12 Stunning Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

If you always wondered how those holiday designer showcases always look so pulled together with the perfect tree, there is a secret. Before they hang one string of lights or the sparkle of tinsel, the designer chooses a theme. Using a Christmas tree theme is a fun way to keep the design elements of your seasonal decor on track, so you always end up with the vision you started with! And vision is one thing that most home decorators have the hardest time with. Picturing what you want your end result to look like can be as difficult as getting your teenager to clean the bathroom. Your brain knows it has to be done, but it just can’t seem to commit to it. That’s where using the Christmas tree theme ideas and the inspirational photos from these great bloggers will help you with your end goal of a Winter Wonderland Christmas! Or, a Red & White Christmas, a Silver & Gold Christmas, or a Neutral Christmas. You get the idea…whatever works for you and yours. So let’s pick a Christmas tree theme and get you started on your way to the best holiday decorating yet!



Colorful Christmas Tree Theme

So let’s not mess around, ok? Let’s jump right into some bold choices. Jenna from ‘Rain on a Tin Roof‘ knows exactly what she loves and she isn’t shy about it. And we love that. Her colorful Christmas theme travels all through her home and she has lots of photos, but that tree. Look closely. There is nothing expensive hanging on that tree. Nothing fancy. But the tree and the choices she makes around the tree vibrate with energy and look perfectly styled like a New York townhouse. So if you are worried about your eclectic collection of holiday decor, then just embrace it and go colorful!


Rachel from ‘Pencil Shavings Studio‘ has her own version of a colorful Christmas theme. Again, nothing expensive on this tree! The white tree does make the colors really pop here. Love that polka dot stocking, it brings all the colors together!


Black & White Tree

For a more chic and sophisticated look, try out a black & white Christmas tree theme! You can add some greenery to warm up the darker tones, or add some sparkle with a metallic. Any way you do it, nothing looks more elegant!

Love this tree and decor from ‘Just Destiny‘. You can see she added a little silver and gold, and she even has a tutorial for those amazing spotted and marbled ornaments! (So easy!)


Remember that it’s sometimes the simple things that make the most impact in a theme. This wrapping paper from ‘Michael Buble’s’ home  via ‘Style at Home‘ is a perfect example of how chic black and white is. You could even wrap empty boxes to use as decor on shelves and in corners! (Again, some gold and greenery set it off perfectly!)


Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Theme

Last year, we did a modern version of a winter wonderland theme, and we loved it. We added some metallic and lots of snow and glitter, and snowflakes were a main theme. (We even had a couple of polar bears!)  These bloggers know exactly how to make one feel like you are in a snowy dream full of Christmas wishes!

This winter wonderland tree from ‘A Pumpkin and a Princess‘ could be called a lot of things, including drop dead gorgeous! She included elements of nature, lots of glitter and glass to represent snow and ice, and a perfectly flocked tree.



Luxe & Glam Christmas Tree Theme

Gotta love the sparkle and shine of a glamorous Christmas theme! The holidays are the perfect time to indulge your “over the top” nature and go all out, and we feel ‘ya. Check out our modern & glam Christmas home tour.

But if you really want an all out glam look, go see Beth at ‘Home Stories A to Z‘. Not only is her post ultra inspirational, she even has 10 tips for how to decorate your dream tree, affordably!


Red & White Christmas Tree Theme

We love an all white snowy Christmas theme, but if you want to step it up, add a pop of traditional red!

Just Destiny‘ created her red & white theme with ribbon, berry sprays and gift wrap. All these things are affordable and easy. Love her “Santa” sign!


Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree Theme

The rustic farmhouse theme might be one of the most popular, being handed down through the generations. Charming and sentimental, this theme uses the warmth of the farmhouse style combined with the ease of “using what you have”. Throw in some buffalo plaid and lots of fun homemade accents, and you have rustic farmhouse!

Golden Boys and Me‘ has this style down. Be sure to go to her post and check out all her photos… You will find frugal ideas for decorating your whole home for the holidays!


Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree Theme

Pink is everywhere this year, and we love it for holiday decor! It adds a boho feminine touch, but not too girly. It comes off as fresh and elegant. Try this pink Christmas from ‘The Pink Dream‘! Lots of inexpensive ideas here on how to use pink in your holiday decor. Remember, metallics always add sparkle!


“Blue Christmas” Christmas Tree Theme

Want a “blue” Christmas? Well, at least in theme! Navy blue has been hot in the design world, and it is showing up this holiday season. ‘Kelley Nan‘ has an entire holiday house that is worthy of a magazine… You have to go check it out! But this blue tree is so simple. Neutrals, whites, and a perfect blue ribbon. Makes quite an impression, doesn’t it?


Silver and Gold (Or Copper!) Christmas Tree Theme

Ok, so this is the old standby, but for good reason. Metallics make the holidays special. They make it sparkle, and make it feel filled with magic. And you can use them with abandon in a way you can’t during the rest of the year. Remember, silver and gold are great, but copper and rose gold are hot too!

This silver & gold tree from ‘Randi Garrett Design’ is over the top gorgeous! She gives you some of the same advice I have for updating your tree… ribbon, gift wrap and metallics.


Lucy from ‘Craftberry Bush‘ styles amazing trees every single year, without fail. This copper and blush tree may be my favorite of hers though. Soft, warm and inviting, yet full of glam, but not too fussy all at the same time.


Vintage Christmas Tree Theme

Vintage can mean a lot of things to different people, but whatever your tastes, it’s a style “from the past”. Decide what era speaks to you, and start to collect items every year from that time.

Anita from ‘Far Above Rubies‘ has had her home in ‘Romantic Homes” magazine, so she’s got a pretty good feel for vintage romance. I love this Victorian inspired tree! Take note of the glass, the tinsel instead of garland, and the colors. (Note: If you have pets, don’t use tinsel. It isn’t worth the danger to them if they eat it!)


This Mid Century Modern tree from ‘Pretty Providence‘ is pretty perfect! Love the pink, made me think of 1950’s pink retro kitchens! BTW, she actually made that “Feliz Navidad’ marquee sign!

12 Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

12 Christmas Tree Theme Ideas


Neutral & Natural Christmas Tree Theme

Want something that celebrates the textures of nature? Then try a neutral tree this year! (Hint: With this theme, you don’t have to worry about clashing with your existing room color scheme.)

It All Started with Paint‘ got this neutral Christmas theme just right! Burlap and pine cones, neutral and natural gift wrap, and simple white lighting. Love this!


Modern Minimal Christmas Tree Theme

The last one we have we love because during a time of chaos and busyness, it is nothing but simple and beautiful. Modern Christmas doesn’t have to be anything more than the beauty of the season, or anything less than stunning. This tree is from the ‘Etsy Blog‘, and is so pretty on its own it doesn’t need one more thing. Ok, maybe some family members sipping cocoa and wine, and some Sinatra holiday tunes in the background.

If you love our round up on Christmas tree theme ideas, then pop on over to our posts on classy buffalo check and plaid Christmas projects or DIY Christmas ornaments. And if you want a tree theme that’s really fun, check out out DIY Candyland Christmas Decorations and Ornaments over at TBD!


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