10 Stylish DIY Recycling Bin Ideas & Projects

We all love the earth, right? And we want to do the right thing, and recycle. But lets face it, either we can’t get organized enough to do it, or we can’t stand the look of those bright red and green recycling bins sitting in our kitchen or pantry space. So, we can fix both those problems. These stylish DIY recycling bin ideas give you all the organized space you need to take care of the earth, but they look good too. Whether you have space for them inside, or keep them just outside the garage door, or even on a back porch, they look great and do the job we all need to be doing.  Recycling. So let’s get started saving the world, ok? 🙂



10 Stylish DIY Recycling Bin Projects


DIY Recycling Bins


DIY Garbage and Recycling Bins

Can you guess why we love this cabinet turned kitchen island by ‘Sawdust 2 Stitches‘? Not only does it add amazing kitchen prep space (who doesn’t need more space in a small kitchen!) but it has built in recycling bins too! Great step by step tutorial for this project. If you want to know how to add more space in your kitchen, this is the way!


Stackable Recycling Bins

Family Handyman‘ used these stacking organizing bins to create a DIY recycling bin tower! The tutorial comes with instructions, and takes only an hour to build. This is perfect if all you have is a little space for recycling.


Garage Recycling Bins

Build Something‘ has free plans and instructions for this recycling sorting bin. This is perfect for keeping the recycling in a garage or carport, with substantial space so you don’t have to empty it every day. Lots of photos to walk you through this recycling bin project.


Creative Indoor Recycling

Try this super easy “recycling bin idea” from ‘BHG’. Use shopping bags to organize your recyclables and make them easy to take in to the center. This is great if you don’t have automatic recycling pick up in your area.


Outdoor Recycling Bin Idea

HGTV‘ created this budget friendly recycling center for outdoors. The crates are labeled for easy recycling, and there are plenty of bins for every type of recyclable! Trash bin too!


Wooden DIY Recycling Bin Idea

The Merry Thought‘ created this DIY wooden bin for organizing toys. But we think it would be perfect for recycling! You could even tuck this into a corner or a closet, and make labels for each section. Chalkboard labels? There is a complete tutorial for building this DIY recycling bin… um, toy bin.


Pull Out DIY Recycling Bin

We love the idea of creating your own built in, pull out DIY recycling bin! From ‘Love, Create, Celebrate’, find out how to build this yourself, without having to pay a contractor!


DIY Recycling Container from Table

Ok, this recycling organization idea is really cool, and space saving! ‘The Summery Umbrella‘ repurposed this old table into a tilt out bin. You could us this as a trash bin or a DIY recycling bin! And it’s a table still, too!


Pallet Recycling Bin

Cassie Fairy‘ made over their recycling area outdoors by creating this rustic DIY pallet recycling bin. They up cycled old wood for a cheap (almost free!)  alternative. Step by step instructions.


Ikea Recycling Bin Hack

Finally, from ‘IkeaHackers‘, this touchless trash bin could be used for recycling too. You can find the bin from Ikea that they used here.

Ok, hopefully you got a lot out of our stylish DIY recycling bin projects! You might also love our posts on 10 Awesome Ideas for Tiny Laundry Spaces, or 7 Steps to an Organized Fridge!

Image Credits: Build Something, Sawdust 2 Stitches, Family Handyman, BHG, HGTV, The Merry Thought, Love, Create, Celebrate, Cassie Fairy, Ikeahackers
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