DIY Painted Countertops

When replacing your countertops is out of the budget, sometimes the only recourse is to get creative. Once upon a time, some DIY’er figured out that with the proper prep and sealing, anything can be painted. And that means anything. Ok, well almost, but it sure means countertops! These DIY painted countertops are a low cost way to make a kitchen (or bath!) look new again. Try these counter painting ideas either until you can afford new counters, or as an alternative. Whether you buy a countertop paint kit or use your own paints and techniques, make sure you pay attention to the little tips within the tutorials. Trust us, someone has already made those mistakes! So check out these DIY painted countertop projects for yourself, and ask yourself… could you tell they were painted?



DIY Painted Countertops


One of the most popular ways to learn how to paint countertops is to buy a kit, like this one from ‘Giani Granite‘. You can find these at home improvement and paint stores pretty much everywhere.  And they have everything in the kit to get the look you want. You also get the top protective coating, instructions and a DVD to walk you through the process.

DIY painted counters-1


Here’s another example of Giani painted countertops in granite. This is their ‘slate’ painted countertop kit.

DIY Painted Countertops - slate countertop kit


We found another type of painted countertop kit that takes the whole “I’m not an artist” thing totally out of the equation. ‘Rescue and Resurface‘ sells a kit with preprinted paper with your chosen design, that you then “paint” onto the counter surface with a paste, then seal… that’s it! You already know how it will look (you chose the paper design, after all!) and it is safe for normal everyday use. You can choose a granite, quartz or even marble look for your painted countertops.

DIY painted counters-2


Love marble? Us too… we opted to have marble look quartz put into our new home, but marble slabs were just out of the budget. Lucky for you, Erin from ‘Earnest Home Co.’ has a tutorial for her DIY faux marble countertops that could fool anyone. In fact, a little part of me wishes we had done it her way! Gorgeous counters, easy to follow tutorial. Win!

DIY painted counters-3


From Jenna at ‘Rain on a Tin Roof‘, learn how to paint laminate counters to look like stone for only $15! This does look just like high end soapstone to us, love it! And this looks really, really easy. We included two pics so you could get a real feel for what it looks like. (Dark colors don’t always photograph well!) Go check out her painted countertops tutorial!

DIY painted counters-5

DIY painted counters-6


Learn how to paint laminate countertops from ‘DIY Network‘. They show you step by step the prepping, painting and sealing techniques you need, no matter which kit or system you use.

DIY painted counters-7


Finally, ‘Castle DIY‘ has a tutorial on how to DIY faux granite painted countertops, and they do it from scratch, no kits. What I like is that they chose to use a food grade epoxy instead of polyurethane, which gives them a very permanent, tough surface. She has a LOT of tips for you if you decide to go with epoxy, so make sure you read it through.

DIY painted counters-9

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Image Credits: Giani, Rescue and Resurface, Earnest Home Co., DIY Network/ Rustoleum, Castle DIY
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