29 Unique Monthly Subscription Boxes Everyone Wants This Year!

Monthly subscription boxes have become one of the most popular ways to buy the things we love, full stop. They make getting what we want convenient, fun and even healthy! They save us huge amounts of time, help us eat better,  encourage quality time together, introduce us to products we want and need, and even save us money. We don’t have to visit a busy store, or research the best this, or the best that. It’s all done for us. You can find subscription boxes for clothing, food, makeup and pets. There are even boxes for us wine lovers! These unique subscription boxes are our favs for being the ones that no one knows about yet, but soon will! And, they make amazing gifts. Check ‘em, out, we have  a feeling you may find one or two to make your life just a little bit easier… or at least more fun. (Full disclosure… We have subscribed to one or two of these ourselves!) And be sure and visit our sister site TGG where we have a full post on Plant Subscription Boxes that you must check out!



Unique Subscription Boxes – For Yourself or as a Gift


Monthly Subscription Boxes for Women

Looking for awesome monthly subscription boxes for women? You found ‘em! We love these picks because they are just a little bit unique, and all of them have something special about them. Get styling help from experts and find makeup and beauty products chosen just for you. Check them out, and see!


Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women

Frank + Oak

When it comes to clothing subscription boxes, Frank + Oak ticks all the boxes for a company we love… You fill out a styling questionnaire and they choose pieces for you every month, which you can preview and make changes to before it ships. (Or skip a month if you want…) Then once you receive your subscription box, you have 10 days to decide what you want to keep, and then ship back the rest, for free. No shopping and trying on clothes in crowded stores, you get styling help from professionals, and, did we mention? All the clothes are eco conscious, so kinder to the earth. This is a company we can get behind. And, they have gift cards as well. Christmas/birthday/Mother’s Day shopping? Done.



Adore Me

Adore Me is a different kind of unique subscription box for women. They curate a box of a customized set of lingerie for your style and shape. You have 7 days to decide, then send back what you don’t want. The best fitting room for lingerie is in your own bedroom, right? 🙂



Yoga Club

If you love your active wear, but want a bargain, then Yoga Club might be the right fit for you. They offer a 3 piece monthly subscription box of name brand fitness wear, at 50% off retail! Name brand, folks, at 50% off. We thought you might need to hear that again.



Dia & Co

If you are a size 14 and up, then you might feel left out of the clothing subscription box fun… after all, until now, there haven’t been many options in your sizes. But Dia & Co has super stylish clothes in sizes 14-22, and their subscription box comes with 5 pieces you can try out in the privacy of your own home. Their style quiz is unique, in that it uses your answers to find out what brands work with your style and shape.




I’ve been a member over at JustFab for years… I love their trending styles, and the boots! Oh, the boots. Shoes and clothing, and your monthly membership fee can be used to have the curated selection sent to you, or you can choose your own selections. You also get great discounts on shoes and clothing as a member. You can skip any month as well.



Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix was my first clothing box, and I loved it. They were a pioneer in the monthly subscription box, and still one of the best. Gorgeous, brand name clothing, curated by a personal stylist. Keep what you want, send back the rest. Free shipping and returns. You can even send your stylist notes as to what you are looking for, even for a special occasion. I think every woman owes it to herself to try Stitch Fix at least once!



Beauty & Makeup Subscription Boxes

Makeup subscription boxes are so much fun, am I right makeup junkies? Not only that, they help you save money by allowing you to try out cosmetics and beauty supplies before investing in a purchase at full price. I can’t tell you how many holy grail makeup products I have found in a small size in a beauty box. We all know about Birchbox and Ipsy, two of the largest makeup subscription boxes. But how about some you haven’t heard of before? Check out these unique subscription boxes, that also make great gifts!


The Detox Box

If green beauty is important to you, (and we hope it is!) then you must try The Detox Box. Clean beauty, green beauty, kind beauty… whatever you call it, get a box every month full of top quality holy grail products. Awesome way to introduce yourself to eco conscious beauty companies. And, they have gifting options!



Beauty Fix

This beauty subscription box is from Dermstore, and is all about good skin care. You get at least $100 worth of product for less then $25 a month, and they are all brand name and high quality. Both travel and full size products, too! BeautyFix is loved by Elle, Refinery 29, Prevention Magazine, TotalBeauty… you get the idea…





Want high end beauty products, in full sizes? Then get 5 of them each month from GlossyBox for right around $20, depending on the plan you choose.



Amazon Beauty Box

Did you know you can add an Amazon Beauty Box to your subscriptions on your Amazon account? From makeup to skin care to hair care, you can find so many choices. But our fav is the self care subscription box, from TheraBox. Self care, people!



Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men

We are not leaving out the men here… Check out gift crate ideas, clothing subscription boxes (men love nice clothes too!) or boxes for their daily care. Trouble finding the perfect gift for the guys in your life? Problem solved.



If you want a gift box for men, then ManCrate is where you need to go. Seriously, you can choose one of their amazing curated gift boxes, everything from the Backyard Steakhouse Crate, the Cozy Winter Cocktail Crate, to the Birdhouse Making Kit… or you can build a personalized one. These are not monthly subscriptions, but one time gift crates that will make it so freakin easy to win the presents this year. Win.



