22 Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10 (For Everyone On Your List)!

Ok, stocking stuffer ideas can be tough. I mean, how many pairs of socks can a person get, and still get excited about them? But at our house, stocking stuffers are a fun way to give (and get!) small things we might not otherwise pick up for ourselves, so they deserve a little thought. That’s right, at our house, no diamond rings or car keys in the stockings. So if you are looking for awesome stocking stuffer ideas under $10, this is a great gift guide to get you started! Bonus : Buying your stocking stuffers online means no crowded stores, and saves you time and money!



Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10


Ideas For Everyone

These stocking stuffer ideas are great for just about everyone and they’re all under $10! Make sure to pick up multiples for each person on your list and don’t leave anyone out!


Burt’s Bees Lip Balm  |  AMAZON

We all need it, lip balm. But how often do we remember to stock up on a good brand? The Burts Bees lip balm set  is good for the planet, too!



Love beauty And planet Body Wash  |  AMAZON

A special body wash is an inexpensive way to treat the ones you love. Love, beauty and planet body wash is luxurious, but under $10. We know, we use it! And it smells great, but not perfumey…



Yogi Ginger Tea – 16 tea Bags  |  AMAZON

We are a “need a cuppa’ world now, aren’t we? Maybe we really always were. Yogi ginger tea is great for the body because it’s an anti inflammatory. I drink it every day. But it’s the ceremony of a cup that makes it a heartfelt thing to get as a gift. Show your love with this stocking stuffer idea everyone will enjoy!



Basis Face Wash  |  AMAZON

Here is another example of how you can treat your loved ones with a little bit of luxury with good quality skin care. We have used most of the face washes out there, and Basis face wash is the best. This pack of three is a little bit over $10, but you can split it up into three stockings!



Little Bird Wine Bottle Stoppers (set of 6)  |  AMAZON

Ok, know any wine lovers? (Our hands are up!) We use these very Little Bird Wine Bottle Stoppers all the time, and we would be so excited to see them in our stockings. We are betting your wine loving family members will too!



Sticky Notes 3×3 Inch Self-Stick Note Pads  |  AMAZON

Most of us are doing a lot more work at home these days, and we go through sticky notes like crazy. How about make office work fun and try a stocking stuffer idea that doesn’t suck? Colorful Sticky note pads!



Pre De Provence Artisanal French Soap Bar – Rose Petal  |  AMAZON

People love this amazing smelling stocking stuffer idea under $10. Give a little luxury in a bar of soap! We love this brand of French soap, and it comes in thirty different scents. So you don’t have to worry about one being too flowery, or another being too masculine. Customize the scent for each loved one! And yep, this is another one we actually use ourselves!



Silicone Straws Set – Odorless – 12 Straws, Carry Pouches  |  AMAZON

Straws are bad for the planet, man. That’s just the hard truth. And a hard truth it is, since we love our straws! In some areas, they don’t even serve them at restaurants anymore. This silicone straw set comes with a case and cleaning brushes. Love the bright colors too!



 Essential Burt’s Bees Kit  |  AMAZON

Treat the ones you love with some good skin care. This little Burt’s Bees essentials kit would be great for travel, or for trying out a new brand. Also great for convincing a loved one that soap and water is not the best way to take care of your skin. 😉



Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Women or Mom

Ok, we get it. None of these stocking stuffer ideas for women are are just for women. But all of them are great for any woman… make sense?


Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer & Pitter Tool  |  AMAZON

Everyone is having a love affair with avocados. Us too! This one is on my list! This stainless steel avocado slicer and pitter will make any guac lover giddy, we promise.



Silicone Utensil Rest With Drip Pad (BPA-Free)  |  AMAZON

Now this is just cool. Seriously sweet way to keep your cooking utensils organized, and not dripping over every counter in the kitchen. Personally, I swoon over cooking gadgets, so this silicone utensil rest rocks. Awesome stocking stuffer idea under $10! We will point out, once again, yes… this is a great gift for men, too!



