DIY Spa Tub Caddies & Bath Trays

If you have a bathtub, we have got the perfect project for you! These DIY spa tub caddies & bath trays will make your evening soak an experience, and they look good enough to be decor, as well! Don’t lie people, who wouldn’t want a place to set a book, a glass of wine, some bubble bath and a few dark chocolates, all while taking a soothing “spa inspired” bath? Consider. This. Done.



DIY Spa Tub Caddies & Bath Trays


Love this knotted fir DIY bath caddy from ‘Martha‘. Quick and easy directions on how to make this, but what makes it different is the more natural state of the plank. Call around to local wood shops or lumber supply to see if they know where you can get a piece with a live edge for something really unique. (A live edge is that uncut, natural edge.)

DIY bath caddy-2


From ‘Ehow’ this rustic bathtub caddy tray from reclaimed wood makes this both an amazing place to set scented candles, but also environmentally friendly, too! Good tutorial, charming project!

DIY bath caddy-3


This DIY spa bath tray from ‘Interiors by Kenz‘ proves you don’t have to have a claw foot tub to get a luxury look! She made this from leftover wood from another project. Boom, doubters!

DIY bath caddy-4


From ‘Domestic Diehard‘, this DIY bath caddy and bench used 1×1 planks simply screwed together from the back. Looks like an expensive teak version, and makes a good bench as well!

DIY bath caddy-5


Our next project is from KariAnne at ‘Thistlewood Farms‘. Her leather DIY bath tray and bench was a gift from her brother, and is as elegant as it is useful. The leathers straps really make it look high end. And oh my Lordy, that claw foot tub of hers! Anyone out there not think this may be the best post we ever had?

DIY Spa Tub Caddies


Ok, if you want to learn how to build bath trays, this is it. From Kayla and husband Justin at ‘My Crafty Spot‘, let me just say, Oh. My. Amazing. This caddy is everything. Wine glass and book holder? Whoa. I will never get out of the tub again. So this is a DIY tutorial, and a good one, but it’s also not as simple a project as some of the others. Good news is that they will be selling these in their online furniture shop too, if you don’t have the skills! Isn’t my birthday coming up? 😉 Honey?

DIY bath caddy-6


This pallet wood bath tray by Angie from ‘Knick of Time‘ is not only replete with rustic charm, it’s cheap! And easy! And so perfectly practical! Easy, quick tutorial. Anyone can do this!

DIY bath caddy-7


Ok, so this one doesn’t have a tutorial, but by now, you got this, right? ‘Marshalls Abroad‘ has this photo of a tub caddy that looks like reclaimed or pallet wood as well. I like that the planks are vertical, makes it really interesting!

DIY bath caddy-8


Ok, last one! From Colleen at ‘Lemon Thistle‘, this DIY wooden bath caddy has a great tutorial with tons of step by step photos. Love the color of stain they used as well. So pretty!

DIY bath caddy-10

So now that you know all about DIY Spa Tub Caddies & Bath Trays, we think you will also love our posts on Tiny Bath Makeovers and Repurposed Bathroom Storage Ideas!

Image Credits: Lemon Thistle, Martha, Ehow, Interiors by Kenz, Domestic Diehard, Thistlewood Farm, My Crafty Spot, Marshalls Abroad
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  1. angryblogreader
    February 20, 2020 / 12:18 pm

    I love how you just posted pics of bath caddies but never taught me how to make one. Whats the purpose hun?

    • Kathy Bates
      May 5, 2021 / 10:19 am

      Each link with every bath caddy is a link to the instructions… hope that helps!

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