by jumping right on over to ‘The Happy Housie‘ for her step by step instructions.


5. Bright Red and Yellow budget fall wreath

This pretty fall wreath is from ‘A Piece of Rainbow‘, and is couldn’t be an easier wreath to make. Did we mention, she uses dollar store flowers, so it’s cheap, too! The bright colors will give your front porch fall decor a happy feel!


Metallic Fall Wreath Idea

A metallic element in your diy fall wreath can change the look up entirely. Go with shimmery metallic leaves for some glam or an antiqued metal base for a rustic fall look.

6. Metal base fall wreath idea

We are in love with this metal fall wreath idea from ‘Tatertots and Jello‘! The metal base gives it a cool industrial farmhouse look, and it’s so easy! The little wood sign is the perfect welcoming touch for your fall front door!


7. DIY glam Fall Leaf Wreath

Like I mentioned above, this one uses metallic, shimmery leaves for a glam look. Make some diy gorgeous metallic fall leaves and turn it into this pretty fall wreath from ‘The Craft Patch‘.


DIY Fall Burlap Wreaths

Burlap is a great material for diy wreaths because it can easily fill up a base, then all you have to do is add some decorative elements. There are lots of ways to create wreaths using burlap, but here’s a couple of my favorites.

8. Burlap wreath with pumpkins and berries

This burlap fall wreath by Nest for Less will last all season, and it’s got such beautiful fall colors in it!

burlap and mini pumpkin and gourd and berries fall wreath


9. DIY fall wreath with burlap and florals

Lucy at ‘Craftberry Bush‘ made this DIY burlap fall wreath that looks like it was made at a high end florists shop. She has simple instructions, she says she didn’t do a full tutorial because this is that easy! I love hydrangeas, and a dried hydrangea just screams “the end of the growing season”… So pretty and perfect for fall!


DIY Modern Fall Wreath

Use just a simple hoop and some craft store foliage to create a modern diy fall wreath. A gold hoop will look extra modern, and will go great if you have already decorated with some gold in your home. (Check out a post on our sister blog’s site, The Budget Decorator for some inspo if you want to diy some more gold decor). Use a wooden hoop to keep it more natural while still giving your diy fall wreath a modern twist.

10. Minimalist and modern fall wreath

This DIY fall wreath is from ‘Cupcakes and Cashmere‘. We love the minimal look of this wreath! If you haven’t read our post on Hygge decor, you should! This would fit in well with todays Scandinavian or Boho influences. And, it isn’t too cutesy!


11. Bold and modern fall wreath

I just love how the large florals and deep jewel tones in this diy fall wreath create such a bold, impactful look. The full post by Making Joy and Pretty Things provides such an easy to follow tutorial, too.

modern diy fall wreath


Pincone wreath DIY’s

Pinecones area a great material to use in a diy fall wreath. For one, they’re often free! They’re also surprisingly easy to attach to a wreath with just twine, wire, or hot glue.

12. Metallic fall pinecone wreath

Julia from ‘Tag & Tibby‘ repurposed a clearance pinecone wreath into this wreath idea with just a glue gun and a couple of things she had laying around! The silver berries and golden pinecones make this wreath a little extra festive.

13. Quick and simple pinecone wreath

For stunning result, this pinecone wreath is shockingly straightforward to make. Just check out the tutorial on A Piece of Rainbow and you’ll seee what I mean.

diy pinecone wreath idea


Florist quality diy fall wreaths

It sounds intimidating, but you can totally diy a florist quality fall wreath. The first idea below is more elaborate, but the next one with hydrangeas is actually super easy to make at home! Just pick whether you’d like to really try out your florist skills or a quick and simple diy!

14. How to Make a Fall Wreath – Florist Style

If you really want the most gorgeous DIY fall wreath , then try this tutorial from ‘Camille Styles‘. They created this florist style wreath with foliage and harvest items that will dry with the wreath and still look amazing. Can you see yourself hanging this on your front door? You could be! Photos by Hannah Grace Photography.


15. Hydrangea Wreath DIY

From ‘A Night Owl Blog‘, this easy hydrangea DIY wreath is sure to be popular with all our readers… I think I might make one for indoors with a green version of the floral stems…

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    The lush wreaths from Lucy at Crafttberry Bush, Camille Styles, and The Night Owl Blog truly display the richness of Autumn!

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