DIY Dining Nooks and Banquettes

We need all the space we can get in our small home, so finding a way to tuck in a breakfast nook or bar seems like a perfect DIY project. Most of us have some extra space we can squeeze out here or there. From full building projects all the way down to a little rearranging, here are some amazing DIY dining nooks and banquettes for you to try. Did we mention, they also look awesome? I mean, come on! How pretty are these?



DIY Dining Nooks and Banquettes


So this is some ultimate amazingness from Kris at ‘Driven by Decor‘. Her DIY upholstered kitchen banquette is seriously one of the best things you will see all day. Her tutorial is easy to follow with lots of clear instruction. Can you imagine that cramped little space in your kitchen turning into this? Go for it!


Aniko at ‘Place of My Taste‘ is so talented when styling a room. But not only does this room look super lovely, she also gives us a tutorial for her DIY built in bench, which turns this into the perfect dining nook!


Sarah at ‘Room for Tuesday‘ created a budget storage banquette from an Ikea cabinet, and it’s perfect. Not only does it look like a built in, it has storage too! And using the premade cabinet, cuts down on the woodworking as well.


Dear Lillie‘ showcases their parents home breakfast nook, and while there is no tutorial to this project, (they have plenty of others on the site) it inspires us to use those spaces for what they could be! You could easily do the same look with freestanding benches.


Whitney via ‘Remodelaholic‘ teaches us how to makeover a dining room with her built in banquette, wainscoting and even how to pick the right paint color. (She even shows you the kitchen with several color choices, ranging from bright white to deep navy!)


This DIY built in banquette from ‘Growing Spaces‘ has a video tutorial at the end of her post. Is this perfect farmhouse style, or what?

DIY Nooks and Banquettes


A Beautiful Mess‘ made this DIY breakfast nook, and we love it! They don’t have a full tutorial for it, but do walk you through how they did it in basic terms. You could use a DIY nook tutorial from one of these other bloggers to achieve the result, or let them know you would like their DIY plans. (She says so in the post, check it out!) Love, love LOVE!


Ok, want amazing? Check out this channel tufted banquette also from ‘A Beautiful Mess‘. This is a DIY! Yep, seriously. And, Mandi provides us with a complete tutorial on how she built this DIY dining nook. AND it has storage! Wow!


Finally, from ‘Imperfect Blog‘, this breakfast nook banquette seating has all the instructions on how to make this project. I would love, love, love to have this in my dining area, and it has storage!

Banquette Seating

Ok, we hope you loved these DIY dining nooks and banquettes! Looking for more ideas? Jump on over and check out our posts on DIY Built Ins and DIY Murphy Beds to squeeze a little more out of your smaller space!

DIY Dining Nooks and Banquettes

Image Credits: A Beautiful Mess, Driven by Decor, Place of My Taste, Room for Tuesday, Dear Lillie, Remodelaholic, Growing Spaces, A Beautiful Mess, Imperfect Blog




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  1. Jess
    January 26, 2015 / 11:46 am

    Thanks for the shout out for A Few of My Favorite Things! I appreciate it! 🙂

    • Kathy Woodard
      March 12, 2015 / 1:05 pm

      Thanks for sharing your breakfast nook Jess!

  2. Betty819
    June 12, 2014 / 9:56 am

    When we go out to eat we prefer a booth because it is easier for my husband to get into but we find that the seating is too close to the table for everybody to get into without your stomach touching the table and you feel like you almost have to eat with folding elbows. Wonder if anybody else notices this in some eating establishments. The owner probably is trying to get as many booths in the space as he can to hold more customers. I can understand that but like hotel owners should spend the night in one of the hotel rooms and try their beds out. Restaurant owners should sit down to their booths and see how it feels to be scrunged up to a table in your chest area.

  3. Betty819
    June 12, 2014 / 9:50 am

    Your blog appeals to me because of the shortage of storage space. We keep going through stuff we haven’t used for years, and probably won’t use and donating it to a local Thrift shop that resells it and is operated by the Humane Society. All the staff that works there are so pleasant, everything that is place out for sale is clean, and reasonably priced and catorized well. We do not donate anything that can’t be used. If it is broken, we trash it our only selves. I never give anything that is dirty but you’d be surprized how many people do just to get rid of it.
    I have a conscience, I just couldn’t give away anything that is dirty or ripped or stained.

    I need something like a bench where my DH can sit down and put his socks/shoes on without the fear of him falling. His mobility and balance is bad and he doesn’t put his shoes or clothing away where it belongs anymore. Sometimes there are 3 prs. of shoes plus bedroom slippers out for either he or I to fall over. I am thinking for and doing the work of two people. A bench with cubbies underneath or space under the bench for him to place his shoes out of the way would be helpful but yet easily accessible to him. Any ideas? I would like it to be located at foot of his bed. Wondering about an IKEA hack bookcase that is tall that I could turn on its side might work, but I need it to be sturdy enough to hold a 200 lb. man, yet attractive for the room. Debbie, from Refreshresytle blog showed a beautiful bed headboard that her husband and son built for her would be perfect. It could have a cushion for the seat on it and beautiful throw pillows to add to the decor of the room.

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