Easy DIY Shoe Rack and Shoe Storage Ideas

While I am dreaming of a walk-in closet in my future life, right now I have to find a way to make it work in a small space. (I hear every woman reading this groaning along with me in complete understanding). These DIY shoe rack ideas for small spaces will help keep your footwear organized and help extend their life as well.

I’m really tired of storing my shoes in piles in the farthest corner of my closet. There is never enough floor space in a small closet, and before you know it, you are making multiple layers. Like that is really gonna work for more than 5 minutes. 

collage of diy shoe rack and shoe storage ideas

Oh, and have you ever found a pair of shoes you forgot you had, but now the season is over and so you pack them away for next year, unworn and un-worshipped? Been there. Besides, as soon as you get all your shoes cleaned up and stored away, you will have room for just one more pair. Right? 😉 Shoe storage ideas. Not just for Type A’s. 🙂 So, let’s solve this tricky organization challenge together, shall we? I’ve gathered X creative and stylish DIY shoe rack ideas to get us all organized, and on a budget!


DIY Shoe Rack Ideas with Help From IKEA

Who doesn’t love a good IKEA DIY project, really? Thank you, Sweden. Affordable, flat-pack furniture can serve so many different purposes, including as a DIY shoe rack! Here are my favorite IKEA-inspired DIY shoe storage ideas. 

DIY IKEA Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

This IKEA hack shoe rack from ‘Instructables‘ is made from 2 Ikea shelves. Complete downloadable tutorial, and really clever DIY shoe storage idea!

Shoe storage projects-2

DIY Desk Shoe Rack

Got an unused desk lying around? Or a desk you’re using, but only the top? This IKEA hack works for almost any desk – it’s just a matter of being able to clamp around the desk legs. Check out the tutorial from IKEA Hacks

ikea desk used as shoe storage


DIY Shoe Rack Idea with Floating Shelves

If you have unused space lower in your closet under your hanging clothes, this is a great hack to boost your storage space and organize your shoes. These IKEA floating shelves are cheap, come with everything you need to mount them, and the perfect size for shoes! Find the tutorial from My Frugal Adventures

ikea floating shelves shoe rack idea

IKEA DIY Shoe Rack

Janie from ‘The Eisenharts‘ has another IKEA hack for you with this easy & cheap shoe storage DIY project. You know those little rails that they have in the kitchen department? You know, the ones that you can hang those cool little buckets on for kitchen tools, etc.? Well, read her post!

Wall mounted shoe rack idea using ikea storage rails

Cheap DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Let’s face it, we’d rather spend our money on more shoes, not DIY shoe racks! These cheap ideas won’t cut into your footwear budget, but they will help de-clutter your bedroom, wardrobe, entryway, or wherever your shoes are currently piling up!

DIY Garage Shoe Rack with PVC

This DIY shoe rack checks all the boxes. It’s easy to make, affordable, and a really efficient use of space. I think it would be great for a garage since PVC is such a durable material. Find the tutorial at Home Stories A to Z!

DIY PVC pipe shoe rack


Crown Moulding Wall Shoe Rack

This crown molding shoe storage idea from ‘Picklee‘ has the same idea, but for shoes with heels. Ok, when I do get my walk in closet, I still want this show rack in there!

Shoe storage projects-3

Wooden Homemade Shoe Rack

Like this shoe rack made from dowels? From ‘Apartment Therapy‘, this DIY shoe storage idea is a great option if you already have a few tools on hand. It couldn’t be simpler and it will only cost you a few bucks! 

shoes on a diy shoe rack made from wooden dowels


DIY Shoe Rack for your closet

This space saving DIY shoe storage idea from ‘A Piece of Rainbow‘ is made from simple cardboard. Complete tutorial here with lots of step by step photos. I love the geometric look of this!

Cardboard shoe rack idea for closets


DIY Shoe Rack Bench Ideas

If you have a bit more floor storage space in a porch, entryway, or even a walk-in, a shoe rack bench is a great way to use some vertical space and store your shoes neatly and efficiently. Here are our favorite DIY shoe rack bench ideas – don’t be intimidated, they’re all pretty simple! 

DIY Bench with Shoe Storage Space

This is so cute! Everyone gets their own labeled basket to store their shoes in, and they all fit neatly under this gorgeous wooden entryway bench. What a way to save storage space AND make a statement! Find how to bring it to love thanks to Trey and Lucy.

homemade wooden bench with shoe storage baskets underneath


DIY Painted Wood Shoe Rack

I absolutely LOVE the pop of color this DIY shoe rack gives. It would be a great addition to a mud room or a kids bedroom, and can be painted any color to suit your style and existing decor. Check out the tutorial from Crafting in the Rain!

teal painted wooden bench with shoe storage rack


DIY Bench with Shoe Rack

Our next project is from Brad at ‘Fix This, Build That‘. This adjustable shoe rack bench is perfect for a family, or for a home where you choose not to wear shoes indoors. That way, everyones’ shoes are accessible right at the door, and there is even a place to sit down to put them on! This DIY shoe storage idea comes with free plans as well.

Shoe Storage DIY bench


Rotating Shoe Bench

So, do you just love this ‘Plow and Hearth‘ rotating shoe rack? Well Amy from ‘Her Tool Belt’ via ‘Remodelaholic‘ gives a full tutorial and drawings to make this exact same rotating shoe rack, DIY!

DIY shoe storage turntable

Other DIY Shoe Rack Ideas We Love

Still haven’t found your perfect shoe rack? Here are some more ideas for you to peruse! 

Homemade Wooden Hexagonal Shoe Rack

Aimee at ‘The Crazy Craft Lady‘ did this great tutorial for ‘Designer Trapped’ of this hexagon DIY shoe storage. This is a sturdy project that can be added onto over time.

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces


DIY Shoe Storage Bins

These bins are an easy way to store your shoes, and their rolly wheels make it so much easier to drag them in and out. You can place the bins under a bench, table, or even your bed! I Can Teach My Child has the tutorial you’re looking for.

rolling shoe storage bins under a bench


DIY Shoe Storage Ladder

What a cute way to store your shoes! It’s the perfect use of vertical space, and would look cute outdoors or inside. Personally, I’d paint this one bright to add a fun pop of color to any room. Make it yours thanks to Homemade by Carmona

DIY shoe storage ladder next to front door


DIY Shoe Organizer Tray

Ok, this one technically isn’t a rack, but it’s still a neat way to organize your shoes! This one would work great for storing shoes under a bed or bench. The paint is a fun touch, too, especially if you’re doing this for the kiddos. Get the deets at Houseful of Handmade.

blue shoe storage rack tray on closet floor


Command Hook Shoe Storage

Love ‘Command’ hooks? You know, those ones you can remove later on with no marks to the wall? This shoe storage idea for heels was a great idea found on their blog that’s unfortunately no longer published. She used the hooks to hang curtain rods, then hooked on her shoes. Clever!

Shoe storage projects-9


Wine Crate Shoe Rack

Last one we have for you is this great idea from Ann Marie at ‘White House Black Shutters‘. She used these crates she just had to have (been there?) to make this wine crate shoe storage DIY. Love the idea, all you need is some small wood pieces for dividers!

Shoe storage projects-67


Start Organizing Today with our Shoe Rack DIY Projects!

We hope you loved our post on DIY Shoe Rack Ideas! We think you will also love DIY Closet Organizing Ideas and Clever Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of!

Image Credits: Designer Trapped, Instructables, The Eisenharts, Picklee, Piece of Rainbow, Fix This, Build That, Remodelaholic, Command, White House Black Shutters
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