Pretty Eye Makeup Looks – Best Makeup Tutorials for Women Over 40

Eye makeup tutorials are everywhere these days, and most of us girls love to learn from them and try new looks. Yep, even us over 40 girls. But the fact is that many of the style bloggers don’t cater to women over 40.  And, for me anyway, some of those heavy or trendy eye makeup looks no longer work for me. I am one of those women who have firmly jumped onto the “age is just a number”, “50 is the new 30”, bandwagon. If you have stopped wearing eye makeup because of your age, or haven’t updated it since 1984, it’s time. We have a great collection of pretty eye makeup looks for women over 40, and though it may be really tough to say out loud that it’s time to stop wearing the black lined lids from our 20’s, it is. But no matter what your age, makeup for older women doesn’t have to be dull, it isn’t about hiding wrinkles, and it should still help express your personality! That, and make you feel beautiful. Check out these pretty eye makeup looks and the makeup tutorials that go with them. You deserve to feel as pretty now as ever. And by the way, you are! And don’t let anyone tell you different. Society’s ideas about what beauty is are changing, and for the better for older women. Let’s go with it, shall we ladies?



Pretty Eye Makeup Looks - Best Makeup Tutorials for Women Over 40


Best Makeup Tutorials for Women Over 40 – Eye Makeup Looks

Eye Makeup for Older Women – Tips

I am a big makeup girl, and I don’t care how old I get, that will never change. But, I also like to learn and develop new techniques, and keep up with some of the trends as well. And I never want to hold on so tight to the past, that I miss looking my best today! Here are some easy tips for older women that I have found work for me, to make your eye makeup amazing!


Use a gel eyeliner pencil to be able to get close to the upper lash line and even in-between lashes. It will make your eyes look so much bigger.


Use an eyeshadow primer. It really does help keep your eye makeup look in place, and keeps it from settling into lines. I use Urban Decay Anti Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion.


Use an under eye concealer and brightener. It visually lifts the look of your eye. Tarte Shape Tape is the best! Just be sure your under eye is moisturized  before applying it, and don’t wait too long to blend. I blend this with a beauty sponge.


We’ve all heard the advice, don’t use shimmer eyeshadow when you are over 40. I disagree, and so do some amazing makeup gurus like Trish McEnvoy. Feel free to use shimmer on the lid, it brings it out. Especially in the inner corner. Just don’t use glitter, or use a lot of shimmer on the brow bone. Don’t be that girl. You know, where your eye makeup shines so bright people need sunglasses to avoid the glare. Just. Don’t.


The most important thing that you want to accomplish with your eye makeup look is to lift those drooping eyes! Use eye liner and wing up at the outer corners to visually lift your eyes. I’m not saying a full Bridgette Bardot cat eye. (Unless you love that, then go for it! Maybe with a less harsh color than black?) But a little kitten flick will change the way your whole face looks! (See below, there is a tutorial for that!)


Since liquid liner can be near impossible to master, I use a gel eyeliner and a liner brush. This gives me much more control, but allows me to create anything from a natural line to a full cat eye. (Ok, I never do that.) But I could! Much easier to work with, especially of you are working with lines around your eyes. I prefer a smudeproof or waterproof gel liner so it won’t bleed onto my lids as the day goes on. I like Mac Longwear Fluidline and for a budget choice, Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner.


If your chosen makeup look requires that you line your bottom lashes, use a powder eye shadow and a liner brush. This is much more natural than a pencil, and you won’t create a harsh eye that brings attention to lines or under eye drooping.


Get. Good. Brushes. Makeup brushes make all the difference. If you were trying to paint a painting, there would be a big difference between doing it with your fingers, and using a good brush, right? I recommend the Real Techniques brushes. They are good quality, and they are really affordable. You can get the eye essentials kit at Ulta, and it has everything you need.


My last eye makeup tip for women over 40? When you try a new look, (and you should try new looks!) snap a selfie. That way you can objectively compare your different eye makeup looks and decide which ones you rock, and which ones are a major fail. And BTW, it’s ok to have some major fails. If you don’t take any risks with beauty, what good is it!


“ Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”
– Coco Chanel


Eye Makeup Basics

Sand, Sun and Messy Buns‘ has the perfect primer on eye makeup basics for those of you who are new to experimenting with eye makeup, or at least with new eye makeup looks. Check this out to get you started.


