7 Easy Pot Rack Ideas

Let’s face it, we all need more room in our kitchens! One of the easiest ways to free up cabinet space is by hanging a pot rack from the ceiling to store all your bulky pots and pans. Pot racks run upwards of $150 even at the online discount shops! Need pot rack ideas?


Non pressure treated 2×4 lumber


3 inch wood screws

Length of chain form the home improvement shop

Screw Hooks

Paint or Stain



Love this pot rack from ‘Amazon’!


How to Make a Pot Rack


Step One:

Cut two pieces of lumber to your desired pot rack length, and two in your desired width. If you are hanging it over a counter or island, make it slightly smaller than the countertop.

Step Two:

Using your drill, attach together the four pieces into a square or rectangle shape.

Step Three:

Now measure across the width of the frame from inside to inside. This is the measurement for the cross “beams” Remember, measure twice, cut once! I recommend at least three cross beams for strength. Screw the cross beams in from the side at regular intervals.

Add screw hooks to each corner on the top of the rack.

Step Four:

Paint or stain as desired.

Step Five:

Finding studs in your ceiling, screw in four heavy duty screw hooks to approximately coordinate with the screw hooks in the top of the pot rack.

Add chain, and hang! If there is no counter beneath the pot rack, be sure to hang it high enough to prevent bumped heads! You may add as many screw hooks to the pot rack as desired to store all your pots and pans, and store lids, baskets and bowls on the top. Or, you can simply stack your pots on the top surface, as I do.

You may add further decoration to your pot rack by adding fabric tubes to cover the chain, silk or dried flowers or hang braids of garlic or strings of peppers. I soaked an inexpensive grapevine wreath overnight in water, then cut it apart and wrapped it around the rack. I added several sprays of springtime silk flowers. The flowers can be changed out with the seasons.

Almost as simple as making a box, it looks great and adds tons of storage space to the kitchen!

Pot Rack Ideas

Use an old ladder hung from the ceiling as a rustic pot rack that has history! Use “S” hooks to hang the pots on the rungs.

How to make a pot rack


This pot rack idea uses an old window. Attach screw hooks to the window frame to hang from.

How to make a pot rack


An antique iron cradle makes a creative pot rack that becomes a conversation piece! Make sure you hang into studs to support the weight!

How to make a pot rack


Use a pegboard attached to the wall just like Julia Childs to create an efficient pot rack right within reach.

How to make a pot rack


Pallet Pot Rack – This is our cheapest idea yet!

how to make a kitchen pot rack


Finally, a pot rack idea created from an old metal grate. You can look at your local salvage yard, even an old fireplace grate!

how to make a kitchen pot rack

These pot rack ideas are as easy as getting a little creative in the way you look at things. And creativity is the key ingredient in any home decorating project! Check out our post on Organizing Kitchen Drawers too!

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