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We all love watching the celebs walk the red carpet in those gorgeous styles and wonderful fabrics. But did you know many celebs have great home decor style as well? Let’s face it, great design taste can transcend through the style and fashion world, and many of them have the disposable income to experiment more than, say, the rest of us? 😉 So we went onto Pinterest to find a few that have great ideas for those of us even in small homes. These are our picks of celebs, their picks of pins, complete with links to what they pinned, and also to their very own Pinterest boards that you can follow as well! Let’s take a walk on the red carpet, shall we?

Our feature photo is of Jessica Alba working with ‘Domaine Home’, so lets start with her amazing style…

Jessica Alba

Our fav pin on Jessica Alba’s board, …, is this cute DIY Instagram wall calendar from Jennifer at ‘Earl Grey’. I love this project, first of all, because I’m a sucker for black and white candids of your loved ones. Turning them into something useful? Priceless. What I love about Jessica’s choice in pinning this to her board is that it is very family oriented, yet creative and very DIY… It’s not like you can order this from Barney’s!

Visit Jessica Alba’s Pinterest board, DIY.




I guess there is some controversy about Oprah… apparently, she drives some people crazy. WHAT??? How can Oprah irritate anyone! She is actually on the top of my list of celebrities I’d love to have dinner and a glass of wine with. So pro-Oprah or not, the woman has some gorgeous homes. This pin from ‘House of Smiths’ of their DIY closet entryway makeover is perfect for a small home. Sure, maybe she can afford to knock out walls and add on anytime she wants, but I’d like to think she would really get into a project like this, because it’s such a clever use of space.

Visit Oprah’s Pinterest board, Decorating Ideas.

Closet made into Mudroom - thehouseofsmiths.com


David Bromstad

You’ve all seen David’s design shows on HGTV, right? Well if you haven’t, check out his top rated show “Color Splash”! In the meantime, this DIY rustic chandelier by ‘Craftybutt’ is a great pick to make a statement in any small space… BTW, this is a knock – off project from an inspiration piece that cost almost 3K… Gotta love a celeb who pushes saving that kind of money!

Visit David’s Pinterest board, Bringing the Outside In.



Bob Vila

Bob has been known forever for working on the kind of old homes (This Old House, anyone?) which also happen to usually have space issues. So he’s a great celeb to tap for small room decorating ideas. He also is becoming well versed in “green” design. This pallet floor was created by students at ‘George Mason University’ when creating a sustainable housing display. This floor was installed in a shipping container home. Yes, that’s a space issue. But we’ve also become fascinated with the potential of these kind of homes, and love this recycled flooring option. Just be sure to seal a floor like this made from materials from unknown sources.

Visit Bob’s Pinterest board, Flooring.



Ty Pennington

Ty is well known for hosting the show “Extreme Home Makeover”, but not everyone knows that he was a carpenter and designer before that. The problems he and his team tackles in “Extreme Home” are similar to the things you and I face in our small spaces. This hideaway for kids from ‘Sara Camre Design‘ is a great example of thinking “outside the box”… Get it? “Box”? Ok, I’m a writer folks… my best try at humor… seriously. 🙂

Visit Ty’s Pinterest board, Indoor Design.



Martha Stewart

Perhaps the most famous designer of our time, Martha has pinned this example of a small space home office from ‘Design Sponge‘. Not only does this slender desk fit into any tight space, everyday art is hung colorfully in gallery style. No space has to be boring!

Visit Martha’s Pinterest board, Decor.


Image Credits: Domaine Home, Earl Grey, House of Smiths, Craftybutt, George Mason U/Evan Cantwell, Sara Camre, Design Sponge


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