Ok, on to our round-up of makeup tutorials for women over 40 – eye looks! BTW, it doesn’t matter if any of these are specifically done by or for an older woman. I have chosen these tutorials based on eye makeup looks that look good on older women, or solve problems older women have.


Makeup Looks for Hooded Eyes

Some of us are born with hooded eyes, (me!) but most of us develop hooded eyes with age. This is when your eyelid is difficult or impossible to see when your eye is open because the brow bone or skin above the crease covers the area. But there are makeup techniques you can use to bring out your eye, and visually push back the brow bone area. This eye makeup tutorial by Gena from ‘Get Glammed Up‘ is the exact eye makeup technique I use. She has a full video tutorial to walk you through the steps. You should check out and learn this technique!


Natural Eye Makeup Looks

For day to day, I like a natural eye makeup look. It’s fast and easy, and it lets your eyes shine bright, which is always youthful. Remember, we want to go for youthful, not young. Been there, done that.  We love Kate from ‘The Small Things Blog‘. Though she probably isn’t over 40, she has a ton of gorgeous beauty tutorials that any woman can use. And hair, too! I love her soft cat eye, because it’s a perfect natural eye makeup look for older women. The look is soft, easy to do, and natural, yet the cat eye gives your eye a lift. She has a video tutorial as well.


Sexy Eye Makeup for Older Women

Women over 40 don’t have to wear boring eye makeup. There are times when you want a sexy look. Do it! Make date night a special night, and put in the effort to create this really pretty sexy eye makeup look. Use a little sparkle, and try this makeup tutorial from ‘The MakeUp Box‘. The instructions for this look are on her ‘Tumblr‘ page. What I like about this look for older women, is that this blogger has hooded eyes, so her makeup tutorial reflects that. You can also find more step by steps for older women and a sexy eye at ‘The Fine Line‘.


Quick & Easy Eye Makeup for Women Over 40

Good Housekeeping‘ has a compete video tutorial for basic quick and easy eye makeup looks. This is another perfect eye makeup primer for beginners, or those who just want to improve their eye makeup skills.


Eye Makeup Look for Work

Eye makeup for work needs to be easy and quick, but also professional. And, we want to bring out our best self, especially since we spend so much time at work. No need to look dowdy, just polished! ‘Lulu’s‘ has a tutorial on their golden smoky eye that is perfect for the office. Because it’s a golden base instead of a deep one, this smokey eye looks more daytime appropriate.


No Makeup Look

Finally, from ‘Molly Sims‘ see how a celebrity over 40 does the no makeup look for eyes! I would drop the false lashes myself, but her tutorial is great to see how gorgeous an older woman can be, if she lets herself!


We hope our post on eye makeup looks for older women inspired you! We think you will also love our posts on Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands, 20 Best Beauty Hacks and 5 Steps to a Relaxing Bath!

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  1. October 12, 2020 / 10:57 pm

    PLEASE HELP ME! I just turned 57 and I am new to makeup. I have terrible hooded eyes not to mention I’m getting older. I see all of these fabulous looks and although I try I end up a mess!! I just purchased urban decay naked 3 palette and maybellene nudes. I have brownish red hair some freckles and as I said hooded eyes, I think that’s why I didn’t do a lot of makeup when I was younger. I just need some makeup tips for hooded eyes and colors for Brown eyes. I thank you for any advice you could give me.

    • Kathy Bates
      May 5, 2021 / 9:43 am

      Hi Kim!
      I too have hooded eyes, and have learn a couple of tricks…
      1. Always use a darker color in the crease, and carry it higher than you normally would.
      2. Always line your upper lashes, but only the outer third.
      3. At the outer corner of your eyes, when doing eyeliner, always give a little flick upwards to visually “lift” the eyes.
      4. Use shimmery (not glitter) eye shadow on the inner corner of the lid.

      I hope these ideas help, I am going to be starting a new site soon called The Middle Girls, and it will have tons of ideas like this for women of our age! Watch for it!

  2. Vicki
    April 9, 2020 / 10:50 am

    Shape Tape is a Tarte product, not Urban Decay.

    • Kathy Bates
      May 5, 2021 / 10:18 am

      You are absolutely right, thank you!

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