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Small homes often don’t have room for a shop, and perhaps only have a small, one car garage or carport. If you are a person that likes to work with wood, or tinker with building things, this can make it really tough to find a place in which to… well, tinker! But a well planned DIY workbench can solve your problem. Building a workbench can squeeze shop space into a small garage or even into a utility shed.  It can also provide a spot to store those things you tinker with! Try these DIY workbench plans & tutorials to make sure you always have a place to get all those other DIY projects done!




Our first project is from an ‘Ana White‘ reader Theresa Lynn. She built this easy DIY garage workbench from the free workbench plans on Ana’s site with just 2×4’s, plywood and screws!

DIY work bench-1


April from ‘House By Hoff‘ has been featured on our blogs many times, she’s amazing! This time, ‘Home Depot’ featured her showing us how to build a workbench from butcher block and pipe. Another pretty easy project people, no excuses!

DIY work bench-2


Ginger and The Huth‘ decided as DIY’ers, they needed a more serious space for their projects. They found workbench plans from ‘Family Handyman’ (and tell you where to get them!) and went for it! Great DIY workbench project, and we love the light fixture and the storage.

DIY work bench-3


This fold down workbench is perfect for a really tight space. Complete tutorial with drawings and cut list. So what if you have to pull the car out of the garage to use it! At least you can fold it up when you’re done… This would work in laundry room space too as a craft table. From ‘Build Something‘.

DIY work bench-4

DIY work bench-5


Here is a tutorial for another, smaller DIY folding workbench from ‘Wilkerdos‘. Lot’s of photos!

DIY work bench-7


Jen from ‘House of Wood‘ has a great project for us, and this one is easy!!! Her DIY workbench is made from a kit, it’s almost like playing Lincoln Logs. Loving’ this, this is our kind of project.

DIY work bench-6


Flower Patch Farmhouse‘ made this easy DIY workbench from a kitchen island plan from… yes, once again, the amazing ‘Ana White’! Did we mention she has free workbench plans too?

DIY work bench-8


Learn how to build a workbench for any purpose from this tutorial and video by ‘The Art of Manliness‘. Mind you, all you girls better give this a try too!

DIY work bench-9


Last, this DIY workbench from ‘Build Something‘ is an easy project, but made even more useful by this clamp kit they used from Kreg. Makes the chore of clamping projects much more versatile!

DIY work bench-10

Got your DIY workbench plans all ready? Good, us too. Now jump on over to our posts on Hide the Ugly- Outdoor Eyesores and DIY Garage Storage Ideas.

Image Credits: Ana White, Home Depot, Ginger and The Huth, Wilkerdos, House of Wood, Art of Manliness, Build Something
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