Clever DIY Charging Station Projects

Technology is everywhere, and we don’t just mean at work. Phones, tablets, laptops, iPods… all pretty much littering your house, and always, ALWAYS with low battery. Like when you grab your tablet to double check that recipe for dinner, and you find out your pre teen has “Candy Crushed’ it to death? Or the mystery of the shrinking battery bar for just no good reason, right when you need to call in to work? How about that morning panic when your sixteen year old just cannot leave the house without their missing phone? Or the worse yet, five different devices plugged in and left to clutter your counters and sofas. Yep, we feel ya. And we got the cure. Ok, not “The Cure”. That would be a whole ‘nother post. Sorry, off track. We can fix this! Try these clever DIY charging station projects so the whole family can not only keep track of their tech in a central place, but keep everything ready to go, all charged up! Just another modern day organization solution. You’re welcome.



diy clever charging stations


This DIY charging station and tablet holder is from ‘DIY Mommy‘… We love this because it’s a simple project. It’s actually made from a picture frame!

DIY charging station-2


DIY Playbook‘ made this bedside charging station from a box found at Goodwill for less than $3. This is a great way to combine decor and tech…

DIY charging station-3


Lookie What I Did‘ turned a shadowbox into a DIY charging station with just a few easy tweaks. She got this on clearance for just a few bucks, what a great way to keep those kitchen counters clear!

DIY charging station-4


Create a phone charging system out of a wine crate with this tutorial from ‘Ehow‘. When this is closed, you can’t even tell what it really is!

Do It Yourself Clever Charging Stations


Jessica from ‘Four Generations One Roof‘ created this DIY charging station for electronics for her kitchen from a bread box. Easy project, you can find bread boxes inexpensively if you don’t have one.

DIY charging station-5


Need something with more cuteness? No problem. Amy at ‘Positively Splendid‘ has a full tutorial and pattern download for this fabric DIY phone charging station that can go pretty much anywhere. This is so pretty!

DIY charging station-6


Cool Ikea hack alert. ‘Polka Dots in the Country‘ made this Ikea Fintorp flatware caddy into a DIY charging station that doesn’t take up valuable counter space in the kitchen. And it’s so farmhouse fresh!

DIY charging station-7


From ‘A Bowl Full of Lemons‘, this technology cabinet in a mudroom pretty much is the Holy Grail of organization ideas. The glass front? Seriously cool!

DIY charging stations-8


From ‘LGB Interiors’ on ‘Houzz‘, this idea for a kitchen drawer charging station requires installing a power strip in the back of the drawer. Then you have a hidden kitchen technology station!

DIY charging station-9


Lastly, remember you can DIY, or you can buy! ‘AtticMag‘ recently featured this nightstand with charging station by ‘Art Van’. Love the dividers for each cell phone!

DIY charging station-10

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Image Credits: Polka Dots in the Country, DIY Mommy, DIY Playbook, Lookie What I Did, Ehow, Positively Splendid, A Bowl Full of Lemons, Houzz, Art Van

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