Super Cute Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

So any of you who have been reading OhMeOhMy for awhile know two things… I am a woman over 50, and I believe strongly that we deserve to look and feel just as pretty as we did when we were 20. Turning fifty does not have to mean that it’s time to turn on the frump. However… every day can be pretty chaotic at this time of our lives – career changes, teens and college age kids, and dealing with menopause and other health issues can make keeping your hair up a real challenge. Trust me, I get it. So we went out and found some super cute short hairstyles for women over 50 that will make your life easy, but will also make you love looking at that beautiful bad ass woman in the mirror.

And yep… you are. I heard it all the way over here, that inner voice women of our generation were trained to listen to, saying “not me, I’m not a bad ass”. Stop that. Yes, you. And now pick one of these gorgeous short hairstyles to try. And if you don’t like it, no problem! Try another one next time! One of the cool things about short hair is that it doesn’t take long to grow out! 🙂



Super Cute Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50


Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50


We found some great short hairstyles for all us women over 50. These are easy tutorials that are classic hairstyles with a modern twist that are perfect for those of us wanting to feel fashionable, but not frumpy. Remember, don’t disregard an awesome hairstyle just because the photo or tutorial is from a younger woman. We can learn from all age groups! So let’s find your perfect hairstyle to make you feel awesome!

Easy Short Hairstyles

Let’s start out with Tania over at ‘50 Is Not Old‘. She has a great cut and color for women over 50, and she has a full video tutorial on how she styles her asymmetrical bob hairstyle. This is a great style choice because it allows older women to look modern, professional and polished, but also softens our features, and allows us to find ways to add volume to our aging and thinning hair.


This sweet little twist updo is a hairstyle I actually use myself, from this very tutorial. My hair is shorter and fine now, and I couldn’t quite pull off a topknot or even a messy updo like the girls of Insta can do. But multiple twist buns made my hair look updated, fuller and fresh, but was super easy. I get compliments on this short hairstyle every time I wear it! Check out the full tutorial over at ‘Twist Me Pretty‘.


Love this super easy short hairstyle for women over 50. This short hair pompadour just requires a comb and two bobby pins! It adds volume to the top of  your head which slims the face. Did we mention, it’s super easy? Check out the complete how-to’s over at ‘Cosmo‘. Yep, that Cosmo. 😉


Here is another easy short hairstyle that I use myself. It allows me to pull the hair away from my face into an updo without having to have long hair. I really like these gently messy styles that allow us to be more relaxed. We deserve a little more relax in our lives over 50! Don’t be afraid to try the messy look. I know, I know… the ’80’s ruined us forever with hair spray lacquered heads and perfect “flips”. Ditch that. Find this cute half updo tutorial over at ‘The Beauty Department‘. They have a couple other super easy short hairstyle ideas over there too! Perfect for a bob haircut.


Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Most of women over 50 are experiencing a change in our hair. It’s getting thinner, and it’s getting more fine. Me, I’ve always had fine hair, but I used to have a lot more of it. Like, a lot. Certain hairstyles and cuts make the most of fine hair by adding volume and texture. It may be one of the most popular reasons us girls over 50 cut our locks! We love Dominique Sachse on ‘YouTube‘ for her awesome hair and makeup tutorials for women over 50. She’s a newscaster in Houston, but also blogs for older women, and we love how she shares all her industry beauty secrets. This video shows four different ways to style a bob haircut. Are you seeing a trend here with the bob? Be sure to check out her whole channel while you are there, and pick up some makeup tips too!


I love to wear ponytails. They are fast and easy, but sometimes, they look like it, right? Especially if you have fine hair, and short as well. It can look, well, like you just tossed your hair into an elastic and forgot about it. But this tutorial from ‘More‘ shows you how to make a short ponytail look full. And super cute. Great tricks and tips here, and they are super simple! So if you have always wanted to know how to rock a ponytail with short hair, read this.


One of my fav over 50 fashion bloggers is Shauna over at ‘Chic Over 50‘. She is super chic, and so much more, but that hair! She is a perfect example of how a short hairstyle for women over 50 does not have to be frumpy. Go check out all about how she makes this pixie cut rock, on grey, no less! And then, spend some time checking out her fashion sense, and her super confidence. I’m learning from both! BTW, a pixie cut is perfect for fine hair.


Hairstyles for Black Women Over 50

I would love to tell you that I am an expert on hairstyles for black women over 50, but I am not. First off, I am not a black woman, and unless you have dealt with the hair issues a black woman does, I don’t think you can even pretend to understand. My granddaughter is biracial, and I hear stories. 😉  So hopefully I found some great ideas! Our first tutorial is from a blogger who is not over 50, but her style is so chic and smart, I have a feeling many women of color of any age are going to love her tutorials. Check out her video on ‘YouTube‘ on four ways to style short hair for black women. And these are super quick, too.


We had to include this inspiration from fashion blogger Diane of ‘Fashion on the 4Th Floor‘. She is stunning, and while she does not have a tutorial for her hair, (she should) we found one that might be helpful in achieving her look. On the other hand, send her some email requesting a hair tutorial! And get inspired by her style while you are checking out her gorgeous do. In the meantime, ‘Cosmo‘ has a little tutorial on how to define your natural curls with a short hairstyle. (Scroll down to #8 in that post).


Short Wavy Hairstyles

I have naturally wavy/curly hair, and I’ve learned with the wisdom of age, that not fighting your natural hair texture is the best way to get an easy hairstyle that also looks good. However, if you have straight hair and want a short, wavy look, don’t despair. Kim over at ‘Salvaged Living‘ has figured out the technique and the products to create a short wavy hairstyle no matter how straight and fine your locks. Full video how-to.


Ok , you got me. This is not a woman over 50. But, we included this wavy hairstyle tutorial because this do is one of the most popular looks for short hair for women of all ages. And she nails the tutorial!


Short Layered Hairstyles

One of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 50 is the layered pixie cut. It’s easy to look a little too “frumpy mom” with this cut if you don’t have the styling tricks down though. So let’s fix that! Sharalee shows us how to style a pixie cut over at her ‘YouTube‘ channel.


Beth over at ‘Style at a Certain Age‘ shows us all about hair care (of a certain age!) over at her awesome fashion blog. She also has a video all about her short layered hairstyle… the pixie!


Finally, Deborah at ‘Fabulous After 40‘ has a really pretty layered short hairstyle we love. This is a great inspiration pic to show your hairdresser! She doesn’t have a tutorial at her blog, but she does list her fav hair care products for women over 50.

So now you have absolutely no excuse not to have a super cute short hairstyle! Women over 50 deserve to find their best style, even if we do want to keep it a little more simple, with a little less upkeep. And if you decide short hair isn’t for you, no problem! Go check out our post on 15 Easy Messy Bun Updos. Also check out our posts on Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Women Over 40, and How to Look Younger (When You Are a Woman Over 50!) 

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