DIY Mid Century Christmas Ornaments (made from paper)!

This year Steve and I are splitting the holidays between Palm Springs and Seattle. We wanted to have some Christmas cheer while we are here in the desert, but we didn’t want to put too much time and effort into it. And, it has to be a colorful, mid century modern Christmas idea to fit in with our Palm Springs desert modern home! So, we did what all of you do, we consulted Pinterest. Luckily, ‘Curbly‘ had an awesome idea for these mid century paper ornaments, and we were immediately in love! So, we checked out their tutorial, made a few tweaks, and voila! Mid century Christmas ornaments made from paper that were super simple to make, but don’t look like your kindergartener made them. (Though, they could!)


Mid Century Christmas Ornaments – Step by Step


Supplies For Paper Ornament Project

Colored Cardstock

Grommet kit

Ribbon to hang with

Hole Punch

Scissors or paper cutter




How to Make Mid Century Modern Christmas Ornaments

The first step in making your mid century ornaments is to cut your card stock into 5 strips. We used a ruler and a craft knife, but you could use scissors too. You can vary the length of your strips to make your ornament wider than ours, longer, whatever you like. The trick is to have two longer strips, two medium length strips, and one shorter strip. We made our strips 1.5 inches wide. The long strips were 11 inches, medium strips were 9 inches, and the short strip was 7 3/4 inch.


Now line up the ends of all five strips of paper, and punch a hole in the end through all layers with the hole punch. Repeat on the other end. Remember to match up the ends of the strips again, you want the different length strips to all have a hole in the same place.


Layer the strips like this : long, medium, short, medium, long, as shown. We fanned them out to show you what order they are in.


Next follow the directions on the grommet kit to attach all the strips together at each end.


Don’t the grommets really make the project look much more finished than if you just used a glue gun, or (dare we say it?) staples?



Tips for Hanging Your Mid Century Christmas Ornaments

Thread ribbon through the grommet on one end, and hang! You can either use a glue gun to attach the ribbon to itself, or even just tie it, whatever you prefer.


We hung our paper mid century ornaments at different heights for interest.


We wanted to give the paper ornaments a little bit more of a mid century Christmas pop, so we added these vintage gold and silver Christmas starburst ornaments to the display.

How easy is that? These mid century modern Christmas paper ornaments are super simple, and really inexpensive to make. And they look awesome! We think you will also love our post on 15 Swanky Mid Century Modern Decor Projects and our Modern DIY Christmas Tree using only Lights! Also go check out more DIY Pretty Paper Christmas Decorations over at TBD!

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