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One home trend here to stay for awhile (again!) is the love of all things marble. We’ve had our own love affair going on with marble, with our new marble quartz island counters, and our daughter and son in law recently did a faux marble treatment on their kitchen counters. But you don’t have to invest thousands to enjoy the marble look, and you don’t have to use it just in the kitchen. These home decor marble DIY projects are to die for, dear readers. To. Die. For. In fact, I’m thinking my home office needs an update…



Make it Marble - DIY to Die for!


Our first project is a copper marble table from ‘Home Made Modern’. This table can be made in a variety of heights, and they used marble tiles from the home improvement store for the top. Looks very high end, we love this piece. Instructions and step by step photos.


From Ashley at ‘Sugar & Cloth’, these DIY decorative marble plates are made with easy contact paper, wood rounds, and some metallic gold foil paper. These are really pretty and would look amazing in any style home. Easy to follow tutorial.


Also from ‘Sugar & Cloth’ is this one minute project for DIY marble place cards. I could think of a few things you could use these for besides place cards. Spell out a whole word for use as labels? “Powder Room” sign? So glam and sweet!


This is an incredibly simply project for DIY marble coasters from ‘Lime & Mortar’. Like, it can’t get more simple. In fact, brb. Headed to the home improvement store for a sheet of tile!


Jenni at ‘I Spy DIY’ spent just $10 making this DIY marble vanity tray, and I want one! Another project so easy I don’t know how I can NOT do it! If you wanted to make it even simpler, you could just use felt or clear rubber furniture feet on the bottom. Not as pretty, but easier! (Not that this is hard!) This is one of our favorite marble DIY projects!


Alaina at ‘Belle Vie’ shares a tutorial for her DIY marble and gold bar cart, that she made for less than $10. (Ok, to be fair, she already had the cart… but it’s Ikea, so we’re all good, right?) Go check it out full of sparkling bottles and gold rimmed glasses! So elegant!


Ok. I really can’t believe how cute these are. These DIY faux marble kitchen utensils are from Machelle at ‘A Joyful Riot’, and they would look amazing on your kitchen counter or hanging on the wall. They aren’t dishwasher safe as she explains, but who cares!


‘Twine & Table’ made this DIY marble clock from a wood round and some marble contact paper, but it looks real to us! Picture this against a trendy grey wall.


Another one of our favorite marble DIY projects, this DIY marble hanging shelf by Laurel at ‘A Bubbly Life’ is really glam, modern and fun. I can see a piece like this in my fav shops in Seattle, next to some rustic wood or with a Mid Century piece. Super easy! (Is there anything that looks better with marble than flowers?)


This last one from ‘Sugar & Gold’ doesn’t have a full tutorial, but I had to share it because it is just so “romance in every girls dreams”. This DIY faux marble bed tray was made with marble contact paper, so perhaps you can make this work, right DIY’ers? Or maybe we will get lucky and she will post a whole tutorial for it!

Image Credits: Sugar & Gold, Homemade Modern, Sugar and Cloth, Lime & Mortar, I Spy DIY, Belle Vie, A Joyful Riot, Twine & Table, A Bubbly Life
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  1. Cynthia Labonte
    March 4, 2017 / 6:14 am

    How did your daughter and son in law do thei faux marble countertops?

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