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Getting (and keeping) the family organized is something I know most households are constantly trying to improve, and ours is no exception! So when we decided to do a post on family organization ideas for the home, we coincidentally got contacted by this great company in Seattle, ‘Three by Three’. We don’t do a lot of sponsored posts or reviews, (we’re picky!) but this was timed so perfectly, and we were so impressed by these organizational products, that we decided we could not NOT share this with you! Of course, we also found some great projects for you DIY junkies as well. (So make sure you hang around for those too!) Also, you may want to pay attention here folks… we may be hosting a giveaway soon for these products or others like them from ‘Three by Three’!




This family command center deserves to be on EVERY list like this… What a pretty project by Sarah at ‘The Yellow Cape Cod‘! Can you believe this project stirred up controversy? Like, a big one! Check out her post to read why… BTW, we are squarely on Sarah’s side!

Family orgnaizing ideas - 4


From Jen at ‘I Heart Organizing‘, learn how to set up a lunch making station in the fridge. Whether you make the kid’s lunches, they make their own, or you are grown ups trying not to eat so much fast food, having a lunch station puts it all in one place. This makes it easy not only to get lunches made, but also to see when you’re running low on essentials. Small thing, big results! Don’t stop there while at her site though, this blog is the Holy Grail of organization ideas for the home!

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Pop Sugar Moms‘ know that in today’s world, technology can be your friend, so they put together a list of 7 apps for family organization. Do you use any apps that help keep you on track? Share with us!



Ursula at ‘Homemade by Carmona‘ has a menu planner system that is perfect for me! You can jot down mental ideas while you surf Pinterest, then just move your idea post-it into the menu plan for the week, then create your shopping list off that. I love this because you can be flexible and just change out a meal easily… Oh, and she has free printables for you!



Samantha at ‘Simply Organized‘ is simply brilliant. Organized cords? Ok, do you know I have a box in my garage full of unknown cords belonging to various game systems, dvd players and cameras I probably don’t even own any more? Done.



From Kris at ‘Driven by Decor‘, this family charging station is the prefect way to not only make sure everything is ready to go each morning, it also means you know where those devices are when everyone goes to bed each night too! Oh, and it’s really cute!

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From ‘Raising Lemons‘… Game closet organization ideas for the home that are so clever, I wonder why so many of us leave games in their original boxes? Let’s face it, they will end up with the tops falling off, losing pieces… or worse, come tumbling down on your head from their precarious position above the coats and shoes!



Laura at ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ had this great idea for this vertical kitchen organization that is so… well, beautiful! (And now, no mess!) Towel bars, shower rings and some pretty utensil holders are your supply list, and just a little time is all it takes.

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Laura at ‘Make Life Lovely‘ knows just what it takes to get the kids out the door on time… To have all the little details figured out before hand! These kids daily outfit hanging closet organizers are smart, easy and free if you go to her site and download her free printable. In pink or blue! Have your kids choose all their outfits for the week on Sunday, then put them in the appropriate place, and voila! No more morning outfit fights.

Family Organization Ideas All Around The House


From ‘Modern Parents, Messy Kids‘, these free closet organizing printables will help you teach your kids about keeping things sorted and not letting clutter build up. The idea is to keep a couple of bins with these tags in their closet so the kids can sort through things themselves. Smart organization ideas for the home!

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A family organizing car hack… ’cause we all know how quickly a day can fall apart in the car! From ‘Martha‘, use a canvas shoe bag hung on the back of the seats to organize your kids’ things, and keep them within their reach. This also keeps you from trying to reach things for them while driving… Smart!



‘Three by Three’ sent us a few home organization ideas and products that we thought would work well for most families, and also in our home and office so that we could really use them and check them out for you.

The first one is for the serious home organizer. The over the door “Over Board” is cool ’cause its all done with magnets… It’s like a modern bulletin board! This would be great for holding onto those notes from pre-school, or those flyers about the school food drive… you know, all the things that end up in a pile on the kitchen counter, and then you get reminded the morning of by a cranky kid who wants to know where the cupcakes are for cub scouts? How about for teens to print and hang all the weeks best Instagram photos?

Family Organization Ideas All Around The House


The silicone weekly planner looks like stainless (comes in clear too) but is simple silicone that clings and adheres to any smooth surface without any installation hardware… You just smooth it on and it stays! You can also reposition it, move it, whatever… And it is dry erase, which makes it really versatile. Since it isn’t magnetic but just needs a smooth surface to stick to, it really can be used almost anywhere. Oh, and it comes in monthly planners too! Best part of this? I could not believe something that looks this cool was only a few bucks. (That really is the product on our fridge, where I will use it often!)

Family Organization Ideas All Around The House


This is the one I am most excited about for my office desk. First of all, I like the stainless finish because I prefer a cleaner, more modern feel. Second… I am constantly taking quick notes on post-its all day long, and by the end of the day, most of them are not helping me much, or are stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe. I love this desk top to-do board… You can use dry erase to keep notes, it is at a great angle for writing, and it even has a little letter pocket on the stainless one. They have a black version that looks like a chalkboard, and yes, you can use chalk! Oh, did I mention it’s inexpensive, too!

Family Organization Ideas All Around The House


Ok, I wanted to wrap up how we feel about these products from ‘Three by Three‘. First of all, we were impressed with the quality and the price. They had a lot of choices, including bamboo finishes and glass dry erase boards that almost looked like art. We were drawn to this company because their products seem somewhat unique in that they created items that were really helpful, had a clean and minimal design that looks high end, but were at a really affordable price. Do you want to see a giveaway here at DYSS from ‘Three by Three’? Tell us in comments!

Ok, now that you have down these smart organization ideas for the home, let’s work on getting you a whole system that works for you. First off, if you haven’t dropped by our post on DIY Message Center Projects, start there. Once you have a command center, you can take these DIY ideas and perfect your system! Also see our post on Organizing Your Home : Making the Best Use of Every Space!

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