DIY Driftwood Decor (Ideas and Projects)

It doesn’t matter if you love beachy themes or coastal decor…who doesn’t love driftwood decor? Steve and I were just talking the other day about how it’s not as easy to get as the “old days”… but what is? 🙂 You can buy it at craft stores and I just scored a really cool piece at Goodwill for less than $6! And you can still collect it in many areas, just be sure to check your local and state regulations. High Tide Girl on Etsy sells nice pieces, and I’m sure there are many other online sources as well. In any case, here it is, DIY driftwood decor! Enjoy these projects, just perfect for that summer, beachy feel!



Driftwood Coffee Table

Charleston Crafted‘ has an awesome tutorial for a really simple DIY driftwood coffee table. We love that this project only needs two tools… A drill, and a saw. (Even a handsaw will do!) Obviously you need a larger piece of wood to create this awesome table. They take you through the whole project, tell you about everything they would do different, and even update you how well it’s held up! (For years now!)


You can see an amazing LA interior designer use a similar piece over at ‘Houzz’. ‘Maya Williams Design‘ specializes in coastal homes, including gorgeous spaces in Malibu. Don’t quote us, but were betting that they spent a lot more for that driftwood decor piece than it costs to make your own!


Driftwood Chandelier

Jump on over to ‘Hometalk‘ and find out how ‘Skilled Thrifty Creatives’ used reclaimed wood, up cycled wire and some curtain rings bought on sale to make this pretty driftwood chandelier DIY. She used the skeleton of her builder grade light fixture as a base. Lots of step by step photos on how she prepared the wood and attached them to the original metal frame. What a fun, creative piece for the front entry!


If you want to make some mini driftwood chandeliers, then try this project from ‘DIY Driftwood‘. Use a glue gun and a ballon to shape the driftwood globes, then add a celling pendant light fixture, like the ones you can find at Ikea or Lowes.


Driftwood Centerpiece

If you are looking for a DIY driftwood decor idea you can show off, then check out this centerpiece project from ‘Justine Celina‘. All this takes is some twine or sisal rope, and your fav driftwood pieces. This is one of those cases of a super creative blogger coming up with a super simple idea that is super chic. A fun driftwood centerpiece for a summer lunch! We love the idea of using natural materials to decorate your home. It not only reminds us every day of how important the interconnection is between us and the natural world, its cheap too!


Driftwood Mirror

If Boho is your jam, then check out this DIY driftwood mirror by Shirley at Ala Mode Maven. Great step by step photos, and you don’t have to have a beach theme for this mirror project to fit right in. Love the starburst effect that she gets with the way she has the driftwood pieces arranged!

Driftwood mirror


Driftwood Lamp

Just Call Me Homegirl‘ took a clearance find and made a DIY driftwood lamp that is super easy. All you need for this driftwood decor idea is a drill, and some awesome pieces of wood! Oh, and of course, a lamp. You could check out the thrift store, or text all your BFF’s and see if any of them have Grandmas old table lamp sitting around the garage.


Driftwood Shelf

This driftwood shelf  is an amazingly easy project, but has real character, and you all know how I feel about decorating with character! Here is another driftwood idea that really just takes a drill. Love it! Great job by ‘Growing Up Gardner‘, with how-to’s at the site.

DIY Driftwood Decor: Ideas and Projects


DIY Driftwood Headboard

Allison Lind at Houzz is a designer who knows how to make the most of driftwood. This DIY driftwood headboard is totally creative. Yes, I said totally. And it’s awesome too. 🙂 And “green”! As in, great that she used reclaimed wood, right? While she doesn’t have a tutorial for this idea, you could connect all the boards together by laying them all facedown, then attaching two horizontal stringer boards across the back. Be sure to use screws long enough so that they go into the driftwood, but short enough that they don’t go through to the front side. And this probably is going to work best with flat boards, instead of round ones.

DIY Driftwood Decor: Ideas and Projects


DIY Driftwood Wall Art

Another great driftwood decor idea from ‘DIY Driftwood‘. This wall art project is made from collected wood in different sizes using a high heat glue gun. They have recommendations for great types of glue sticks to hold in all temperatures especially made for wood projects. And good tips on how to layout your art pieces to create the perfect driftwood wall art design.


What happens when you marry a glue gun, a flat pressboard letter from the craft store, and all the tiny little driftwood pieces you can find? ‘The Happy Housie’s‘ amazing driftwood wall art decor idea! You could make these for kids rooms, for the front porch, even spell out a whole word. If you love puzzles, you are going to crazy about this project!


Driftwood Wall Hanging

Learn how to make this DIY driftwood wall hanging photo display from ‘Morning Creativity‘. Great instructions, and this would be a cool project for summer vacation photos!

driftwood photo display


In love with this DIY driftwood wall hanging from ‘Dans le Lakehouse‘. I mean, come on! This is perfect for a Scandi/Boho/Coastal vibe in simply any room in your home. You could even make a row of them to create a room dividing screen. A drill, saw, sander and some twine. You could also make this project and leave the ends uncut for a more natural approach.


From ‘Sunset‘, Driftwood + a couple of inexpensive cup hooks + then hang it on the wall = coat rack! This driftwood decor idea is super useful, and makes a unique statement when friends or family first enter your home. You want to use a more substantial police of wood, but the character in this project will be obvious to everyone. And don’t forget to anchor it properly to the wall!

Driftwood coat rack


Lovely Indeed‘ has a total step by step for a similar, but painted version of a DIY driftwood wall hanging. Funky, fun and functional!

Driftwood hanger


Driftwood Candle Holder

Oh my, this is cool. Try the tutorial for this DIY driftwood candle holder from ‘Restoration House‘… Easy, but totally awesome. (Yep, both those things definitely apply here.)

Driftwood Candle Holder


DIY Driftwood Decor

This may be the coolest DIY driftwood decor idea we’ve seen yet. This orb project from ‘Made in a Day‘ used driftwood pieces, a foam ball, and a glue gun. These types of pieces go for over $100 in my local home decor shop. She has a little trick for making sure the foam ball does not show through as well. I wonder, with a bigger foam ball and longer pieces of wood, could you make a super orb?


Hopefully, this one doesn’t need a tutorial, it’s so simple! Driftwood decor is known for it’s imperfections, that’s part of what gives it some much charm. Look for a piece that already has a natural split down the center, yet isn’t falling apart.

driftwood photo stand

These DIY driftwood decor ideas have me thinking about pulling out my glue gun. Do you have a fav? Don’t forget to check out our post on how to make our Branch Chandelier Air Plant Display while you are here! Then jump on over to TBD and check our how to make DIY Wind Chimes! (Including from driftwood!) You also may love our post on DIY Tabletop Fire Bowls and Yard Art Ideas & Garden Decor over at TGG!

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  1. Tarryn
    January 10, 2015 / 1:15 pm

    How do I get the grey driftwood like on the grey mirror you show? Do I need to dye the wood? Any help would be greatly appreciated x

    • Kim
      January 10, 2016 / 8:27 pm

      Much driftwood is grey. If I had to guess would say that it is probably just the way it came off the beach. I live right by the ocean and pick up grey colored driftwood all the time.

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