Curly Hair Updos: Cute and Easy Ideas for Any Occasion

Welcome, curly hair friend! I know you understand my struggle with getting your beautiful naturally curly hair to look like it’s event-ready. Maybe you’ve come to this page just before getting ready to attend a wedding, work, or party? Well, you’re in the right place! These curly hair updos are the ones you can count on when you need to do your own curly hair – even in a time crunch. So put down that blow dryer and curling iron, and know you can wear your naturally curly hair to that fancy event. Here’s how!

collage of curly hair updo ideas

Why I’m Obsessed with Finding Easy Naturally Curly Updo Ideas

When I started the “Curly Girl Method,” one of the hardest things was figuring out what to do with my hair when I needed to go to an event. No longer being able to blow dry my hair or curl meant I had to figure out how to make my naturally curly hair look presentable, and that was super intimidating.

 It took a lot of research, YouTube videos, and trial and error, but I finally have my go-to curly hair updos. So, if whether you’re having the same challenge or just looking for some curly hair inspo, this is the place! Scroll on to see some super attainable curly updo hairstyles to make your naturally curly hair look great for work or formal events!

Curly Hair Updo Ideas You’ll Love

Ok… ready to get into the ideas? Comb a hair mask through your hair, kick back, and get ready to discover your new favorite way to do your curly hair! I’ve focused on gathering ideas that have tutorials to go with them, but expect a few just for inspiration too! Remember to play around with ideas to make them your own, and find what works for you!

Office-Ready Easy Updos for Curly Hair

Let’s start with the essentials- we all need some go-to ways to get our hair looking presentable for work, right?! Well, “The Curl Story” on YouTube has three ideas perfect for the job!

3 examples of curly hairstyles for work


Low Messy Bun

Ready for your new go-to event hairstyle? “Hair Romance” has it right here for you! A variation on this method has become my favorite way to do my hair when I need to get dressed up and do my curly hair in a hurry. Trust me, this one is so easy it’s nearly foolproof!

side profile of woman with curly hair in a low bun


High Messy Curly Updo

This look by @cecilialaulanne on Instagram looks party-ready! This fun somewhere between a curly messy bun and a high pony and I love it!


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Cute and Casual Curly Updos

Brittminetti provides us with numerous ideas in this fabulous post. From a half-up style to space buns, and even cute braided hairstyles, she’s got lots of ideas here. These are perfect hairstyles for long curly hair but could be adapted for short curly hair as well!


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Easy French Pin Updo for Curly Hair

If you’re looking for quick and easy ways to make your curly hair presentable for an event- a French pin is your new best friend. Learn how to use them to create stylish updos for curly hair in this tutorial by Tabitha Gingerich on YouTube.

video cover photo for easy French pin tutorial for wavy/curly hair


French Pin Chignon

One more French pin idea because they really do make for some effortless hairstyles for curly hair! This simple chignon is ready for anything from a black tie event to a day at the park. Lulu’s tutorial video makes the steps so easy and clear – be sure to check it out!front, side, and back view of an easy curly updo hairstyle using a French pin


A High Bun for Coily Hair and Ringlets

This cute high bun with coily bangs posted by Naturallymelaninn is simply too cute! For short coily/curly hair or hair of any length with tight curls, a high bun is always a good look!


Tie it Up in a Bow

@ACESSORIZE shows us that sometimes all you need is a bow to take a simple ponytail to an event-ready style.


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Easy Low Bun for Short, Curly Hair

You can hardly tell by the end result of Leah Noel’s tutorial, but she has pretty short hair! If you’re working with medium to shoulder-length naturally curly hair, this one will likely be on repeat once you learn how to do it!

side and back view of a low curly bun hairstyle


Claw Clip Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Claw clips are a great shortcut to curly hair updos, and Effortless Beauty will show you multiple ways to use them in this awesome tutorial.

collage of various curly updo hairstyles using a claw clip


Easy Low Curly Bun

Julissa Guillen is here to help you out with another low bun idea! Put your own spin on it until you have a method you love- no need to follow exact instructions.

easy low curly bun


Easy Pinned Low Bun Idea for Short Curly Hair

Hair Romance is back with another idea to prove you don’t need long hair for a stunning curly bun. To adapt this idea for longer hair, only pull the ponytail halfway through so you don’t have to twist and pin the full length of your hair.

easy curly low bun for short curly hair


Now Get Ready to Rock Your Natural Curls!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration here that has you feeling confident to rock your natural curls to work, a night out, or a formal event! With a little bit of practice, you may find you like these styles even better than your old, blow-out dependent styles you used to lean on!

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