5 Ways to Make DIY Safe & Natural Sunscreen

There is a lot of controversy these days on the safety of sunscreen. While we aren’t going to debate whether chemical sunscreen ingredients are safe for either you or your children, we do know that we always prefer natural products whenever possible. On the other hand, we need to protect our skin, right? We were surprised to find out that you can make you own DIY safe & natural sunscreen! Using a sunscreen recipe assures you know exactly what is going onto your skin, which BTW, is the largest organ in the human body. We should probably pay attention to what goes on it, right? So here are five different ways to DIY sunscreen that has no harmful chemicals or additives. Done!



5 Ways to Make DIY Safe & Natural Sunscreen


DIY Safe & Natural Sunscreen Recipes

Natural Sunscreen Recipe with Just 3 Ingredients

Make this simple and fast DIY sunscreen recipe from ‘Don’t Waste the Crumbs‘. Love how easy this is!


Basic DIY Natural Sunscreen

This basic DIY natural sunscreen recipe has several skin protecting oils and zinc oxide powder. Easy to make and kid friendly! Recipe from ‘Wellness Mama‘.

5 Ways to Make Your Own DIY Safe & Natural Sunscreen



Sunscreen Bar Recipe

Happy Mothering‘ shows us how to make DIY sunscreen bars. This is great for a no mess sunscreen for quick application, or for getting this on the kids as they run by on the soccer field. 🙂


Sunscreen with Bug Repellant

Keep the bugs away at the same time as you protect your skin with this homemade sunscreen from ‘A Blossoming Life‘!


Herbal Homemade Sunscreen

Modern Homestead Mama‘ uses essential oils in her sunscreen, and she touches a bit on the controversy with some good opinions on why making your own sunscreen is so important. She also doesn’t claim that her sunscreen is the only one you should use for extended time in the sun. Easy to follow instructions.

Now that you have these sunscreen recipes down, we think you will want to check out our posts on 18 Simple Recipes fro Safe & Natural Homemade Cleaners and Best DIY Face Masks for Every Skin Type!

Image Credits: Don't Waste the Crumbs, Wellness Mama, Happy Mothering, A Blossoming Life, Modern Homestead Mama
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