DIY Murphy Beds – Space Saving Beds We All Need!

We recently were working on a home design, and one of the issues was that there was need for a guest room. Unfortunately, both extra rooms needed to be used as a home office. Solution, Murphy beds! For those of you in the dark about what these space saving beds are, they’re a wall bed that folds up during the day to save space. Once we started doing some research, we discovered not only could you create a well designed room around one, but you could learn how to build a Murphy bed, yourself! This could save you potentially a couple thousand dollars. Yep, you read that right. Perfect for a tight space, DIY Murphy beds take any space in your home into double duty. Add guest space, or turn a small room into both a bedroom and a playroom. Create a studio apartment style space in an attic or a corner basement room… the ideas for wall beds are endless. These Murphy bed plans aren’t a small DIY project to be sure, but one that is worth the effort in both money and space saved!


DIY Murphy Beds - Space Saving Beds We All Need!


DIY Murphy Beds

Space Saving Bed

Let’s start with this space saving DIY wall bed from ‘Your Modern Family‘… They made this entire bed for under $150! You get an entire tutorial, plus lots of styling tips for making your Murphy bed look awesome in their gorgeous guest room. And, they built it in less than a day! Awesome. Did we say that already?


Queen Murphy Bed

Learn how to build a queen size wall bed for under $250 with these Murphy bed plans from ‘Refashionably Late‘. Their DIY wall bed looks like a built in, is cheap to make, and has awesome bookshelves for additional storage and styling. Step by step instructions with photos along the way.


Modern Murphy Bed

These DIY Murphy bed plans with bookshelves are all made from scratch from ‘By Brittany Goldwyn‘. Can you say amazing? Not only is this a super functional space saving bed, it also, it’s gorgeous. Seriously, your guests would be lucky to get to sleep on something like this in a room like this! But they can still use it as an office as well. Don’t forget her tip about using a memory foam mattress so your guests will be comfy. Brittany is super talented, and we also love her end table with the cut out for her cat…

DIY Murphy Beds - Space Saving Beds We All Need


Murphy Bed Desk Combo

Loving on this Murphy bed desk combo by ‘Addicted 2 DIY‘, because it’s exactly what we need… Office space that can double as a guest room, and this space saving bed makes it totally possible. And, it looks like something you hired a pro carpenter to make it for you, or that you spent thousands buying it. She has complete DIY Murphy bed plans, and directions for building the desk as well.


Fold Up Wall Bed

Wilkerdos‘ have a full DIY Murphy bed video for you for their version of this folding wall bed. We love the way they painted the underside of the bed, so that when it is up, is still looks like an attractive piece of furniture in the room.

DIY Murphy Beds - Space Saving Beds We All Need


Hidden Wall Bed

This DIY Murphy bed is hidden behind a desk and bookshelf! From ‘Lamberts Lately‘, you would never guess that once you fold up the Murphy style craft desk, that you can fold down a wall bed! If you have kids, storage issues, or a very small room you need to fit both a home office and a guest space, this is the tutorial for you.


Murphy Bunk Beds

Need room for kids? ‘DIY Network‘ shows us step by step how to build a DIY Murphy bunk bed. If you have several kids, you know that this is almost like getting an extra room built onto your house!

DIY Murphy beds-3


Apartment Therapy‘ brought to our attention that adding a double Murphy bed might just allow an expanding family to avoid buying a larger, more expensive home. Therefore, it might be worth the expense, even if you don’t want to DIY it. This one from ‘Casa Kids‘ looks as if it would definitely stand the test of time, and might warrant it’s price tag.

DIY Murphy beds-4


Cheap Murphy Bed

We LOVE ‘Ana White’… she has more building plans and tutorials for DIY’ers then anyone we know, and they are free! One of her readers shared their version of her rustic DIY full size Murphy bed, and it looks great! Just goes to show, DIY Murphy beds are in a DIY’ers capabilities.


DIY Twin Murphy Beds

In a small space, sometimes thinking creatively can solve a ton of problems… If you don’t have enough room for a large guest bed, then make this twin Murphy bed (twice!) From ‘Reno Semi Pros‘, this is a great space saving bed for kids, guests, or teens. Tons of step by step photos and instructions. They saved tons of money by using ordinary hardware, but you can order a Murphy bed kit as well.


