DIY Lip Scrubs & Lip Masks (For the Perfect Pout!)

We take great care of our skin, but I think sometimes we forget, that our lips have the most delicate skin on our face. They need some special care and love, to keep them healthy and beautiful! Swiping a little lip balm once a day isn’t going to get you that perfectly soft, sexy mouth. It just isn’t enough for that super thin, fragile skin. Enter, DIY lip scrubs and homemade lip masks. Both play a part in renewing the skin on your lips, and helping to moisturize and protect them from weather, chemicals and even that weekend wine. I’m one of those people whose lips feel chapped all the time. If I don’t have a product on my lips protecting them, I’m probably chewing on them, or licking them and drying them out. Both lip scrubs and lip masks can be pricey, so check out these smart beauty blogger’s ‘easy to make’ versions of both!



DIY Lip Scrub Recipes

Lip scrubs are exactly what they sound like… a product to help slough the dry, damaged skin from your lips. They are the first step in restoring a healthy smile. Moisturizing agents can’t penetrate dry, dead skin, so step one? Pumice the pout! However, you also need to be careful not to use anything too abrasive. As we mentioned, the skin on the lips is thin and delicate. Treat it that way!


Lip Scrub Recipe with No Honey

First we have this DIY lip scrub recipe from ‘Julie Blanner‘. This is a simple sugar lip scrub with coconut oil, but unlike a lot of scrubs, this one contains no honey. Honey is often used because it is very healing. But a lot of people don’t love the stickiness that honey adds to the product. This scrub also includes grapeseed oil, which is a healing and anti aging natural oil that I use on my face nearly every day. It penetrates really well, and helps to heal the lips while the scrub removes the dead skin. We also love that she used rose essential oil, so this will smell really lovely. Remember, always use food grade ingredients in your homemade beauty products!


Homemade Sugar Lip Scrubs

A Life Adjacent‘ has tons of great recipes on their site, but we especially love Kim & Kyla’s four lip scrub recipes. They have lots of great tips on choosing ingredients. Remember what I said about not using anything too abrasive? They have a trick for what product is gentler than standard table sugar. Loving the peppermint and gingerbread DIY lip scrubs! They use fractionated coconut oil, which I use myself for makeup removal, and love. It is always in liquid form, so you don’t have to melt it, or chip it off a large block of solid oil. While you are there, check out their other DIY beauty and skincare recipes. Awesome! (She said in a singsong, just found an internet happy place kind of voice. ;))


Peach Pout

Love a little peach in your life? This homemade lip scrub from ‘Pinned and Repinned‘ is a fresh scent and flavor! It also has healing ingredients mixed with sugar, most of which you probably already have. It’s such a pretty color, it would make perfect gifts. She made these in five minutes for about a quarter a jar. Yep. 25 pennies.


DIY Lip Scrub with Vitamin E

If you have a sweet tooth, or just fond memories of summer, then check out this cotton candy homemade lip scrub. From ‘Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom‘, she recommends this as a great choice for teens. We also love that this one uses vitamin E to help with healing and with cell turnover. You can find it in any drug store, or even in the grocery store in the skin care aisle. It’s inexpensive, and a small bottle last forever. It makes this recipe stand out. And come on, this scrub just looks delicious, doesn’t it? And fun!


Pina Colada Anyone?

Ok, if you learn how to make a lip scrub that tastes like Pina Colada, and you don’t use it all the time, then you and I just can’t be friends. 🙂 This recipe from ‘A Magical Mess‘ uses coconut and pineapple flavoring, sugar, coconut oil and vitamin E. So easy, but this must smell like heaven.  She mentions you can use a drop of yellow food coloring if you like, but we love the clean white “coconutty” look.


Lip Scrub DIY Recipe for Peeling Lips

Lemon is a natural exfoliator, so it makes sense it might be the perfect ingredient to use for a DIY lip scrub for peeling lips. This recipe from ‘Living Well Mom‘ does not use coconut oil, but instead uses jojoba oil. Jojoba is said to most closely resemble the natural oils in our skin. Add some raw honey, sugar and lemon essential oil, and you have everything you need. Perfect for weather chapped lips. The lemon will help with the stripping away the dead skin cells, and the jojoba and honey will soothe and promote healing.


How to Make a Lip Mask

A homemade lip mask is a deeply moisturizing product meant to replenish your lips so they can return to their healthy state. Some of these are meant to sit on your lips overnight, while others for shorter periods of time. All are more effective if used after a lip scrub. And all are more moisturizing than your day to day lip balm. I use a lip mask every single night. I seriously don’t think I could sleep without that soothing feeling of something heavier and more protective on my lips. I guess I’m a mouth breather. 🙂


DIY Lip Mask

If you want all the basics on how to make a lip mask, jump on over to ‘Paisley + Sparrow‘. Not only does she teach you all about them, she has ten recipes for you! Yep, ten. All of them moisturizing, healing, and really fun to use with different scents, flavors and uses. She even has one overnight lip mask recipe for you, for those of you like me who can’t sleep without one. Exfoliating or healing, there is a DIY lip mask for everyone here.


Collagen Lip Mask DIY

I love this DIY lip mask recipe from ‘A Life Adjacent‘. (You saw some of their lip scrubs above!)  It’s made of rose petals, which is a natural source of vitamin C. And that, my friends, is known to help the body produce it’s own collagen. This recipe moisturizes with honey and yogurt. It also has a secret ingredient that make this a lip plumper as well. This lip mask is meant to sit on your lips for 15-20 minutes, so it would be great on a self care spa day while you rest in the bath.


How to Make an Overnight Lip Mask

The Little Shine‘ uses aloe vera, grapeseed or rosehip oil and peppermint oil to make a lip sleeping mask that is also a mild plumper. You leave this healing concoction on overnight, then follow in the morning with a protective lip balm. They suggest you store this one in the refrigerator. Not only will that keep it fresh, it will also feel amazing on your lips right before bed.

Do you have a favorite DIY lip scrub or homemade lip mask from one of these awesome bloggers? I’ve already tried the simple sugar scrub and one of the lip masks from ‘Paisley + Sparrow’,  and I have at least 5 more on my list. And I seriously want to stock up on those little glass jars so that I can make these for little gifts! You might like our post on DIY Face Masks and Bath Bomb Recipes and DIY Bath Salts!

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