Natural Beauty Products Under $10 (We ACTUALLY Use!)

I love beauty products. I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie, actually. (Sorry, Honey!) And while I have had my day trying everything under the sun, there are two things I have discovered in my years of loving everything beauty. First, that I don’t have to spend much to find the perfect product. Second, that using natural beauty products is more and more important to me as time goes on. I want gentler, more nature based products on my skin. Also, being animal lovers, we are pretty vehement about wanting to use only cruelty free beauty brands. All that having been said, I put together a list of my favorite natural beauty products under $10 that really work, are cheap but don’t act like it, and make me feel good about what I am buying. And, unlike those paid magazine reviews, I actually use these! Hopefully, you will want to pick up a few of these yourself!



Natural Beauty Products Under $10 (We ACTUALLY Use!)


Natural Beauty Products Under $10


Natural Skin Products

‘The Ordinary’ – So this newer skin care company is taking the natural beauty product world by storm. With endorsements by major celebrities, this company makes vegan, natural and cruelty free products that work. I use  the “100% Organic Rose Hip Oil” every day. Thats every day. This oil is perfectly balanced with natural forms of vitamin a and linoleic  acid to create a perfect daily skin oil that fades spots, softens lines and reduces sun damage. Love. This. Stuff. Go see all the 5 star reviews for yourself! Price? $9.80. Yep. When was the last time you bought a quality natural beauty product for that price?

 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil | Sephora




I also use their “Granactive Retinoid* 2% Emulsion“. I use this every other day, but not because it’s not gentle. I even use this all around my eyes with no irritation! For a retinal product, thats amazing. I switch it out every other day with a mix of rose hip oil and fractionated coconut oil. You might want to check out our post on Best Face Oils for Every Skin Type, too!

 Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion | Sephora


Dr. Bronners’ Lavender Castille Soap‘ is the only liquid soap I use now! So, when I first saw this in the stores, I knew it had been around forever. Its a dependable organic product, nothing new. But then I tried it! It is mild, while keeping any acne at bay. It smells amazing, and it doesn’t have harsh chemicals. Plus, its a fair trade item. What more could you want! BTW, you can also use this soap to clean the dog, the dishes, whatever! And, it does come in bar form too. Heads up – This comes in different scents, but lavender is my fav. The “Rose” version is no rose to this nose, if you know what I mean. 😉 Let me know in comments which one you love!

 Dr. Bronners’ Lavender Castille Soap | Ulta



I never leave makeup on my skin overnight, no matter how tired I am. ‘Simple Micellar Make Up Remover Wipes” are gentle, yet get all my eye makeup off. These don’t sting!

 Simple Micellar Make Up Remover Wipes | Ulta


Natural Hair Care Products

Once a week I use the “Love, Beauty and Planet 2 Minute Magic Masque” on my hair, and I have found nothing better. In fact, unless you have tons of hair, you can get one of the single use packets to give you 2-3 applications… And it’s less than $3.50! I’ve tried expensive brands like ‘Caviar’ and ‘Kenra’, and this is better for me. My hair is like silk after using this.

 Love, Beauty & Planet 2 Minute Magic Masque | Ulta




I have tried every shampoo on the market. Every. Single. One. Ok, well almost. But this winter when I started getting itchy scalp, I decided to try a tea tree oil shampoo instead of one full of nasty chemicals. I picked up “Jason Tea Tree Normalizing Shampoo”. Not only did it help tremendously with the itchy scalp, it is one of the best daily shampoos I have ever used. My oily, color treated, fine yet curly hair needs a shampoo thats a little bit gentle, a little bit serious clean. This is both. At this point, I love it so much I can’t imagine switching to anything else!

 Jason Tea Tree Normalizing Shampoo | iherb


For everyday hair conditioning I use “Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Conditioner”. This keeps my curly/wavy/fine hair soft and frizz free. They also have a deep conditioner packet you can buy of this line. Sometimes it goes on sale for 2/$3! (The packets, I mean.)

 Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Conditioner | Ulta



Natural Makeup Products


So I’m not even going to tell you how many lip products I own. More than I should! But I always go back to my natural looking, naturally made products. Why? Because you ingest more makeup from your lips than anywhere else, so you should pay attention to what’s in it. Don’t you think? I love “Burts Bees Lip Oil”. It’s moisturizing, not sticky, and natural looking. I’m not in love with their tinted lip balms, so it was a pleasant surprise to me how wonderful this product was. FYI… I can occasionally find this in stores, but the color selection can be limiting. Its better to order online.

 Burts Bees Lip Oil | Ulta


I hate heavy eyebrows. I love a natural look, but as I get older, my brows are thinner and less full. I got a sample of a high end brow gel in the mail, and I fell in LOVE! (If you have ever walked through an Ulta store, you know the one I’m talking about! Retails for $27 a tube? Brand starts with a “B”? Yep, you know. ;)) So much better than a pencil. But I was determined to find a cheaper version. While I found several drugstore brands that to me seemed identical to the high end one, I love “Physicians Formula Brow Last Gel” the best, because it’s a natural beauty product. Oh, and it is just as good as that “B”‘s product! And BTW, if you prefer a heavier brow, the gel can do that too. It’s just not my jam. 🙂

 Physicians Formula Brow Last Gel | Ulta




If you don’t have a good set of makeup brushes, you are not doing your makeup routine justice. Especially if you have older skin, or large pores, makeup brushes make all the difference. But not only can they be expensive, a lot of them are made by the same companies that test on animals and use harsh chemicals. I love “Eco Tools‘ brushes. Not only are they inexpensive, they are super soft, and they are cruelty free. And, they use recycled materials for the packaging. Win win!

 Eco Tools Brushes | Ulta

So I hope now that you know how many quality natural beauty products under $10 there are, you will give my favorites a try! Keep in mind, the more we as consumers buy the products that support cruelty free brands and fewer harsh chemicals, the more we force those other companies to listen.  We think you will also love our posts on How to Clean MakeUp Brushes and Best Cruelty Free Make Up Brands That Don’t Cost a Fortune.

Image Credits: Sephora, Ulta, IHerb
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    Thank you for great information

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    January 11, 2019 / 3:10 pm

    Good suggestions, although Dr. Bronner’s does horrible things to my face/body. Way too drying. Not sure if it’s the Castile soap or the lavender fragrance, ~sigh~ Anyway, it works great for cleaning my floors & leaving behind that wonderful scent!

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