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So, washi tape. What is this stuff, you ask? And why would I want to use it for projects? Be prepared to become obsessed… Washi tape is basically a lot like masking tape, and comes from Japan. It’s technically made of paper, but is also pretty strong. And it comes in an amazing amount of patterns, colors and geometrics. It sticks well, but doesn’t pull off paint. I originally got interested in using washi when we ran across an accent wall project using washi tape for our DIY Accent Walls post. It’s relatively inexpensive, and if your local craft store doesn’t carry it, a million sites online do, and in a lot more variety. So, now you know what it is, what DIY decorating can you do with tape? Well, if you don’t use Pinterest, or you have your pinning head in the sand, you might ask this question. If you do use Pinterest, then you probably already know there are so many ways to use washi tape it is overwhelming. Seriously, overwhelming. So, I’m here to save you. (Well, sorta, if you get obsessed, you might not see it that way!) Here are my top picks for washi tape DIY projects anyone can do. Check out our resources for washi tape at the end of the post!



Our featured project below, is an amazing DIY washi tape wall decal by Tasha at Designer Trapped… I love this so much, Im going to give this project a try. I’m a sucker for positive sayings… I used to stick little scrapbook stickers with affirmative words like “believe” and “Dream” all over the house. 😉

washi tape projects


From I Spy DIY, these DIY washi tape candle votives are cute!

DIY washi tape


Crab and Fish gives you great instructions on how to make this washi tape geometric door. Very cool way to add accents around the home.

washi tape projects


So I am lovin’ this next one for my office space… this washi tape keyboard is so cottage cute it’s almost unbelievable! The instructions are from Brit & Co. As they mention, a project for those who know their keys by heart! For the rest of us (don’t tell anyone, I know…writer…) what about some number or letter stickers on top of the tape from the scrapbooking aisle! Another project you may see soon from me!



This washi tape table is amazing! Would be cool in a craft room, kids playroom, or for a color lover like me, the dining room! We found this on Pinterest, and a search for a DIY tutorial came up empty. (So if anyone knows, let us in on it!) But it’s pretty self explanatory. Tape the table with strips of pretty tape you love. Cover with tempered glass table top. Done!



Washi tape frames, from Design Sponge. Easy how-to’s!



Got boring closet doors? Almost Makes Perfect has step by steps on making these DIY washi closet doors.


From A Beautiful Mess, this Washi tape archway is amazing! Not too much, just enough detail and color to be really fun!


Inspired to Share, shares this tutorial for these cool washi tape pots.



I love using letters as decor, probably has something to do with me being a writer… these DIY washi tape letters are so awesome, and it’s an easy project if you follow the tutorial from Polka Dot Chair.


Where to Find Washi Tape

Pretty Tape Etsy Store

Amazon of course!

Wishy Washi

Cute Tape

Enough to get you started? I have a feeling we will be revisiting washi tape projects again!

Image Credits: Pinterest, Designer Trapped, I Spy DIY, Crab and Fish, Brit and Co, Design Sponge, Almost Makes Perfect, Beautiful Mess, Inspired to Share, Polka Dot Chair



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  1. lavagirl73
    January 15, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    I love this tape. I may need rehab b-4 I am finished using it.

  2. carol lee
    February 5, 2016 / 12:13 am

    I purchased some tape at Walmart. I used it to frame a mirror in my half bath. Then I added a rose garland . I am very happy with the new look. Thanks for new ideas. I’ll probably look for more tapes this weekend. Thanks to Pinterest I have become a DIY fan.

  3. eden
    September 15, 2015 / 7:30 am

    omg awsome

    • Kathy Woodard
      April 16, 2014 / 5:08 pm

      Your welcome. We loved your project!

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