How To Look Younger! (For Women Over 50)

Are you a woman over 50 who wants to learn how to look younger? Join the club. Most of us want to stay looking youthful as long as possible, right? Now don’t get me wrong, none of us need to be wearing sky high stiletto heels or shopping in the teen section. And we don’t need to spend big bucks on surgical procedures to look younger either. You can make a few small, inexpensive changes overnight to take off a few years, increase your confidence, and just make you feel pretty! (Which we all need and deserve during this time in our lives!) So take it from an ordinary girl who passed 50, and wasn’t willing to “go easily into that dark night.” Try these 12 tricks to make you look younger, tomorrow!



How to Look Younger for Women Over 50


How to Look Younger, Tomorrow!


Over 50? Whiten your teeth.

One of the first things that start to age us is a dingy smile. You don’t have to spend tons of cash at the dentist, there are lots of at home whitening kits that you can use to brighten those pearly whites. And then use that smile! Nothing looks more confident, and therefore more youthful and beautiful than a woman over 50 who is not afraid to smile! AuraGlow has over 3000 5 star reviews on Amazon, with customers sharing their own before and after images!


Lighten up on the make-up.

I know, I get it. Back in the day the smokey eye made you feel sexy, and the countouring made you feel like a model. But girls, this is today. Which means, that if you are still wearing that heavy and harsh liquid eyeliner, switch to a softer gel eyeliner, and only on the upper lid. If you still want to contour your face, than just choose a color that matches your skin tone, and go just one shade deeper. If you want  more ideas on how makeup application changes as we get older, check out our post Best Makeup Tutorials for Women Over 40. Note : I am NOT proposing that women over 50 have to give up on makeup and feeling pretty in that way. The opposite! I am a total makeup girl. Just learn how to do it to soften or enhance your features, and not date yourself.


Manis and pedis are an earned right over 50.

Seriously. Having a nice manicure makes you look polished. And being polished is youthful. Get onto YouTube and learn how to do mani and pedis on your own, or invite the girls over and do them for each other. I am loving the powder dip nails right now… they last 2-3 weeks and look flawless, and are a lot easier to do at home than one might think. I bought these Tomicca powder dip nail products on Amazon, and I learned how to do the whole thing from Gabbi Morris on her YouTube page. I hope to have a tutorial myself for all you girls, coming soon!


Check out a personal shopper.

Nope, this isn’t just for the rich. You will be shocked at the options you have to have a pro show you how to make the most of your assets, and maybe make less visible those areas you feel self conscious about. Do it. Even if you don’t buy a thing, you will learn a ton! Places to try? Stitch Fix is all online, a stylist picks clothes for you based on a questionnaire, and you get to try the clothes on at home! My all time fav! You could have a stylist pick out clothes for you just like this, no matter your shape or age. And, they are good! I’ve gotten some of my best fashion pieces from a Stitch Fix. Go check them out! Did I mention, you only pay for what you keep, and returns are free? Another option is the same type of service from Amazon, called Prime Wardrobe. You get to order up to 8 items, and try them on at home before you pay for them. They also pay for return shipping for anything you don’t want to keep. The drawback is that you have to be your own personal shopper and choose your own pieces. Nordstrom, Macy’s, Anthropologie, J. Crew, and Madewell are all popular stores that offer complimentary personal shopping at most of their locations.


Develop a signature style.

What does this have to do with looking younger? Everything. Having your own signature style means that you have taken the time to develop a polished look that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. And that, my friends, will make you look younger every time. Now, spend some time with this. Create a Pinterest board of fashion and beauty and save looks that you love. As you start to develop a collection of photos, patterns will emerge. For me, my winter style is definitely boots, scarves, pretty sweaters… a pretty classic look with polished accessories. Polka dots, stripes and soft fabrics seem to dominate. In the summer, I almost exclusively wear sundresses with a slight retro feel. So I am preppy polished classic with a little closet edgy Boho envy. But yes, I love my polka dots. Maybe you love hats, or jumpsuits, or even the color pink! The absolute trick is, your signature style must make you feel good. If it doesn’t, if you always feel like a stranger in your clothes trying to be someone else, then rework your look. Confidence is key. Go back to the personal shopper and try again! Go from frumpy to fantastic by doing this one thing. (BTW, I keep getting asked about this awesome wrap… you can get it at ‘Chicos‘!)


