16 DIY Headboard Ideas & Projects

We’ve all got one…a bed. And we all have one thing in common about our bed…it’s the focal point of our bedroom! What’s the best way to maximize that focal point? Create a DIY headboard and give extra personality to the bedroom. You can tailor the style of the headboard to your bedroom theme, or create a storage headboard to give you tons of extra space! This is easy folks, you can do this! After looking through all these DIY headboard ideas & projects, we dare you not to try one of these!



16 DIY Headboard Projects


OK – let’s get started with all these wonderful DIY headboard ideas!

Check out our first one, from ‘Samantha Elizabeth‘. This DIY headboard from vintage shutter is so amazing. And I had to include the pic with the pup… I LOVE THIS!!!




AKA Design‘ shows us how to make a reclaimed DIY wood headboard, with new wood! I wanted to include this one because my oldest daughter Bree and her husband John just did one of these headboards that I will be doing a post on soon. (As soon as I can get over there with my camera! Never enough time in the day!) They did such and amazing job! In the meantime, you can make a DIY headboard like theirs. Easy, cheap, cool.



House Tweaking‘ created this DIY headboard with “Love” painted on it, which I…love. They did something really cool in their tutorial… they shared a pic of the flush mount hangers they used to hang their headboard. I wanted to point that out because these hangers could be used to hang anything as a headboard! Basic supply 101 in DIY headboard making.



More shutter DIY headboards. We ran across this one on Pinterest and it was crazy popular. Mini lights behind the shutters give it pop!



I HAD to include this next one…this 90 year old door was made into a DIY headboard! I would L.O.V.E. to have something like this in my home! If you can’t figure out the DIY to this project, the builders, Vintage Headboards, do sell the plans.





When it comes to DIY tufted headboards, we wanted to share our own DIY upholstered headboard project over at TBD. So there it is…. but we’re also going to stop being shameless promoters and share ‘Apartment Therapy”s DIY tufted headboard tutorial too… Love it!



The Knuths did their own version of this upholstered headboard, DIY…



Style Me Green‘ has a good basic primer on how to build a headboard out of a door. (Might be useful for figuring out a DIY to the 90 year old door project above!)

head boad diy made of old door


From ‘DIY Network‘ this cottage style headboard is simple to make from easy to find lumber.



From ‘Averie Lane‘, check out their three part series on how to build a platform bed and salvaged door DIY headboard. I love how the more modern bed juxtapositions itself with the vintage doors!

DIY Headboard Projects


This Old House‘ features this shipping pallet headboard by The Rooster and the Hen… made for just $3.50 worth of nails! I think taking it to the ceiling made this project.



Find out how to build a floating headboard by ‘Brian Hazzard‘. Some 3M Command strips and some easy staining work, and there you have it!



Here’s one of our favorite DIY headboard projects from ‘Ana White‘. This reclaimed wood headboard tutorial has full plans!


From ‘Sometimes on a Tuesday‘, this DIY headboard project was created using styrofoam ceiling tiles, spray painted yellow, and attached to the wall with sticky adhesive squares.



Remember I promised some storage headboard options? Well try this creative idea from ‘Lana Betty Designs‘ on Pinterest. Use old dresser drawers hung on the wall as an interesting drawer storage headboard!



And lastly, plans from the very talented Ana White, who continues to share woodworking plans anyone can do, and they are amazing. This one is her Hailey storage bed. Love!


Have you decided which one of these DIY headboard ideas & projects you are going to try? Let us know how it goes in comments. If you are looking for more, check out our post on DIY Bunk Beds and  DIY Murphy Beds!

Image Credits: Ana White, Samantha Elizabeth, AKA Design, House Tweaking, Vintage Headboards, Apartment Therapy, The Knuths, Style Me Green, DIY Network, Averie Lane, This Old House, sometimes on a tuesday, Lana Betty, Ana White

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  1. P
    May 24, 2018 / 2:03 pm

    Great ideas! Very tasteful and modern.

  2. August 23, 2016 / 5:40 pm

    I love all the projects shown, now I have to decide which one to use first!

  3. Tami
    April 15, 2015 / 10:40 am

    What are the sizes of the beds? I have a queen and king size to deal with.


  4. Dee
    February 22, 2015 / 1:43 pm

    No 5- I absolutely love this. Do you know what color is on the wall? I would love to do this in the bedroom I am working on. Thank you

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