Got Maskne? Homemade Acne Masks & Toners for a Natural Solution

Ok we get it. Acne is one of the plagues of a woman’s beauty routine, right? I mean, it isn’t pretty. And covering it can be even less pretty. And throw in maskne? (Face mask acne, FYI.) I mean, trap moisture and oil and bacteria right around your nose and mouth, and what do you expect, right? Right now I feel like I’ve been transported back in time to my teens. But masks are important, so we need to find acne treatments that work. These homemade acne masks & toners have made the whole maskne thing way easier to bear. We love a more natural acne treatment as well… the chemicals in OTC acne gels and creams can be really harsh on our skin, expensive, and not great for the environment either. So check out these DIY face masks for acne, homemade toner recipes, and tips on how to keep acne from taking over your beauty routine.



Got Maskne? Homemade Acne Masks & Toners for a Natural Solution


Homemade Acne Masks & Toners


How to Prevent and Treat Maskne

Acne is not new to us women… we deal with it when our hormones fluctuate, when it’s muggy outdoors, and sometimes just because the Beauty Gods are angry that day. But maskne is another story. We need to wear our masks, period. But our masks are causing the maskne, so what’s a responsible, but clear skin loving girl to do? These things…

  • Wash your face more often. If you wear a mask for an extended period of time, wash your face once you get home and can take it off, don’t wait for bedtime.
  • Wash your mask often. Not only is this important for your health and the health of others, you don’t want oils and bacteria building up in the mask and being exposed to your skin.
  • Choose makeup that is very light and non comedogenic, if you wear any at all. (Better choice if you can.)
  • When you are at home and don’t need to wear a mask, treat your skin to the air by not wearing makeup.
  • Don’t use any heavy moisturizers, that will only make your maskne worse.
  • Use a daily homemade toner after you wash your face to help remove all traces of oils and bacteria. This is especially important after your have removed your face mask and washed your face.
  • Use one of these DIY face masks for acne at least twice a week. Using a natural acne treatment can be gentler on your skin at a time when it needs some tender loving care.


DIY Face Masks for Acne

     Honey Face Mask Recipe

If you have some honey and cinnamon in the cupboard, you can make this homemade acne mask from ‘Saavy Naturalista‘. The idea of using cinnamon for acne is new to us, but it makes perfect scientific sense. Cinnamon is anti inflammatory, and combined with the anti bacterial properties of the honey, should make an ideal face mask for acne.


     Clay DIY Acne Mask

Dear Crissy‘ has a great tutorial on how to use bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar for an awesome DIY acne face mask. Clay has been known for thousands of years for drawing out impurities from the pores. And vinegar is a natural astringent, with anti bacterial properties as well. And yep, she tells you where to get the clay too!


     Blue Clay Face Mask

If you like the idea of using clay as a natural acne treatment (we do!), then check out this next skin treatment tutorial from ‘Country Hill Cottage‘. Blue clay is from France, and tends to be more gentle for sensitive or acne prone skin. They take you through what blue clay is, how it helps acne, and how to use it to make 6 different DIY face masks for acne!


     DIY Charcoal Face Mask Recipe

Charcoal skin products are trending on store shelves, but are full of chemicals and preservatives. If you don’t want to put that on your skin, check out the charcoal face mask DIY from ‘The Things We’ll Make‘. She uses a clay base, and adds activated charcoal that is said to help remove impurities and draw toxins from the skin.


     Aloe Vera Mask Recipe

I used to use straight aloe vera gel as a homemade acne treatment that was all natural. I think it helped because it provided my skin with a protective layer of moisture with no oil, and it calms the inflammation of a breakout. ‘A Life Adjacent‘ shows us how to make a calming, healing DIY face mask for acne using aloe and few other great ingredients. She even gives a great primer on how to choose a good quality aloe vera gel, and how to use fresh leaves for your face mask as well!


     Natural Skin Care Routine

Liz at ‘Love Grows Wild‘ has an awesome natural skin care routine that includes all her recommendations, from homemade face masks, DIY toners, and moisturizers to everything else related to taking care of acne prone skin. This is a great read if you are wanting to make natural beauty a bigger part of your beauty routine.


DIY Toners for Acne

     Turmeric DIY Toner

The next step for natural acne treatment is to use gentle toners to remove oil, bacteria and any traces of makeup or sweat leftover from your day. They are also great to use after using a homemade acne mask to remove any lingering ingredients. You don’t want the very treatment you are using to heal your acne, to actually be responsible for creating it! This first one is a DIY toner for acne with turmeric. Turmeric is known to have significant anti inflammatory properties, so this makes perfect sense! And this homemade toner has just 2 ingredients! Find the tutorial over at ‘Southern Mom Loves‘.


     Homemade Rosemary Toner Recipe

We love this rosemary and mint DIY toner for acne from ‘Suburbia Unwrapped‘. Why? Because we are huge proponents of using herbs and plants for wellness. We even grow our own rosemary and a few other herbs so we can use them in recipes and projects. Plants are our connection to nature, and we love them for their beauty and their usefulness. Rosemary and mint have properties that help soothe acne, and sensitive skin. If you don’t have herbs growing in your yard, you can buy a small bunch in the produce section of most supermarkets.


     Tea Tree Oil Face Toner

This DIY toner for acne from ‘Root + Revel‘ uses tea tree oil. I have successfully used tea tree oil myself to fight break outs, and it has worked really well for me. It can be too strong on the skin full strength, however, so we love how this recipe dilutes it with gentle ingredients. This post also has an amazing explanation of all the harmful ingredients in many OTC facial toners. If you aren’t already committed to a more natural skin care routine, you may be after reading her great info.

These homemade acne masks and toners are a great way to deal with the maskne problem. But they are also a great way to treat yourself to natural beauty treatments that work. This is self care, and we all deserve that. Especially now. Jump on over and check out our posts on Natural Beauty Products Under $10, DIY Face Masks for Every Skin Type, and 20 of the Best Beauty Hacks & Makeup Tips!

Image Credits: Savvy Naturalista, Dear Crissy, Country Hill Cottage, The Things We'll Make, A Life Adjacent, Love Grows Wild, Southern Mom Loves, Suburbia Unwrapped, Root + Revel
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