The Awesome Orange‘ made these twin size wall beds out of plywood, and they have a floating shelf on the exterior for making the piece look like a built in when not in use.


DIY Murphy Bed Ikea Hacks

From ‘IkeaHackers‘, this murphy bed Ikea hack is designed to fit into a closet. Made from Ikea Pax cabinets, the tutorial has photos to show you just how they made this DIY wall bed.

Murphy Bed Ikea Hack


This next DIY murphy bed Ikea hack comes to us from ‘Instructables‘. This one also uses the Pax cabinets from Ikea, except we loved how they used the frosted glass sliding doors for this one. Good tutorial with great photos.

Murphy Bed Ikea Hack


If you love modern, you’re gonna love this murphy bed Ikea hack. Although it is not really a total Ikea hack, as they use parts from Ikea and other hardware parts as well. The Moddi DIY Murphy Bed’s plan and parts list includes only parts that you can buy from the hardware store or IKEA. They also claim you can make the entire Murphy bed for under $275… That is a fraction of what it would cost to buy one. Google it, I’m serious. Their plan does cost $7.95, but that’s chump change compared to what it could save you. Also, it has this cool modern Murphy bed vibe we haven’t seen in any other plan? Love this!

DIY Murphy beds-8


Dog Murphy Beds

Yep, you can make one for your fur friends too!

From ‘Room for Tuesday‘, this dog Murphy bed DIY is awesome. You can have your pets, and you’re pretty house too! We love this idea for cats as well. When it’s folded up, it looks just like a console table.


From ‘The Created Home‘, this dog Murphy bed is made for either big dogs, or several at a time. And we just had to show you what it looks like when it’s not pulled out. Stunning piece of furniture. Get to it, dog lovers. Your pets deserve this! (And, so do you!)



Murphy Bed Kits for Sale

If you love the idea of a Murphy Bed, but don’t want to build one from scratch, you can order a kit from ‘Wayfair‘. We like this “Dinah Murphy Bed” because it comes with attached bookshelves! And, it looks great when it’s folded down as well. And, almost 150,  five star reviews! You can get it in other finishes as well as other sizes.


There is quite an extensive selection of murphy beds at Wayfair.

If you enjoyed our post on  space saving DIY Murphy Beds, you might also be interested in 9 Amazing DIY Bunk Beds or How to Reupholster Almost Anything!  And find more cheap room decor ideas for your bedroom over at TBD along with a great post on DIY Bed Frames!

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  2. Emma Ha
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    This looks great! If I’d want to build a vertical version of this bed, would the instruction still be useful? Thank You

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    hi i am empress for the double deck bed…for my kids can i have copy the lay out?

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      All the projects have links directly to the project directions.

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    So glad I found this page… one home theater guest room coming up!! Once I get this kid out into the world 🙂

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    I too am interested in the Murphy bed w/cutting or work table on reverse side.

  7. Jerry Hudson
    January 20, 2017 / 4:42 am

    I love all the ideas i see. Were can i get rhe plans . For this beds?

    • Kathy Woodard
      January 24, 2017 / 4:12 pm

      Which bed Jerry? They should all have links!

  8. Linda
    May 26, 2016 / 9:38 am

    I want a plan for a twin bed for in our Office/ sewing room, with a drop down cutting table when the bed is up and not in use. Some how it would hide in the door with the leg or legs. When bed is in use it would be flat to the underside of the platform. Anyone have one they have made?

    • Terri Honey
      September 6, 2016 / 7:59 am

      Rockler has plans online for purchase. I have a store close by to go to. Built my own Q size murphy bed. VERY comfy!

      • Tom D.
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        Can you share pictures / plans? Thanks, Tom

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      Me too …please ! Our upstairs has scoped ceilings so a twin on its side would work fabulously. If anyone sees a plan for this I would love to see it.

  9. February 2, 2016 / 1:03 pm

    What amazing ideas you have here! I did a post recently about my home office and I expressed an interest in using a Murphy Bed so a reader sent me a link to this page. Pinning for future reference!!

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