Fabulous DIY Frosted Glass Projects

Frosted glass is timeless and looks good in any style home. It softens the sharpness of mirror like glass, and adds texture and pattern to what otherwise might be a cold surface. It adds an ethereal feel to a room, privacy or a bit of interesting charm to accents. Oh, and you can do it yourself! These fabulous DIY frosted glass projects will have you adding this high end looking touch to every room!

Generally, DIY frosted glass is achieved in one of three ways. Frosted glass spray paint, etching creme, or rolls of frosted plastic film. (Contact paper or window film are two examples.) Which method you use depends on how permanent you want your frosted glass to be, and on what surfaces it will be used on. (And what kind of use it will get.) Be sure to read the instructions carefully so you know which method is right for you.



Kristi at ‘Making It in the Mountains‘ has the easiest tutorial ever. These frosted glass dollar store vases took nothing more than some tape and some frosted glass spray. Done!


Got a decorative glass door that could use some dressing up? Then do what ‘Lolly Jane‘ did, and use a window film product to add that frosted glass look! She takes you through it step by step, and even tells you what product she used for the project.


Try your hand at DIY custom wine glasses with this very detailed tutorial from ‘Artistic Junkie‘. You could make them all the same color, or do like she did and make them all different. Complete list of the names of all her supplies too.


If you want something really permanent, you are going to want to try etching glass. Learn how to make etched glass tumblers from ‘Brit & Co.‘. Lot’s of step by step photos.


When you are looking for privacy, nothing looks more sophisticated than frosted glass. Learn how to apply frosted window film from ‘The Yellow Brick Home‘.


This photo from ‘Ann Street Studio‘ shows a bathroom window that gets privacy from frosted glass, but leaves a space above for light and some view. We did this exact same thing in our bathroom!


The House of Hepworth’s‘ created privacy too, but they used inexpensive contact paper and they show us how.

Fabulous DIY Frosted Glass Projects


More custom tumblers from ‘Martha‘. This tutorial uses paint that is dishwasher safe after it cures. How fun are these?


This DIY frosted glass tutorial from ‘Lovilee‘ shows us how even cheap glass pieces can be made special with this technique. This pretty vase and polka dot drinking glasses are super charming, and simple.

Want to get a little fancy? Make these DIY decorative sea glass balls with ‘Momtique‘! These are so easy and inexpensive to make, and look like the real thing!


Emily Henderson‘ is my idol, and I love her Boho Glam, Mid Century inspired, fresh style. She used privacy film in different colors and patterns to create some seclusion for her office, and it looks awesome. I mean, seriously. AWESOME. Go see how she did it. Then follow her on Pinterest, FB, Instagram. Did I mention she was my idol?


From HGTV’s ‘Rate My Space’ via ‘Apartment Therapy‘, this ’80’s mirrored closet door got an easy update with frosted window film. Better, right?


Wallpaper for Windows‘  is one of the major manufacturers of window film, and they make this leaded glass look window film for more traditional interiors. Same easy directions as the other window film projects you’ve seen.


Popsugar‘ turned old, recycled bottles into pretty vases with frosted glass spray.


Last, we have these color block tumblers from ‘Vicky Barone‘. Remember, these paints come in tons of colors, and are dishwasher safe!

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Image Credits: Brit & Co., Making It in the Mountains, Lolly Jane, Artistic Junkie, Yellow Brick Home, Ann Street Studio, House of Hepworths, Martha, Lovilee, Momtique, Emily Henderson, Apartment Therapy, Wallpaper for Windows, Popsugar, Vicky Barone
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