Fun Phone Games to Play With Friends When You Can’t Hang Out

So we’re all in a weird new world, right? Social distancing, self isolation, or self quarantine can leave us feeling pretty disconnected from our friends and family. But the world has given us a pretty sweet gift for these times, and that is that little tech gadget you carry everywhere. Use it to connect with your friends, even while you are sitting on the couch binge watching your fav episode of Downtown Abbey. These phone games to play with friends can help you have some fun, let off some steam, and still have connection to the ones you love. Most of them are free, unless you want to upgrade to the version with no ads. All of them are easy to learn and easy to play. BTW, they work on your tablet too. So pick one, get the crew all on board, and try these iPhone games to play with friends! (Android too…)



Phone Games to Play With Friends

Words with Friends 2

What list of fun phone games to play would be complete without Words? This app game is the master of keeping people busy between office meetings and during soccer games. Now it can keep you having fun with friends and fam, right at home, in the backyard, or even while walking the dog. You can download the app for free for iPhone or Android.



Fortnite is the ultimate “battle royale”, where you and 100 of your closest (or not so close) friends battle Zombie like creatures to survive. This iPhone game is available on tons of game systems, as well as IOS for the iPhone. It’s free on the Apple Store, and has a huge social following. If you are looking for a way to spend some bonding time with your angst tween, this may be it. Find a complete guide of what parents need to know about Fortnite over at ‘ParentZone UK”.


Draw Something

Draw Something is our new fav phone game to play with friends and family! It’s sorta like Pictionary… You draw a “Word” for your friends to guess, and then guess their drawings too! This iPhone game isn’t free, but at less than $3, its a great way to have fun with friends when you are apart! Find it for iPhone and Android.


Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is awesome, although two of my family members have a head start on the rest of us with their never ending trivia knowledge! It’s your basic trivia game, but it has hundreds of thousands of questions in different categories, and you can even create your own! BTW, don’t tell the kids, but you learn a lot too… Can’t wait to finally beat those two family members! (You know who you are… ;)) There is a free version, but it has tons of ads so we prefer the “no ads” version for only $1.99. Download at the Apple Store or Google Play for Android.


Family Style

Family Style is a fast moving game, so if you love those timed phone games that get everyone yelling by the end of a round (in a good way!) then this might be for you. Players work with teammates to create and cook “dishes” in a virtual kitchen.Up to 8 players.  This app is free, and you can get it for both iPhone and Android.



Psych is kind of a trivia game with the added fun of being able to bluff your opponents with your best (virtual) poker face! Each player crafts an answer to a question, then you have to choose which answer is the real one. This phone game you can play with friends is made by Warner Bros., and can be found on the Apple store or Google Play.



So if you have a bit of a dark sense of humor, Pandemic is a really popular iPhone game that you can play in teams to overcome all the challenges of a worldwide pandemic. Fun, huh? Well believe it or not, this type of game playing could really take the edge off things right now. Kind of the way Halloween allows us to make all our fears just make believe. It actually might make us all feel a little more in control of a surreal situation. Maybe not play it with Grandpa though…  I’m ready to jump into this game, it sounds awesome and has amazing reviews from players and developers alike! Adapted from the award winning board game. Find it for iPhone and Android.


iPhone Games for Kids to Play with Family and Friends

Pokeman Go

We feel like if there was ever a time that kids should get outside and play Pokeman Go, it’s now. We can’t let them hole up in their rooms with the curtains shut. It’s safe and healthy to get outside, but of course, Pokeman Go can be played anywhere, and with all your loved ones. Remember to use good judgement in how and where your children go in order to play! Get it at the Apple store or Google Play. Here is a post from Tech Radar on how to play Pokeman Go at home

These phone games to play with friends and family are easy ways to keep connected, have some fun, and forget things for a little while.  So download one, two, or all of them and start inviting friends and fam to join in! You might also want to check out our post on 5 Minute Anxiety Relief Techniques and DIY Projects for a Bright and Cheery Home!

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