Organizing Kitchen Drawers – Ideas & Projects

If you have kitchen drawers (and who doesn’t), then you have a problem. Kitchen drawer organization. Organizing kitchen drawers is about more than just putting in a silverware caddy and calling it a day. It’s about utilizing the most overlooked storage spot in the kitchen! Kitchen drawers can be used to hold silverware and utensils, yes… but also you can store pots and pans, create a drawer spice rack, a baking center, a hidden pantry space or even a kitchen workstation, all within a drawer! And if all you want to do is tame that Tupperware… well, then we have solutions for that too. So let’s get organizing kitchen drawers!



Organizing Kitchen Drawers - Ideas & Projects


Kitchen Drawer Organizing Ideas & Projects

Kitchen Drawer Organizers

First we want to get you started with some kitchen drawer organizers you can make yourself. Once you get a good system going, you can store almost anything in drawers. Let’s face it… wouldn’t you rather  slide out a drawer that displays everything you need, rather then rummage in the back of a dark, deep cabinet? Of course you would.

Sawdust Sisters‘ has an easy tutorial for us on how to make their DIY drawer dividers. You can make these in any configuration, for any size. This is a basic project that can help you organize any drawer!


You will see in the drawer organizing ideas below that pegboard can make an extremely customizable organizer. ‘From House to Home’ has plans on making a DIY pegboard drawer organizing system. This can be used for everything from dishes to large utensils, to even Tupperware.


A trip to Home Depot and $5 is all you need to make these kitchen drawer dividers. From ‘Organized Mom‘, these are so simple you could make them with your kids!


Organizing Kitchen Drawers – Dishes

Didn’t you ever wish you didn’t have to reach up into a tall cupboard to pull down a heavy pile of dishes? Well, with this idea you don’t have to. Kitchen drawer organizing can include just about everything in your kitchen. From ‘Teddy Edwards‘, this is the perfect use for that DIY pegboard kitchen drawer organizer you saw above!


Here is another tutorial for a pegboard kitchen organizer used for dishes. This DIY is from ‘Queen Bee of Honey Do’s‘. She has lots of step by step photos for you too!


Organizing Kitchen Drawers – Tupperware

The Neat Method‘ has this great kitchen drawer organizing idea. How about instead of us all having a drawer full of mismatched Tupperware and plastic storage containers, that we actually have a place for them. Install drawer dividers to keep each piece in its place.


From ‘BHG‘, use spring tension curtain rods to corral all that Tupperware. This type of kitchen drawer organizer is also easy to adjust, depending on your needs.


Also from ‘BHG‘, this might be the most simple idea for organizing kitchen drawers we’ve seen yet! Place small trays into your drawers to hold your stuff. This can be for food storage containers, tea or Keirug pods, spices… the ideas are endless!


Organizing Kitchen Drawers – Pots, Pans & Lids

Want to use your kitchen drawers to store pots and pans, and those dreaded lids that you can never find? No prob. ‘Seed At The Table‘ has a tutorial for these pots and pan drawer dividers. Love this!


You can also use an orientation like some of the DIY drawer dividers shown at the top of the post. Thats what ‘BHG‘ did here!


From ‘Mosaic Design & Build via ‘Houzz‘ is another way to use pegboard when organizing kitchen drawers. Don’t forget all those glass baking pans you pile on top of one another. Which inevitably leads to you having to take the whole pile out of the cupboard, unbury the one you wanted (always in the middle somewhere) and then pile them all back in. The nice thing about pegboard dividers is that you can change the size and shape of each section as needed.


Organizing Kitchen Drawers – Spices and Food


From ‘Bigger Than The Three Of Us‘, be sure to make their DIY spice drawer organizer. With just 1/4 inch plywood and some simple tools, anyone can! We love how easy yet creative this idea was. Instead of just having them lay flat, this organizer holds the spices at an angle. This makes them easier to see when scanning for “cumin” not “coriander”, yet takes up less space than laying them flat.


Ok. Need we say more? Found on ‘Buzzfeed’.


Organizing Kitchen Drawers – Utensils

So, when you think of kitchen drawer organizing, the first thing you probably think of is utensils. And yes, any of those great DIY drawer organizers from this post could be used to store your long handled spoons and your copper whisks. But, what about your knives? I hate having a knife block on the counter, I find it makes it look cluttered. And, having knives just floating around a drawer is just plain dangerous. Make this DIY kitchen drawer knife block from ‘Our Humble Abode‘! This project just takes some scrap wood and this tutorial!


Ok, this is pure, un-adulterated genius. You’ve heard of double duty furniture? How about double duty drawers? Literally double your kitchen drawer space with this DIY organizer from ‘Remodelacasa‘!


Kitchen Drawer Organizing Ideas You Never Thought Of

So finally we have this kitchen drawer organizing idea, that we sure never thought of, but it is brilliant! Kinda speaks for itself, right? From ‘Segreto Finishes‘.

We hope you are ready to start organizing your kitchen drawers! While you are here, jump on over to our post on How to Organize Your Fridge, and Pantry Organization Ideas! Then jump on over to Small Kitchen Organization Ideas over at TBD!

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