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Everywhere you look, people are talking about pink. Whether you call it blush, millennial pink, rose or just plain “pink”, this easy to live with, romantic, trendy boho color has taken the home design world by storm. (And the fashion world, and the wedding world, and the jewelry world!) What was once looked at as a color just for little girls rooms has made its way into the most sophisticated designs. Why? Well, we all need a little more light and happy in our lives, and I think design trends always reflect a larger psychological need.

So get in touch with your feminine side guys, pink is here to stay. (C’mon, we aren’t still having that conversation, are we?) Everyone can love pink, everywhere. Try some pink perfection – pink DIY projects to add just a splash of blush, or bump up the volume for a pop of sweet color.




These DIY painted pink mason jars are a perfect example of how easy it is to use pink. You can use one, or you can use a group of them to create pink perfection! From ‘Mason Jar Crafts Love‘. Pay attention to her first tip on painting the jars, its crucial!


Transform an old dresser into pink paradise with this DIY ombre pink project from ‘ Project Nursery‘. The warm gold knobs really make the pink look crisp and polished.


Arm knit this DIY chunky giant wool blanket from ‘Don’t Cramp My Style‘. What a great way to add texture and color to a room, and you have to love this wool yarn! So far, I’m lovin’ these pink DIY projects!


This DIY pink confetti pot tutorial from ‘Best Friends for Frosting’ looks like you just bought it at C&B or West Elm… Love the succulent!


Ok, so these are DIY bath bombs. Not decor, you say? We disagree. Prettiest thing for our bathroom counter I can think of! And easy! tutorial by ‘The Gunny Sack‘.


This DIY skinny plant stand from ‘A Beautiful Mess’ not only makes use of tight spaces, it also uses the best shade of pink I’ve ever seen! (It’s Baby Blush by Valspar!)


Want to try something new? Try this DIY pink Shibori throw pillow from ‘Sugar & Cloth’. This is a Japanese dyeing process that is easy and gorgeous.


This pink project takes nothing more than a paintbrush and a can of “Rachel Pink”. From ‘Our Fifth House‘, this is a great example how a pop of pink can make over a space.


Looking for something a little bolder? No prob. Learn how to make a DIY neon sign from ‘A Practical Wedding‘. Love. This. Sign.


This DIY pink washed plywood coffee table is just the sweetest whisper pink, and how could you not love it with those hairpin legs! From ‘Fall for DIY’.


Last we have this pink potting station makeover from Jenni at ‘I Spy DIY‘. Nothing says you can’t have pink perfection outdoors, right?

Loving on these pink DIY projects? Us too! You know what goes great with pink? Try our DIY marble projects!

Image Credits: Sugar & Cloth, Mason Jar Crafts Love, Project Nursery, Don't Cramp My Style, Best Friends for Frosting, The Gunny Sack, A Beautiful Mess, Our Fifth House, A Practical Wedding, Fall for DIY, I Spy DIY


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