KitchenAid Classic Measuring Spoons, Set of 5  |  AMAZON

Anyone else collect pretty cooking utensils? This wonderful aqua KitchenAid Measuring Spoons Set also just made my Christmas list. 🙂



Digital Instant Read Thermometer  |  AMAZON

I never can get cooking meat just right. Never. But how often do we think to pick up something like this digital thermometer for ourselves? End the struggle to cook meat to the perfect doneness for someone you love. 😉



Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men

Finding good Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for men can make you want to poke your eyes out. Seriously,  you guys are hard. Here are a couple ideas we are sure will be a win!


Multifunction Keychain Screwdriver Set  |  AMAZON

You know that guy, the one who when something breaks, just whips out a tool or a knife from his pocket, and saves the day? Your guy wants to be that guy. This stocking stuffer idea for him under $10 is perfect! Pick up this keychain screwdriver set and let him be your MacGyver.



FurArt Slim Minimalist Wallet  |  AMAZON

That huge wallet your son or SO has had since birth? Give him a reason to ditch with this slim minimalist wallet that will update his look without even half trying. Comes in tons of different materials and colors, from carbon fiber to goatskin leather.



Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Girls

Need stocking stuffer ideas for girls? They can be tough critics of the gift giving. We’re pretty sure all of these gift ideas will make them pretty stinking’ happy. 🙂


OPI Nail Polish – 45 Pink Color Choices  |  AMAZON

Pink nail polish? Done. OPI nail polish is a top brand, an they have 45 different shades of pink to choose from! My fav? “Bubble Bath’.



Real Techniques Sponge Makeup Blender (set of 4)  |  AMAZON

Makeup blender sponges in a four pack? Cute colors too? Teen girls are hard to buy for, but this will be a win.



EcoTools Makeup Brush Set  |  AMAZON

Any girl who loves makeup will always love getting makeup brushes, you can’t have too many. I highly recommend this set from Eco Tools. They are not expensive, but give the more expensive brands a run for their money. And, they are a sustainable company. (I use these every single day!)



Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder  |  AMAZON

This is fun stocking stuffer for girls that they might not think to buy for themselves. But, if they love to do their nails, they will love this wearable nail polish holder. It lets you slip the nail polish bottle onto your finger so you don’t have to set the bottle down and pick it back up 20-40 times. Awesome idea!



Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Boys

Got boys? Then check out these Christmas stocking stuffer ideas they will love!


Stikbot Action Figure Animation Toy  |  AMAZON


If your boys are anything like mine were, then this action figure animation toy will be the thing you pull out of their pocket every time you do the laundry. These are part of the popular Stikbot series of toys, that allow your kids to make videos with the animated toys and their app, then share them. Lots of kits available if you need a larger gift idea as well.



Thumb Chucks  |  AMAZON

Keep these away from the grown up boys if you want your little boys to have any time with them at all. These. Are So. Cool. Thumb Chucks are kind of a modern day yoyo… They are a light up skill toy where you learn to do tricks with the balls using your hands. Strike that, buy them for the grown up men too! And the girls! Get one for everyone!



Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

We wanted to include some great stocking stuffer ideas for all kids as well. These gifts can pretty much work for any kid, young or old, boy or girl.


12 Cube Puzzles Stocking Stuffers  |  AMAZON

We had to include this stocking stuffer idea for kids, because it is something that makes the brain learn, while they think they are just playing. This one gift idea gets you 12 cube puzzles! 12! That means you can give all twelve of these brain teaser puzzles to one child, or split them up and give 4 to three kids, or 6 to two kids… you get the idea…



World Smallest Uno  |  AMAZON

This one is a really fun little stocking stuffer idea. It’s a mini version of the classic Uno game! World’s Smallest Uno really works and you can really play! A great stocking stuffer idea for kids.


We hope we’ve made your holiday shopping just one little bit easier by curating some great stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family! While you’re here, check out our posts on 29 Unique Subscription Boxes Everyone Wants, DIY Christmas Stockings, and DIY Christmas Stocking Holders!

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