Stand tall.

Bad posture doesn’t look good on anyone, but on women over 50 it can make your belly look more pronouced, your bust line look lower than it is, and can add visual pounds. Picture a string at the top of your head pulling you up, and don’t be afraid to push out that chest a bit!

How To Look Younger! : For Women Over 50


Shoes. It’s all about the shoes.

Going out to buy a pair of super comfortable orthopedic shoes, because you’ve gotten to the age where you are tired of dealing with pain for pretty? Stop right now. Do not buy those ugly shoes… put down the credit card and just stop. Shoes make the outfit, right? But I get it. I’m over 50 myself, so I know a girl our age is sick of those toe pinching stilettos, or frankly, are just scared to try and walk in them anymore. Did you realize there are alternatives? For one, booties are so in, and can be worn even with dresses. The heel can be much lower, and they are so much more comfortable than pumps or strappy sandals. You can look chic without looking like you are trying too hard. Or wear a flat heeled but knee high boot. They can be dressy, yet still give you a solid footing, if you know what I mean. And, if the occasion arrises where you must wear heels, invest in yourself. There are several shoe makers that are finally designing comfort shoes that don’t look like you bought them at the podiatrist. I love Clarks…. You can also use memory foam shoe inserts to add to the comfort… I do in every closed shoe I own!


Color your hair.

But don’t go too dark, or too dramatic. That is just aging. Haven’t we all seen the 80 year old women with the stark black hair, or the super bright red ‘do? It’s not foolin’ anyone, right? And don’t do one note hair color. Have a pro give you a base color with some highlights to give your hair depth and style.


Get a new haircut that flatters your face.

So that leads us to the next must do to look younger… get a new haircut! Check out our post, Amazing Before & After Haircuts for Women, over 50 or otherwise! Inspired to make a change?


Tanning. No, not the bad kind.

Tanning gel will make you look more toned and slimmer, and nothing looks more youthful than a tan! Need proof? Take a look back at Christie Brinkley in her modeling days. I use Loreal Sublime Bronze, and it gives you a realistic tan that is pretty easy to apply. A trick? Use a tanning mitt. Makes a huge difference preventing streaks.


Consider minor procedures.

Nope, not advocating going under the knife here. Though, I’m not shaming anyone who chooses too, either. But what I’m suggesting is a simple facial to make your skin glow. They have great anti aging facials now that slough off dull skin and give you that youthful, more translucent look. They also help to even skin tone over time. And come on, doesn’t it just sound wonderful?


Educate yourself about trends, but…

Don’t go crazy with them. In other words, keep up with what’s fashionable at the moment,and incorporate them into your wardrobe, but with restraint. Love the leopard trend? Don’t don an entire leopard jumpsuit when you are over 50, ‘k? But do pick up a clutch or a pair of flats! Love the skinny jean look, but don’t feel comfortable in them? Wear them with knee high boots to get the same feel, but with less “exposure”. Want to layer necklaces? Layer two or three, not ten. Getting it?


Lastly, find a muse.

So when you want to learn how to look younger, look no farther than a celebrity muse. Now, I’m not suggesting you emulate everything about them. Let’s face it, not many of us can get away with, or afford the kind of “style” that is rocked on the red carpet. But there are plenty of classy women over 50 in the entertainment world that you can use as your muse, to inspire you to try something new, or even to entirely steal their style until you get comfortable developing your own. Some ones to look towards? Michelle Obama, Christie Brinkley, Helen Mirren,  Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, Sandra Bullock, Diane Keaton, Viola Davis, and Jane Fonda.

Thats it! This is all it takes to freshen your look, and look younger than your 50+ years! Also check out out posts, Fix the Frumpy – What to Wear for Women Over 50, and Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Women Over 40! And don’t forget to join the OhMeOhMy Facebook group and our Pinterest page so you see right away when we post new ideas and advice! Over 50? Join Kathy over at The Middle Girls!

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