Frank + Oak

Everything we said about Frank + Oak above, in the women’s section? Ditto here. Eco conscious clothing subscription box for men, our top pick.




A man’s gotta shave, right? Then a subscription box of some of the best shaving products around would be a perfect gift, don’t ya think? Or, maybe just a great way to make sure you get just what you need every month to make your beard, face and hair look it’s best. We love this company, because they donate a percentage back to non profits that provide mental health counseling to men in need.  Definitely check out Harry’s!



Stitch Fix

Once again, see all the glowing things we said about Stitch Fix in the women’s section… applies here for men as well!



Dog Subscription Box


Ok, if you have a dog, then you want to pamper him, right? What better way then to order a dog subscription box for you furry bud? BarkBox sends your pooch a fully customizable box with 2 toys, 2 all natural bags of treats, and a chew every month. Pup doesn’t love the choices? They guarantee each box! Great gift for a dog lover too!



Cat Subscription Box


So, your furry friend meows? No problem, then check out the KitNipBox! You get 5 cat toys, treats and goodies every month, starting at just 16.99. Purrfect gift! Different unique subscription boxes to choose from, including multi cat boxes.



Subscription Boxes for Teens

Loot Crate

If you love a geek or a gamer, (or you are the geek/gamer!) then LootCrate is the subscription box for you. Pick from tons of crate options that deliver pop culture collectibles, apparel and more every month. Awesome unique gift for teens, but of course there are geeks and gamers in every age bracket!



Maker Crate

KiwiCo is one of the leading makers of subscription boxes for kids, and they have several lines for teens as well. MakerCrate is the best choice for teens 14 and up who like to work with their hands and create. From macrame plant hangers to terrazzo desk organizers, this is for the creative one. Free shipping!



Eureka Crate

Another choice for teens from the  same line, EurekaCrate is for the teen whose mind works like an engineer. In fact, these crates are all about science and engineering!



Subscription Boxes for Kids

Panda Crate

So we believe KiwiCo has some of the best unique subscription boxes for kids, and so we’re going to share our favs here. The PandaCrate is a great gift for new parents. This box sends stage specific baby development products based on the child’s birthdate, from 0-24 months. (You can also order it based on the delivery due date!) All products are designed by experts at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. It even comes with a parents magazine!



Kiwi Crate

KiwiCrate is for ages 5-8, and delivers awesome STEAM projects for your little innovator every month for just $16.95! We had given this very crate to one of our granddaughters as a gift, and she counted down the days to each crate delivery. I loved getting videos of her projects every time she finished one!



Doodle Crate

This kids crate is for ages 9-16, and is a creative crate for older kids. Felt succulent garden, handmade soap and more, kids learn how to complete the monthly project, but also learn art and design techniques. They can even access video tutorials for the projects. DoodleCrate is perfect for the artist or creator, and is a great crate to move up to once they outgrow KiwiCrate.



Tinker Crate

STEAM projects for the 9-16 year old. With TinkerCrate they can make a walking robot one month, and a hydraulic claw the next!



Food Subscription Box


ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken and heritage breed pork directly to your door. You can customize your box, too. Want more chicken and less beef? The other way around? Add some pork? They got you covered. And they ship for free. This box is such a super unique subscription idea!




If you want a cooking subscription box that sends you meal choices you can make in 15 minutes, then Gobble is your next stop. Choose from specific menus too…classic meals, dairy free, gluten free, low carb. Get your meals already prepped and ready to make in one pan, and a busy family can eat well without ordering pizza! Great gift for a family that is in need of some extra love, too. From Chicken Parm to Sweet Chili Shrimp… all shipped in a refrigerated box right to your door. Worth it to spend more time with the kids and less time worrying about what you feed them.



Home Chef

Got picky eaters? HomeChef lets you customize each meal they send in your box. Swap out something the kids hate, double up on the protein, change out an entire dish. Build your box with only what you want, with plenty to choose from, including dietary restrictions. They even have entree salads! Get everything pre-portioned and shipped to your door with easy to follow recipe cards. Even the kids can cook these!



Daily Harvest 

Clean food based on plants, from meal smoothies to soups to flatbreads to lattes. Daily Harvest is fast, easy, and healthy. Perfect for those wanting a plant based diet.



Unique Subscription Boxes for Couples

Looking for an awesome gift for a couple you know? (Even if that couple is you and your SO?) These subscription boxes for couples offer up quality time together. Don’t we all need more of that?


Firstleaf Wine

Firstleaf Wine hand selects bottles to match your palate, and then you rate the wines you receive to improve the accuracy of their selections. Red, white, rose or a combo… Plus, if you get a bottle of any wine you just do not like, they will replace it for free! Steve and I spend a lot of time enjoying our wine… so if anyone who loves us is listening, this makes an awesome couple gift! (Wink.) They also can offer up to 60% off retail. Total win!



Shaker & Spoon

Prefer cocktails to wine? No problem, Shaker & Spoon delivers 3 curated cocktail recipes, complete with everything you need to serve them up! Hate gin, having a dry month, not feeling it? Skip any month you want! Great way to show off your bartending skills to your SO. (You are still showing off, right? ;))


These unique subscription boxes are perfect gifts for those you love, or perfect gifts for yourself. Don’t forget, after everything the world is throwing at us these days, anything that makes our lives better is worth every penny. Now to narrow it down to which one…

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