Easy Paint Pen DIY Ornaments

We all like a little sparkle around the holidays, and we think silver and gold is the way to do it. Elegant and glam, pretty and yet really easy, these paint pen DIY Christmas ornaments were made with metallic ribbon and paint pens. We think these would be great to nestle into a pretty holiday bowl lined with fabric or filled with craft snow, as well as on the tree. Oh, and we threw in a cute ribbon filled ornament, just ’cause! Frankly, you might be seeing more paint pen projects here on DYSS, these have so much potential…. especially when it comes to gifts this year!




Supplies for Paint Pen DIY Christmas Ornaments

  • Clear glass ornaments (Ours were from Hobby Lobby)
  • Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens in Silver and Gold (It’s important you find the oil based pens for permanency on glass.)
  • Metallic Curly Ribbon

Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments


Paint Pen Ornaments

Ok, this is where you have to get a little creative! BTW, with a scrubby sponge meant for non stick dishware, you can scrub off this paint and start over if you mess it up, so don’t be too afraid. That having been said, we designated one ball just for practice.

Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments


You get the feel of these pens pretty quick, but if you haven’t worked with them before, play on some cardboard. They vary in how fast the paint comes out of the tip, depending on the pressure and amount of time you press down, so figure our your “flow” first.

After that, just go for a free form design! We were inspired for this project by one we have featured before from “Ben Franklin Crafts”.

Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments


Tip : We used a masking tape roll to hold onto the balls while we painted, let one side dry, then turned them over to do the other side.

Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments


Ribbon Filled Ornament

Ok, pretty self explanatory here. Cut metallic curly ribbon, and stuff it into a clear glass ornament!

Couple of tips…

  • The openings of these glass ornaments can be sharp, so consider using a tool to help stuff in the ribbon.
  • Cut the ribbon into short sections, about 6 inches long for easier “stuffing”.
  • I pulled on the ribbon a little before putting it in the ornaments to keep it from looking too wound up.
  • Fill the ornament with the ribbon, but don’t pack it in too tightly.
  • I tied a little ribbon onto the top for fun.

Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments


Here’s the finished product!

Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments


Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments


Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments


This was really fun, and they sparkle under the Christmas lights!

If you want to see more projects on DIY Christmas ornaments check out this post and this post on glass ornament projects!

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    October 31, 2016 / 9:18 pm

    will these pens work okay on plastic ornaments too?

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