Best DIY Face Masks for Every Skin Type

I’ve been making DIY face masks since I was a pre-teen, mashing banana on my acne prone skin. While there is something really satisfying about pulling things out of your fridge and using them to feel beautiful, there is science behind homemade face masks as well! You can choose exactly what goes on your skin, chemical free. And, you can customize your face mask to your exact need. Want a DIY face mask for acne? Need long term anti aging benefits using natural antioxidants? Need a good hydrating face mask that doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin? No problem, we’ve got them all for you here, and more. And also, many of these beauty bloggers have some good instruction on how to choose ingredients. Try our favorite picks for DIY face masks for every skin type!



Best DIY Face Masks for Every Skin Type


DIY Face Masks


DIY Face Masks for Acne and Oily Skin

One of the most popular reasons to use a homemade face mask is to treat acne and oily skin. ‘Alluring Soul‘ has tons of great DIY face mask recipes on her site, but we love this infographic for face masks for clear skin. She has nine different masks to help sooth and heal acne. You must have at least one of these ingredients in your fridge! Check out her step by step instructions.


My Chic Obsession‘ has a perfect formula for treating acne, and also for treating acne related dark spots! We love how she uses turmeric, green tea and cinnamon in her formulas, all are rich antioxidants. And honey is a natural soothing ingredient. Go check out her full tutorial on how to treat acne and dark spots.


This homemade face mask treats acne and oily skin with just two ingredients! The first one is Bentonite clay… I will let you jump on over to ‘Dear Chrissy‘ to check out the second, clarifying ingredient!


If you have blackheads and want to purify your pores, try a charcoal face mask. ‘Lia Griffith‘ uses activated charcoal and a few other easy to find ingredients to make this perfect skin purifying mask. Check out her recipe and how to!


DIY Face Masks for Anti Aging

Looking for the ultimate DIY face mask for anti aging? Then check out ‘Homemade for Elle‘, and get her recipe for a strawberry & sweet potato face mask. She even explains the science behind using these foods to create a mask to fight wrinkles, discoloration and sagging skin. If they are good for the inside of you, it makes sense they would be good for the outside too!


We all have heard how reservatrol in red wine is a powerful antioxidant. Have you ever thought of using it on your skin? Well ‘Around the World Beauty‘ has! Check out her DIY face mask recipe that includes yogurt, oatmeal, honey and red wine. Don’t forget to pour yourself a tiny glass while you are treating your skin! Go check out her instructions to make this anti aging red wine mask.


We use a plant food called Spirulina in our protein shakes. It is a blue green algae full of natural antioxidants. In fact, it is considered a “Superfood”. ‘Milk & Honey Wellness‘ has created a homemade face mask that uses this powerful anti aging ingredient, but also includes banana and lemon. Bananas are very soothing to sensitive skin, and lemon also helps control oil. Best of all worlds here!


Jess Oshii‘ used pomegranate powder and other perfectly amazing antioxidant natural ingredients to create three different DIY face masks. We love the anti aging mask with pure cocoa powder, but she also has an acne fighting mask and a brightening mask. She explains the benefits of pomegranate powder, and also the addition of other “superfoods” like matcha powder. (Love that!) We love how she encourages you to customize your homemade mask by adding ingredients like yogurt, honey or lemon juice. Definitely go check out all three face masks, they are the next ones on our list to make!


Homemade Face Masks for Glowing Skin

If your skin is dull and lacks “glow”, then you need some serious exfoliation. Before you reach for some harsh store bought scrub, try this DIY face mask from ‘Pink Parcel‘. It helps to dissolve dead skin cells and sweep away the dullness without scrubbing away your healthy skin cells.


DIY Hydrating Face Masks

We love us some avocado! Not only is it packed with antioxidants, it is full of healthy fats. Perfect for this hydrating face mask from ‘Milk & Honey Wellness‘. Add some yogurt and honey and you have a healing spa day for your face!


I use coconut oil every day on my neck, face and body because it works. Naturally antimicrobial, it not only moisturizes my skin, it maintains it’s healthy level of ceramides. So this hydrating face mask from ‘Coconuts and Kettleballs‘ is perfect for me. Not only will this DIY face mask add precious moisture to your skin, it also can soothe redness and Rocacea with the added honey and lavender essential oil. She mentions the lavender oil is optional, but as long as you aren’t sensitive to it, it is really useful in both soothing skin irritation, and it has anti aging properties.


DIY Peel Off Face Masks

Most people who are looking for homemade peel off masks are looking to treat blackheads and blocked pores. So this DIY peel off mask with charcoal from Tracey at ‘Don’t Mess with Mama‘ is perfect! Her recipe explains exactly what you need to create a peel-off mask at home. Without chemicals! Easy to follow instructions.

We love natural beauty, so these DIY face masks are exactly the kind of quality content we love to share with our readers! We think you will also love our posts on Best Face Oils for Every Skin Type, 5 Steps to a Relaxing Bath, and Natural Beauty Products Under $10!

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    There is best collection of face masks in this article . I have used charcoal paper mask and it works effectively. It cleanse pores and removes blackheads. Thanks for sharing.

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