DIY Driftwood Decor: Ideas and Projects

It doesn’t matter if you love beachy themes or coastal decor…who doesn’t love driftwood? Steve and I were just talking the other day about how it’s not as easy to get as the “old days”… but what is? 🙂 You can buy it at craft stores and I just scored a really cool piece at Goodwill for less than $6! And you can still collect it in many areas, just be sure to check your local and state regulations. High Tide Girl on Etsy sells nice pieces, and I’m sure there are many other online sources as well. In any case, here it is, DIY driftwood decor! Enjoy these projects, just perfect for that summer feel!

Driftwood mirror



Our featured project, above, is a DIY driftwood sunburst mirror by Shirley at Blessed for Ala Mode Maven. Great step by step photos, and you don’t have to have a beach theme for this mirror project to fit right in.

This driftwood shelf  is an amazingly easy project, but has real character, and you all know how I feel about decorating with character! Love it! Great job by Growing Up Gardner, with how-to’s at the site.


DIY Driftwood Decor: Ideas and Projects


Allison Lind at Houzz is a designer who knows how to make the most of driftwood. This DIY driftwood headboard is totally creative. Yes, I said totally. And it’s awesome too. 🙂 And “green”!

DIY Driftwood Decor: Ideas and Projects


From Sunset – Driftwood, a couple of inexpensive cup hooks, then hang it on the wall… driftwood coat rack!

Driftwood coat rack


Learn how to make this DIY driftwood photo display from Morning Creativity. Great instructions, and this would be a cool project for summer photos!

driftwood photo display


Hopefully, this one doesn’t need a tutorial, it’s so simple!

driftwood photo stand


Oh my, this is cool. Try the tutorial for this DIY driftwood candle holder from Restoration House… Easy, but totally awesome! (Yep, both those things definitely apply here.)

Driftwood Candle Holder


This driftwood screen from Apartment Therapy gets the award for creativity!

Driftwood screen


Finally, Lovely Indeed has a total step by step for this DIY painted driftwood hanger. Funky and fun!

Driftwood hanger

Image Credits: Houzz, Ala Mode Maven, Growing Up Gardner, Sunset, Morning Creativity, kronprinsessene, Restoration House, Apartment Therapy, Lovely Indeed



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  1. Tarryn
    January 10, 2015 / 1:15 pm

    How do I get the grey driftwood like on the grey mirror you show? Do I need to dye the wood? Any help would be greatly appreciated x

    • Kim
      January 10, 2016 / 8:27 pm

      Much driftwood is grey. If I had to guess would say that it is probably just the way it came off the beach. I live right by the ocean and pick up grey colored driftwood all the time.

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