10 Cool & Unique DIY Glass Ornament Projects

Glass ornaments are the most common bauble that show up on most of our Christmas trees each holiday season. They are traditional Christmas decorations, but did you know you can make your own and create one of a kind ornaments for your family tree? Pull out your craft supplies and make a quick trip to Michaels, ’cause you are about to get addicted to making one of the easiest seasonal crafts ever! There are tons of different ways you can turn plain glass ornaments into heirlooms that you will want to pass right on down to the grandkids. From paint, to plants, to glitter to things from your cupboard, we’ve found some of the best DIY glass Christmas ornaments you can make yourself. Here are some great step by step tutorials to get your DIY creative juices flowing!



DIY Glass Ornament Projects


Painted Glass Ornaments

These marbled DIY glass ornaments are made with… wait for it… nail polish! Check out the complete how-to over at ‘Alice & Lois‘. Of course, you could make these in any color scheme you wanted. These are so pretty, you could fill a simple glass bowl with them for a table decoration too. Nail polish comes in so many different colors now, and you don’t have to buy an expensive brand. This is a real “easy to make” craft!


Another faux marbleized glass ornament project, this one done with acrylic paints. This kind of ornament would be perfect for trending Scandinavian or minimal Christmas themes. You can use either plastic or glass ornaments for this DIY. Tutorial over at ‘By Brittany Goldwyn‘.


From ‘A Kailo Chic Life‘, these glass ornaments are painted inside with acrylic paint, and splashed with metallic gold. You could use any metallic acrylic paint for the accent, from rose gold to platinum to silver. These would really sparkle under the Christmas tree lights! Make them all the same color, or make a rainbow! Super simple supply list… glass ornaments, and paint! (Plus, a couple of disposable containers.)


Getting a little more confident in your ornament making skills? Then try this freehand Memphis design DIY ornament, also from ‘A Kailo Chic Life‘! She shows you how to create the design, and it’s pretty hard to mess this abstract design up. Loving on all the non traditional colors for Christmas! This project is actually painted onto a white ornament, instead of a clear glass one.


Alcohol Ink Ornament

Now this is a bit of a twist on the painted ornaments… ‘A Beautiful Mess’ used alcohol ink and rubbing alcohol to create these gorgeous, sheer, and colorful DIY glass Christmas ornaments! These look just like glass blown ornaments from an expensive Christmas store. I could see these hanging in front of a window as well, to catch the light in the daytime. Then sparkling on the tree at night!


DIY Glitter Ornaments

Make these lovely copper glitter ornaments with paint, glitter, white glue and glass ornaments from the craft store. These look elegant and sophisticated, and think how much they will shine under holiday lights! We love how ‘Jennifer Rizzo‘ made this tutorial so simple with all her step by step photos. But we also love how she styled her ornaments hanging in front of the fireplace. Ornaments aren’t just for the tree!


Make these cheery and merry DIY glitter ornaments with this tutorial from ‘Made to Be a Momma‘. She created the snowflake design with a vinyl cutting machine, but you can purchase pretty Christmas stickers in the scrapbooking section if you don’t have one. Be sure to check out her supply list, she has a “secret” ingredient for her DIY!


DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments Using Plants

Use glass ornaments and air plants to create the perfect Christmas decoration for any nature lover! This gorgeous little DIY beauty is from ‘I Spy DIY‘. She made this using frosted glass paint to create the mercury glass effect, a bubble glass ornament, some artificial snow and of course, an air plant. You could use this as decor all winter long!


More Glass Ornaments You Can Make

This “sprinkles” glass ornament is so cool, I wish we had used it in our Candy-land Christmas Theme! Little Gray Fox used varnish to coat the inside of the ornament, then added sprinkles. Could you use simple white glue as well?


Use tinsel or other metallic garland to create these super simple glass ornaments you can make in about five minutes! From ‘Girl, Just DIY‘, this tutorial uses ornaments that already had the white tree theme on the outside. But you could easily stamp, stencil or paint a similar design with white acrylic paint.


DIY Ornament Supplies

In case you were looking to get started on one of these glass ornament projects, or if you wanted to try your own idea, you can find basic supplies online at ‘Michaels‘ and ‘Amazon‘. Here are some links…

Fillable Clear Glass Ornaments – (from Michaels)

Fillable Clear Glass Ornaments – (from Amazon)

Acrylic Paint


Now that you have this project down, jump on over to our posts on Creative Christmas Light Ideas Ideas, and check our our very own DIY Christmas Tree Using Only Firefly Lights! Also check out our post, All That Glitters: Christmas Ornaments & Decor That Sparkle over at TBD!


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    I love the sprinkle ornament! Does it have to been glass or could I use a clear plastic ornament?

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    Love your roundup of ornaments! Just wanted to let you know I featured it in my roundup of glass ornament crafts here. Feel free to check it out if you want and hope you like it! : )

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